Saturday, April 18, 2009

All I want...

for Mother's day, after much deliberation and thinking, are children who listen.

I mean REALLY listen. No mani/pedi necessary for me (although it would be nice if your reading this flyboy) just a day where I say things one time and one time ONLY.

However, I'm a realist. That and flyboy keeps telling me that I'm getting a Disney vacation so I might as well give up on the listening kids. In that case I'll settle for a card.

But a small word of wisdom for all of you with moms out there, for her one day a year, just listen to her. If you're out at lunch and she tells you to sit up, don't roll your eyes just do it and smile. Hell just do it, we moms don' t care if you smile we just want you to listen.

Just once a year.


  1. Please tell me that Mothers Day is NOT tomorrow!!! Ekk, now I'm trying to find a calendar!

    I hope you get your wish though!!

  2. LOL your getting a pedi in disney so just takewhat you can get. I would like to sleep till 9 this mothers day. I'm not greedy

  3. Take heart; eventually, I learned to listen to my mother.

    Should I tell you it took 30 years?

    Probably not.

  4. I'll take a day of listening too if someone is listening.

  5. HA HA! I, like crazy shenanigans was trying to find a calendar after reading this! It would be nice if they did listen like you want them too:p but then that would take some of the fun out of being a parent I think? maybe not:p

  6. Hi mama, you will never know how much you are missed.

  7. I am so guilty of not listening to my mother and it makes me such a hypocrite. I HATE when people do not take the time to listen fully to what other people are saying (DC is especially bad with people constantly blackberrying while others are talking, UGH, rude much?)

    Anyway, long story short, I finally sat down and put aside the crap I needed to deal with (I say this like it would be *so difficult* to do more than once and awhile) and listened to my mother talk about her day and whatnot. After she talked on and on, she THANKED me for listening. It was then and there that I realized just how much it meant to her. From there on, I've made a concerted effort to just sit and listen :)

  8. here's hoping you get both the mani and pedi and a full day of listening :)


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