Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kids are going soft

So I've decided that I'm just not going to be hand crafting dash-3's baby announcement's. Eh, it is what it is.

If he throws it back in my face in later years well, I'll pay for that therapy session. With dash-1 I was on bedrest and there was plenty of time, with dash-2 I had a great pregnancy and lots of energy when their was down time.

This time? Not only is downtime few and far between but when there is I'm pooped. So I shall be ordering them. But I still have high standards, so it's going to take some time to find THE ONE.

As I was perusing on a website I found play date cards. Really? What's up these days?

Kids are going soft or something. I just find this whole thing weird. I gotta say if the dash boys came home with one of these I'd really wonder about the kid who it came from.

Now as far as a line of play date cards that are more along the "sorry my kid pushed your kid down the slide face first", those I could get behind.

And probably order


  1. Birth Announcements. Was I supposed to do that? Oh well. I'm counting the mass email I sent as a birth announcement.

    Kids are going soft. And consumerism runs rampent. I'm waiting for them to invent "Gratuitus Card and Gift Day" as a holiday.

  2. Play Date Cards...really???!!! LOL, I am with you on the "Honest Mommy" version of those..."Sorry my kid heisted all your snacks out of your bag while you weren't looking"!

  3. Who has money for crap like that, Not me thats for sure. If you want to be crafty i'll come over one night when i'm around and we can do them it wll be fun

  4. We didn't do any birth announcements for our daughter, I'm with Allison on the mass email counting!

    And playdate cards? That is insane. I'm not allowed to use that word in this house. "Play Date" makes my husband cringe. But we don't do playdates anyway. Tried that once, reminded me of your alpha mom stuff. For example, I walked into the kitchen and 2 women were talking about how they would never have their kids closer in age than 3 years. Going on and on about how anyone who has them closer than that is nuts. In walks 5 month along pregnant me. Crickets churping...they ask how far apart they will be. 19 months...muhahaha. That shut them up. Ok, so that was totally random, but oh well...

  5. Did you do the other ones in photoshop or did you actually hand make them? Either way I'm totally impressed.

    Here's the cards you need:

  6. I cheated when my son was born. He was born a few weeks before Christmas. I merged Christmas cards and his birth announcements as one. They were photo cards with his information that said "Our gift from God has arrived". His name means "gift from God" and it meant less work for me.

  7. Ahhh...birth announcements. 'm pretty sure there isn't a law saying you HAVE to send them. My mom made me, so I forced her to address them all. You saw the ones I got. They have some nice marine ones, too....I think she's a marine wife, actually.

  8. A great place for birth announcements - They have a sort of chic-type of style.

    I agree that kids are getting soft. I think the whole giving awards for losing doesn't help. Kids need to learn that life is tough...they can't be coddled TOO much or they'll be totally lost when they enter the real world. Not that I'm a parent...that's just my non-expert opinion :)

  9. It seems like people are coming up some of the most silliest things ever now a days.

  10. play date cards? wow, that's a little too much free time on someone's hands then lol. I wonder if anyone actually buys those...

  11. hahahaha..that is freaking great!
    You should make tiny cards for all occasions for D1 to hand out. Like:
    "I'm sorry, I don't mingle with idiots"
    "I need to take a moment to plot how to remove you from my face".

    ha ha ha ha..
    Seriously, what will they come up with next??

  12. I've seen the playdate cards and love them! Of course, I don't have children, but I have seen some for dogs. Those I thought were a bit extreme.

    I actually just had some cards made up with my new contact information. I can't tell you how much easier having a premade card is compared to having to write all of my new information down repeatedly.

  13. LOL... I like your version of the "real life" card better. I can only imagine what kind of stuff folks are going to have come up with by the time I have kids. I'm really missing the good'ole days of standing around in the yard and a new kid walks by "who are you?" "I'm S, who are YOU? Wanna play?"

  14. maybe you should buy some and take them to the next "moms club" meeting! oh wait they probably already have those huh?

    how bout we start our own moms club :)

  15. is it really the kid you'd have to be worried about, or the parent of the kid with the play date card?

  16. Alright, I will admit...they may not be playdate cards, but I had "personal cards" made after this PCS.

    My argument to myself to buy them was two-fold: 1) I no longer have to scribble my email and phone number on the back of a grocery list when I meet someone for the first time, and 2) they come in handy when you are trying to network with professional people.

    Of course, the real reason is that I like them, and think they look cool.

    So I agree with you that the playdate cards are way over the top, but I feel like a hypocrite because I ordered cards for myself. Sigh.

  17. I just had someone make Lil' Mootz's birth announcements. Granted I had plenty of downtime, but I didn't want to deal with having to be creative while changing dirty diapers :)

    So are the play date cards like a written contract? If you break the date, we can sue?

  18. Oh crap, people make birth announcements?!?!?!
    man, that is something they should put on the what to expect book :-)

  19. LOL! Love your idea for a "sorry" card. :-D


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