Thursday, July 23, 2009

Murphy f off

Sometimes I wonder why I ever leave town.

I was expecting to come home yesterday, unpack, unload some new baby gear mama got me, take some pics for a giveaway (yes that's all that's stopping free stuff for you guys is my lazy ass taking some pictures) and just enjoy being back in my space.

The day had other plans. Or Murphy, as in Murphy's f*@in law.

Hard to tell which is funnier at this point. And which says WELCOME HOME more?

The 60 some odd ants in my underwear drawer or the fact that my car died and it looks like we have to buy another one. Oh the funny part of that story is that this was our first month without a car payment.

*insert laughter like someone who's losing it here*

Although really, the ants were my WELCOME HOME! the car was flyboy's today. I think he might win in terms of who gets to have a nervous breakdown first.

So the underwear drawer. I'm sure people are wondering why ants would be in my underwear drawer. First as a disclaimer, we live in an old, old, farmhouse, with original floors complete with big ol' cracks and what not. Bugs apparently fall into the "character" category. And they were attracted to my underwear drawer because that's where I was hiding dash-2's potty treats, dum-dums.

Now I'm even more pissy about potty training. So far all it's gotten me are a buncha ants. And ever noticed that you think you get them all until you go back an couple hours later and there is one just sitting there taunting you?

Seriously, these f-in ants are screwing with my already delicate state of mind.

And the car. sigh.

We paid it off last month, we were going to squeeze in three kids across the back seat and make it worth to get the joy of living car payment free and now, well, that's looking like a pipe dream. It's not looking like a cheap repair and since we didn't know how well it would work with three kids we aren't sure it's worth tossing a quarter of what we paid for it into it.

Oh what fun. Fun fun fun.

I have a feeling flyboy is going to get home from work, because yes of course, he's been away working/flying for over two weeks straight and still has to work a few more days before he gets a day off, and expect an actual home cooked meal. All I want is to order a big greasy pizza, drink a nice cold beverage (caffeine free coca cola) and hope a tree will fall onto my car.

A big tree. Across the whole darn thing, taking out the transmission.

That might be cheaper.


  1. Sorry...that bites. Too bad you won't get the new car....or will you?
    Everytime we have gone out of town this summer we have had to take one of the kids to the ER. We just flew in last night this morning have another puking kid and another with 2 ear infections and an appt at the base Acute Care Cinic this evening. :) yippee

  2. A car senses when it's finally paid for and chooses that time for something to go wrong. I've seen this too many times to believe otherwise.

    You have my sympathy on the ants. I was being driven batty by them this summer and nothing was working -- not the little traps, not the Terro, not the crap you put around the outside of the house, nada. On Mom's advice, I finally went nuclear with Raid ant/roach spray, and it's been fine ever since. Good luck!

  3. I'm having a little giggle on your behalf because... you've got ants in your pants!!

    Okay, back to my mature self... car stuff sucks! I'm thinking with any luck the repairs will cost less than 3 months of car payments. That would be worth it, right?

  4. Sorry to hear about the ants and the car....I hate Murphy. Really, really HATE Murphy.

    Enjoy your beverage and pizza :)

  5. When Murphy rear's his head he rear's it in full force. I hate that all of this is happening to you. We had ants in Little A's diaper holder...only to find a sucker stuckon the side.

  6. If you use a chainsaw on a tree and it oh-so-conveniently falls across the transmission, does that count? Or is that cough, cough insurance fraud? hrm.. (kidding, kidding)

    So sorry about that and about the ants in your (under)pants... :(

  7. Ugh, I'm sorry. I hate Murphy's law. It is attracted to me during travels...I don't know why

  8. HOLY good Lord in heaven. Seriously... I'd be going back to my parents house, welcome or not. UGH!!

  9. I hope you ordered that pizza! That really stinks about the car.

  10. Gross. I really wish Murphy would give you a break. We've had a bad ant infestation in our kitchen this week. I think we finally got it taken care of for now. But, we are going to have to completely ant proof out kitchen from now on. Which just gets rather annoying. I can understand how pissy you got after seeing the ants. Ants piss me off faster than anything.

  11. Wow, those gremlins really got you this time! Hope the ants are out of your pants and that you find a great deal on a vehicle that fit 3 car seats!

  12. What is up with the curse of visiting your parents while pregnant? Our minivan exploded on the trunpike when we did the same thing last October. Ours had been paid off for awhile too and now we have a fun car payment again :P Yay.

    The ant thing is giving me the shakes. So gross. I hate ants! We had them everywhere in our last (on base) house. I seriously had nightmares about it for weeks after we moved to the new (ant free) house. Now I'll be seeing them in my dreams again tonight. Thanks. lol

  13. son of a crap. that suuuuuuuuuuucks. Don't even know what else to say.

    Hope things get better.

  14. I have enjoyed your blog very much! Very witty indeed. It has made me think twice about the idea I recently had to hide my favorite candy in my underwear drawer so I could be a stingy mommy and keep the chocolate ALLLLLLL for myself. The trail of ants marching "hut, two, three, four" would certainly give me away. Not to mention the unfortunate circumstances that would arise when I failed to notice said ants until they were in my "pants"....and well, I don't really need to take this any further do I? :)

    Anyway, thanks for the great read!!!

    Erin (fellow Marine Wife blogger at


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