Friday, April 10, 2009

Talking in circles

I was going to post about this last night and then I thought hmmm flyboy will read this and wonder why I ever say more then I need to. Why you ask? Because its a sickness. Sometimes my mouth moves faster then my brain, or rather it just moves in spite of it.

Last night the phone rang and it was an out of state call, I only answered it because I didn't want to wake the boys and last time I tried turning the ringer off mid call I accidentally answered it and well, lets just say it was an awkward time to be answering the phone. (flyboy was home wink wink)

So I answer and as soon as I say hello I hear this deep voice rattle off that he was calling from (insert the squadron's info here). First I should say that over this past trip most of what flyboy was doing was night missions, had I not just talked with flyboy on yahoo for a few minutes I might have passed out. The squadron doesn't call often and its hard not to let your mind jump when you get what sounds like an official call. (I know I know they come to the door but still, minds jump)

The call was probably not the highlight of the young Lance Corporal's night.

him. "I am verifying that this is the contact information for (insert flyboys rank and name here)."

me. "Yes" and then I felt the need to expand. Why? Again because my mind moves without consulting my brain. So I continue, "But this really isn't the best number to get him at, do you all have his cell phone number? He's always on the road, I mean he's not at this number now he's on the road."

(This was why I didn't blog about this last night I thought flyboy would crap a brick if he knew I offered his cell phone number to the command, but really they all have it anyways.)

him, sounding puzzled "Ma'am I don't need to contact him now, I just need to verify that this is the best way to get a hold of him."

me "Oh I understand that, I'm just saying that really this isn't the best number to get him that his cell is because well, he's always with that and spends a lot of time away from this number."

I should explain too that I am not always a hundred percent sure of where he is and what his schedule is so the theory that they can call here doesn't make sense, it seems like a giant waste of time. Just remove the middle man. I'm guessing that if the squadron needs to get him, well then they need him ASAP.

I'm sensing that this is not going anywhere, honestly, probably best not to argue my point with a Lance Corporal who got stuck with verifying info at 8:30 on a Thursday night. So I let it go.

me. "Yes this is the best number to get him at.

him. "And (repeating our address) is the address that he is located at right now."

Right about now is when I thought my head might explode. "Well yes. Except you know when you guys send him somewhere else. Like he is now."

And that ended that.

I didn't bring this up to flyboy when I talked to him today. I thought he would be peeved that I couldn't just keep my answers to yes and no. But apparently another wife was a bit miffed about the call and while she too had talked to her husband he told her that they were just about to go flying and then she gets a call an hour later just asking to verify her address. Again the mind wonders folks.

This is the problem with squadrons. You think squadrons and you think that everyone is living the flying lifestyle. Hardly. The percentage is tiny of those doing the bag drag.

I think next time around the squadron needs to a. not do the calls at 8:30 pm when my husband is out doing night flying and b. take into account that there will be some people getting this call while their hubs are away and change the speech a tad right off the bat.

But primarily, don't call at 8:30 pm. Note to the squadron.... this does not make for happy wives.


  1. I hate it that they do that! You would think they would know better than to make that kind of phone call during the late evening while husbands are away. Unfortunately, common sense is lacking.

  2. Ah yes.

    We got monthly calls to check in on us. So far all 3 months when US ARMY appears on my caller ID I freak out and hear a guy on the other line asking for me and than he says this is so and so calling to and thats when it sinks in oh yes the monthly call. I just always right away say I'm fine I have no questions thanks though! So they don't have to go through their whole question asking process and get on with their list of numbers to call.

    I'm sure the next 9 months worth of phone calls will also still surprise me.

  3. ive never ever in the 5 yeras my hub has been in the army gotten a phone call needing to verify his info!!! nevermind at 830 at night. id do the same thing...helllooo??? the house number is obviously not the BEST number to reach him.ummm duh!!!!

  4. Geez!! How many times did you have to tell him!!! You'd think common sense would come as a prerequisite for his job!!

    By the way crapping a brick is one of my all time fave expressions. :)

  5. They should at least sound cheerful. When I did collections I always got past the freaking out point by being cheerful. You'd know from "hello" that is probably wasn't anything to poop a poodle over that way.

  6. I should say not! Wow, that would have tried to ruin my night! Glad it was only that though and not something else!Haven't recieved any of those calls yet, thankfully:)

  7. A few weeks after Stonewall arrived in Iraq, the media reported that some American soldiers were killed, but no names released at that time until they notified the families. It had been several days since I had heard from Stonewall which was strange because he's able to call me every other day pretty reguarly, so my mind wondered a bit. Well, I was getting Lil' Mootz ready for the day and there was a knock at the wasn't mail time and I wasn't expecting any deliveries and anyone else who would have been visiting me would have called. I just stared at the door for a minute before I finally had the courage to open was my neighbor visiting for the first time ever in the 2 years I've lived here. I was like, "Woman! Don't do that again!"

    Obviously not the Army's fault, but it just goes to show how our mind's can be a tad overactive when the hubs are away.

  8. LOL... god! I remember getting the first "red message" and freaking out having NO idea what that meant. Why not say "everything is fine, btw there is a red message" to spare me the heart attack, please! :)

  9. 8:30 p.m.? REALLY? Sometimes I wonder if the military does this stuff on purpose, just to keep the wives on their toes. Either that or some d-bag is just really bored on CQ or something!

  10. Ok, I didn't catch on at first why it was a big deal, but eesh, what idiots. I did laugh at you offering his cell number, though; our motto around here is try to be unavailable. I even told his chief once that he wasn't home when he was; he caught on, though, because I started laughing.

  11. I especially enjoy the 5am drug test call ins. Yet another example of how the own our entire life.

  12. Oh yes I would have a little mini freak-out minute if I got a phone call like this! Grr

  13. Oh, I hate this too! Shortly after DH went on his first sub trip, I got a phone call at 8 in the morning. It was the command, doing a hurricane drill. Of course I didn't know that, and I got: "Is this Ann M.? Wife of Petty Officer M?"


  14. My family's Irish Catholic too...I am not, which is probably why I was actually willing to buy one. I am pretty excited about its chocolate-y goodness. Maybe to keep myself from eternal hellfire I'll pretend it's a lower-case T or something...haha.

  15. OK, how am I the only one out of 14 commenters to want to talk about this little nugget:

    "it was an awkward time to be answering the phone. (flyboy was home wink wink)"

    If "those" moments are OK for blog fodder, expect a very hilarious post from me soon.


  16. Well, YEAH your mind wanders!! Stupid Lance Corporal... what was he thinking??

  17. Ok now see this is something I am not sure I will ever get used to. I would have thought there is no way I am sharing private info with you over the phone while my husband is away. I am way to "civilan" for that situation. HAHA


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