Monday, April 20, 2009

Missing... again

Flyboy's little buddy is missing. Again. This is my husbands life line. He carries it EVERYWHERE and drinks what seem to be obscene amounts of water from it. And yes, it is water, I checked once in sheer disbelief that anyone could actually drink 10 giant bottles of water in one day.

This is the second water bottle to have disappeared in two weeks. And I had just replaced his old trusty one that looked like he dragged it behind his airplane with a brand spankin new cancer free one.

Only the best for my man.

To his defense the first one was most likely lifted while he was on the road, perhaps by someone he knows. I suggested he pounce on anyone who walks in with a rather new water bottle this week at work. He has declined. I don't have much going on in my life, but enough that while I thought about it, I'll pass up sitting all day in the parking lot to see if I see anyone walking in with it.

The second one just disappeared last night. Vanished. It was here one minute in his hands and then when he got home from running he couldn't find it. By that point the boys were asleep and I was certain one of them had "snagged it" and would show me where it was in the morning but so far no go.

Although dash-1 and I did have a five minute debate on the color. Is it gray or is it dirty blue? And dash-2 kept mooing like a cow. I doubt the cows had any involvement in this. But there is a shifty one down there....

Seriously though, where could this thing have gone? We checked everywhere. Under the boys bed, in their playroom, in the laundry room, the bathrooms, the pantry, EVERYWHERE.

All right he checked everywhere, I helped looking some and then stopped for some ice cream, but to my defense it was coffee ice cream folks. And I was having a little heartburn.

So despite my cheapness, ten dollars a bottle folk, and despite the fact that they aren't sticking around very long lately I'm off to get a new one for my dear. I mean really, last night he had to resort to drinking water out of a huge elmo cup with clown fish on it. And I mean they were clowns. It was embarrassing. And no I'm not sure why he couldn't use a regular cup, I guess he likes a lot at one time.

This time I'm going to craft a tether for his water bottle. He'll be so in style.


  1. Oh your post is priceless, haha... I don't think I've ever laughed so hard over a cup! The elmo cup... haha, too funny... poor guy, he needs a big boy cup. ;)

    Watch, now that you are going to buy another one... the "lost" one will turn up!

  2. my hubby is the same way. His is red though and if he doesn't have it he reuses gatoraid bottles over and over again untill he smells that aweful old water bottle smell.

  3. It would just annoy the crap out of me that I couldn't find it. You do know that as soon as you return home with the new one, it will probably pop back up.

    PS. Your comment on my post cracked me up!

  4. Those bottles were all the rage when I was in college. I never understood it.

    *R* has a GINORMOUS Dallas cowboys mug that he MUST have when watching the Cowboys play.'s about the size of my head.

  5. Ha! We always seem to lose our water bottles, too. And Husband also *has* to bring one to work :)

  6. You should put it on one of those retractable dog leashes!

  7. Lol!! The mooing from your youngest is the best part of this story. I actually bought Oliver a sling for his water bottle. You'd be amazed how much is stolen on a submarine; I mean, people will walk off with your sheets if you aren't careful.

  8. you should threaten him that he has to attach it to a caribiner and hook it to his flight suit- where ever he goes.

    My hubby too drinks gallons of water out of a similar bottle- it's no wonder he pees more than a pregnant woman. Fortunately for him, he doesn't lose his or I would I have to find an elmo cup for him to use instead!

  9. I got this visual of a man in ACU's surrounded by other men in ACU's drinking water out of an Elmo cup. Like everyone else has said, as soon as you buy a new one, the old one will show up!

  10. At this rate you might want to buy stock for them. Seriously if you're buying them every 2 weeks why not? haha.

    Hope it reappears and than he'll have 2! He won't know what to do with himself!

  11. Wow! I wonder where it could have went? Maybe it got placed on the top of the car roof? Hmmm

  12. HAAHAH. 1. I love the mental image of the elmo cup. 2. I love the mental image of a grown ass man with a bottle of water TETHERED to him ahahah. :)

  13. Go on ebay and buy a lot of them thats what i did after i put mikes first one in the dishwasher and the top fell off and melted.

    Maybe dash2 was trying to tell you that he took it to the barn and left it there.


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