Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Can I just say... Real H@usewives of NYC!

Oh where to start, first you have Luanne, the Countess who (is about to be an ex-countess perhaps one should not be doling out dating advice) is so damn obnoxious about etiquette.

Then you have Simon and Alex who's kids are just crazy wild. I don't often think that parenting should be criticized but then again don't parade your family on tv if your kids don't listen to you. Unless your on that Nanny show looking for help.

And besides, Simon is just a little creepy. Although his whole tennis getup was a hoot! He earned "might be human" points with me on that one.

Jill goes on and on about how with the economy she isn't going to be spending a lot of money on her birthday gift but goes shopping for a 16k purse. On top of redoing her ENTIRE house. And going on and on about loving pp's (private planes, I guess that's the riches idea of humor)

Again, disclaimer, these people obviously have the money to live this lifestyle and one would have to figure that they either worked darn tootin hard to earn it or married very well. If you have it and want to spend it then more power to you. I suppose.

I can't say I have much of a take on Ramona. She's a bit off kilter somehow but I can't quite figure it out. And her husband is a little weird too.

Oh and Bethany. The show is real housewives but yet, she's not a wife and doesn't have a house. She's not even divorced. I'm confused.

Doh, I forgot one, that new one, Kelly. She actually doesn't bother me too much. I saw her actually discipline her kids and ya gotta respect that. Even if her skirts are always waaaaaaay short and her boobs are just flying free. But hey much like the money thing, if you've got the body for it GO FOR IT!

I realize that editing is what makes this show. And for that I thank, really from the bottom of my nitpicky heart, the editors. It's classic how on this show they inevitably get the gals doing one thing and saying another. I LOVE IT. And that's why I keep coming back.

Anyone catch the snippets of the New Jersey version? WOW.

And I'm going out on a limb and say that I'm not the only one who takes pleasure in this show.... I know you all are sucked in as well.


  1. The whole Real Housewives franchise is my guilty pleasure and I can't wait for the train wrecks of NJ!!!

    Ok...did you know that simon and alex are writing a parenting book?!?!?!?!?! Ummm yeah...maybe they should learn how to deal with their own kids first!!!

    I can't stand Bethany...she's not even engaged!!!

  2. I'm guilty too. Even though she's not quite a housewife, Bethany is my favorite. She just seems the most down to earth of them all.

  3. lolol.. I've never seen the show!

  4. I've never seen the show either, of course I don't have cable.

  5. Oh I am SO with you on this one. I just stayed up to watch both the one from last week that I missed and the new one. I LOVE this show!

    Last week was crazy, though. What is up with the hour long infomercial?! I mean seriously, every person was hocking something.

    Luanne and her etiquette book, Bethanny bakes, Ramona and her jewelry and moisturizer, the Van Campens and their parenting book, Jill and Zarins Fabrics, and Kelly and that hideous jewelry... ugh.. I am bored just thinking about it! :D

    Ramona is so odd. I think she is mentally unstable, as in, there will be a Fox News Alert about her killing and eating her family one day. She is so wild eyed in that Charles Manson kind of way! :D

    And the jewelry Kelly is designing "for the soccer mom in the 20-40 year old range." Seriously? That is me and I have to say huge gold owls with red glowing eyes is not the type of jewelry I am looking for!

    ugh.. sorry.. I could go on and on! :D

  6. This show is like a train wreck for me, you don't want to look but you just can't help it! It started with the OC housewives. I don't watch it on a regular basis but I do catch mini marathons of it every now and then. These women kill me, is this for real, and do they want to take me in for a few weeks??

    And I think Romana is odd because she is trying to be about 18. Oh and I heard Alex and Simon wrote a parenting book, perhaps I should invest in it??? What a hoot!

    And I didn't hear about New Jersey, I bet they talk cool!

  7. I LOVE it...so much I bought the season! AHH! My hubs just rolls his eyes when I turn it on! LOL! Bethany is my favorite!!

  8. OMG! I am SOOO glad you posted on the real housewives! My cable company ditched bravo- and I honestly thought I was going through withdrawals! LOVE, love, Love them! :~D Ahh, for now I can only dream of getting bravo. Oh- who is Kelly? Is she new? I don't remember her.

  9. I am so worried (and excited) for the NJ one. My poor home state. I love getting to watch this season knowing Luann is getting divorced (she does get to stay a Countess though so fret not).

    I too think Bethany gets the 'most human' award even if she doesn't have any of the supposed qualifications to be on the show. I love that she stood her own when Kelly invited her out for a verbal biotch slapping. For me, any tennis outfit human points Simon got were lost when he stuck the gun into his moose crotch last night. He is soooooo creepy gross.

    I am trying not to imagine Ramona eating her family . . . :p

  10. totally sucked in! Did you hear that Simon and whats her face are writing a parenting book? REALLY? wow.

    Last night they were carving pumpkins and the camera man kept zooming in on the youngest child (maybe 2 years old) with a very sharp carving knife in his little hand. Smart. Yeah, those are the people who should write parenting books...

  11. I am obsessed with all the of The Real Housewives shows and New Jersey just looks ridiculous!

  12. I love that show. and the OC one and the Atlanta one! It craks me up how even people with money are so flippin crazy and have so many "problems"

  13. Love that show!! I love how they are all "friends" but talk badly about each other to everyone else. It cracks me up!!

  14. I admit I did watch a couple of episodes of the "orange county" version...(only because I grew up there. But I do have a guilty pleasure of also catching "wife swap" everyonce in a while. Yes it must be so difficult to have money.(LOL)

  15. I've never seen it!
    Now. Ask me about some other dumb show and I may be guilty... But in this case I'm not an addict. :)

  16. I confess. Actually I'm pretty open about my love of these shows.

    I did catch the NJ preview. If anyone is so interested... one of the couples on the NJ show,Dina & Tommy, had their RIDONKULOUS wedding on a VH1 show called "My Big Fat Fabulous Weddin" and there are videos online. I obviously had a spare hour with nothing better to do!

  17. Honestly? I hear about these shows ALL the time and never know when they're on... when do they air? I've GOT to check these chicks out!

  18. LOVE them! The OC is still my favorite though. I thought it was weird that they just mentioned how Alex works. It made me realize how very much they edit things. It makes me glad I have a (relatively) normal mom. I feel pity for Ramona's daughter.

  19. I watched it once when my SIL was here a while back. waterboy got so upset. He hates that show bc here we are struggling with mortgage and rent and this people have more money then they know what to do with and all they do is bitch and complain.

  20. I am watching last night's episode at this moment. I am not going to lie...I have a little countdown going until May 12 when housewives of jerz starts!

  21. Okay, I added by blog design email to my personal blog. Just for you. I'd love to get your take on "that" blog.

    And I totally wish I could watch this show. I hope to catch up when I visit the states in June. I loved the OC one, the NYC one sounds fun too!

  22. I watched a few of those Real Housewives show, couldn't really get into it. It's amazing to me how distanced from reality they all are...in one episode (I think it was RH of Atlanta) the woman goes into a Lexus dealership and WRITES A CHECK for a new car! I can only take so much of really snobby insane rich people. But I can definitely understand the appeal...

  23. I haven't seen it in a few weeks but I definitely watch every season/city. I'll probably check out New Jersey too...

  24. I'm such a crap tv ho and I admit it. Will has stopped trying to wrestle the remote from me come my prime time tv nights. He won't admit it to you, but I'll out him...he's found himself saying, "what a bitch. smack her" a time or two.

    I caught part of the NJ preview and was disappointed to find out that they're related. That's just family drama. Bring on some catty neighbors who don't have the lifeline of dirt.

    OC was a bit whiney for me, but I watched it.

    How did I miss Luann is getting divorced?!? Must google it. Ramona is just creepy. Her eyes constantly give a cross between a "HUH?" and "WTF?" look. Bethenny is probably my fav, but, as a chubby girl, it's hard to really like her as she markets her "skinny girl" stuff. I know the premise behind it, but still. I'm more easily connected with Cinnabon. Aside from Jill's new apartment, I like her okay. Kelly just doesn't belong and her attitude is blech. And the owl jewelry? I guess I'm not running with the right group of moms. Simon and Alex are creepy...denim ball gowns and pink shoes for him. I'm certainly no fashion diva, but I am uber grateful Will has no desire to wear pink shoes and pants.

    I love the reunion shows and only wish they lasted like 5 hours or they were a miniseries, too.

    Poor people have drama, too, but we aren't that appealing, I guess and, besides, I'm going to presume they think they've covered the rest of us with "My Big Redneck Wedding."

  25. Love those shows! I've watched every single episode since the beginning, every location. I don't really like Kelly but If I had her body I would be wearing those outfits too. The sad thing is no one is really likeable!

  26. I LOVEEEEE this show! I was just watching it last night!! I totally agree with you on all of the ladies!

    Wait, the Countess is about to be ex-Countess??!?? What is going on?

    I hate how Alex says Francois with such an air of arrogance. Chic, that kid is out of control. Stop playing in your ghetto swimming pool and control him as a parent.


    I kept thinking "Where do I know this chick from?!?!" when I watched the preview of the NJ one. It must have been that VH-1 show. Phew. Mystery solved.

  28. New to your blog, but I wanted to say that I love the RH shows. I tell my husband that it is just trainwreck tv. LOL He just rolls his eyes.

  29. This show is my guilty pleasure. As a former New Yawka I love to "see the sights" on the show.

    As for Jill spending money in this economy, I say spend, spend, spend. These are the people that are employing workers to renovate their homes and apartments. They buy expensive cars which will keep car manufacture workers employed. They work just as hard as the rest of us for their money. Nothing wrong with getting paid well!

  30. I love this show. I am glad that Jill is spending the money that she does. Spending money is what will boost this economy. When someone renovates their house or apartment they employee people. Not only the ones doing the work but the people manufacturing the products going into the homes. By buying cars there are people employed to manufacture these cars.
    I say spend, spend, spend!!!!


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