Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the winner is.... (and why my mommy rocks)

Wife of a Sailor!

You can email your info to me at tryingourbest (at) yahoo.com and I'll start trying to figure out how the heck to mail this.

And in case your wondering, that adorable background is the basket that I used for the drawing, a basket that my mother just made. By hand.

Yes folks, she even makes baskets. Unreal isn't it?

And she made me blond brownies (think caramel instead of chocolate) from scratch for me because I arrived at my parents today looking like death warmed over.

My mother rocks. A lot.

Thanks to all who entered and to the new folks who wondered by I hope you'll be back. Hopefully I'll be back to my fully witty self in another day or two.

Currently, I'm just one big oozing germ. Really, my sinuses are draining out of my eyes, if I wake up this messy tomorrow I'm just staying in bed. And my mother is letting me use her Macbook while my father looks at something on my laptop. I'm pretty sure I have infected every surface of this thing.

There is nothing like a mothers love.


  1. Congrats to her!

    I hope you feel better soon -- brownies sound like a cure-all!

  2. Nothing is better than having your Mommy around when you aren't feeling good. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I'm crying right now. As the wife of an active duty Sailor and someone who just had her own commissioning as a Navy Reserve officer, this just means the world to both of us.

    I blogged about it already.

    And I hope you feel better. I can't imagine not only being in your third trimester in the middle of summer but adding a cold onto that. Ugh! Feel better soon!

  4. Feel better, girlie. Glad you are with your parents right now--I'm sure that they're taking extra good care of you.

    And you are the reason lysol was invented.

  5. Your mom does rock. She is so talented it makes me sick (in a good way) feel better and take advantage of being down there with your mom. OHhh and come home the week of the 20th so we can hang out

    Congrats Wife of a Sailor

  6. Congratulations to Wifey!

    Dang, Mom of the Mrs. is one talented woman -- crafty and a baker of sweets? Baked goods are panacea, so I'm sure you'll feel better soon. (You'd better take one more blond brownie just to be certain, though.)

  7. Feel better!

    Your mom is so talented... I'm so jealous!

  8. That basket is beautiful. Hope you feel better.
    Welcome home :)

  9. Wow - your mom's a beast!! (that's a good thing... please make sure she knows that?!)

    Sounds like you've needed some time with the grandparents for a while so you can rejuvenate. Are you in "the area"?

  10. Ugh, sounds like you got the same thing I have had for the last two weeks. I was down for the count for at least a week, and have been dealing with "leftovers" for a week since. I'm so happy to be up north while trying to recover, because down south I couldn't breathe at all with the 100 degree temps and 100% humidity.

    Feel better soon!


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