Monday, April 27, 2009

A mish mosh post

* I found a purple shirt that meets the approval of the men (that term is used loosely when referring to someone in elmo underpants and someone in a Diego pull up, really the two of them make up a fraction of the testosterone in the house but I'll still lump them in to the men category for now) in the house.

However, I think it was done in vain. Dash-1 seems to have some virus or something and will probably be spending color day on my couch watching cartoons.

For the past few days he's been going back and forth spiking a nasty fever and being lethargic. Then a short time later begging to play outside. I'm clueless.

When the fever hit 103.8 last night (for the third night in a row) I figured I should take him down to the dr.'s today. Of course at the dr.'s he was cute and cuddly and just chitter chattering away. Four hours later he's laying limp on the couch.

Why do kids do this?! And how... is there a manual out there I'm missing out on?

*We leave for vacation in a few days. I keep telling flyboy we should start packing.... yet I'm sitting here.

I'm sure you can figure out how well I have all that vacation stuff under control.

I'm just hoping we actually get on the road with everyone healthy and don't spend our vacation checking out various rest stop/Disney bathrooms because we now all have the runs. good times good times.

But... silver lining, maybe Disney will be empty.

*My pelvis feels like its splitting in two as I walk. I'm only 22 weeks, I fear this child may actually fall out of me at 30 something weeks if I feel like this now. But then again this is number three, I guess the body just goes quicker.

*Speaking of pregnancy stuff. I feel like a beached whale. This is not helped by the fact that when I point this out to flyboy (yes I know why point it out to them) he often replies with, "yes but your pregnant."


Also while cleaning out the car/changing the oil, dash-1 found his tape measure, side note anyone looking for a gift for a four year old a tape measure is a HUGE hit. But my dear sweet husband tells my dear sweet child who was looking for things to measure to measure mommy's butt.

And of course.... he obliged. Gleefully. And he chimed it with "Wow". I'm pretty sure he didn't even know what the numbers mean but still. Not helping right now.

But I will take some blame. I'm hungry dammit.

And as you can tell... I'm all over the place.


  1. My husband has the same response when I talk about how pregnant I feel! Boys.

  2. will be your savior for disney. That sucks! I hope everyone gets and stays well for your trip!

  3. Hopefully everyone will recover fully before the trip. If not, you can clear Disney out by announcing the tummy troubles you're all having and then touch every turnstile. Hopefully people will run the other way!

    Too bad we aren't on your route. Would have been nice to see you.

  4. can i come w u in the suitcase??

    totally jealous!

  5. He had him measure your butt. HE HAD HIM MEASURE YOUR BUTT! My mouth hung open when I read that. Men (and little boys) I swear!

    Truly hope the little one feels better soon and your vacation goes off without a hitch!

  6. You make me laugh so hard, seriously can I move in with yall? Have a blast at Disney and just pray that Dash-1 doesn't remember the numbers he saw on the measuring tape and announce it to the entire park :)

  7. oh my goodness.. I'm sorry, but that story about him measuring the butt was too funny. I was thinking it would end up somewhere with dash-1 measuring the baby bump... hehe.

  8. Seriously. You just make me laugh.

    Thanks. :)

  9. I hope he feels better. You better get going on your planning. This is so not like you.

  10. I was pregnant at Disney be sure to take lots of breaks and stay in the shade it gets really hot.

  11. You know I've been on the fever spike train. I got to the point where I told W to not give her any more anything b/c I was tired of taking her to the dr. and them telling me she wasn't sick only to get home and she's 102+. I hated her to be miserable, but I also needed them to know I'm not making it up.

    Ditto the Imodium. Olivia had a case of *something* when we flew to OK for Christmas one year. Her arse exploded in the car and it was so bad, I threw everything away and took a box of wipes to clean her up.

    Olivia lurves her tape measure. She measures my butt and pretty much exclaims the same thing, but I'm not pregnant...just a wide arse. Wait until he catches you on the scales and says, "Ohhh, Mommy. You weigh 5 tousand of dems pounds. That's too much."

    Have fun in Disney! We're going in November. Woot!

  12. Sorry to hear about your son. My a crazy flu that lasted a week. He had a fever that came and went for a week. That's all he had was a fever. I hope you all stay healthy for your vacation!!

  13. "*My pelvis feels like its splitting in two as I walk. I'm only 22 weeks, I fear this child may actually fall out of me at 30 something weeks if I feel like this now. But then again this is number three, I guess the body just goes quicker."

    This is how I felt throughout my entire pregnancy with my daughter. I don't know why and they never could really explain it. They just kept saying "From what I have been hearing from the other pregnant ladies coming through here, it is normal." I hope you feel better soon... and I can assure you, Abby did not fall out of me, no matter how much I thought she was going to!

  14. My husband also says the same thing when I point out how huge I am. Somehow, reminding me that there is a baby in there doesn't make me feel like less of a heifer!

  15. Aw! Leave it to men to think of measuring the butt.

    On a side note- I finally got my camera! It should be here tomorrow! So when I head down that way next I'll let you know so maybe we can meet up and if you wanted I could take some pictures for you!

  16. i think by #3 all those muscles that hold them up are shot. welcome to months of walking w/ a bowling ball in your crotch :)


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