Tuesday, April 28, 2009

just so you know...

It's hot here. Like low 90's hot. You know the hot where you sweat behind the backs of your knees kinda hot. And we aren't stationed where its supposed to be this hot this early on.

Here's my beef with this: I'm all about the heat... in the summer. But it jumped from the low fifties to the high eighties overnight, or so it seemed. And I'm a little bitter. I had some cute long sleeve, 3/4 length sleeve shirts, and capri's that were just begging to be taken outside without an ugly jacket over top.

And I was not able to oblige. Now I'm sitting here in shorts and a tank top. Those shirts are lonely and sad, sitting upstairs in my drawer fearing they have lost their chance to be worn this season. Or possibly ever since they are maternity shirts.

The temps are supposed to break tomorrow but we hit the road for FL on Thursday and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it's going to be on the warm side down there. And I'm cool with that. It's Florida for goodness sakes and there will be a pool.

And central air.

Oh yeah, cause its 90 and we don't have central air.

I'm amazed at the number of people up here who don't. It's fairly obvious why in our case, we live in a farm house from the 1800's. Those poor saps didn't have a clue what they were missing out on. This poor sap does. And she misses it.

We have window units and they do cool but they are loud and in my humble opinion nothing is as wonderful as central air.

I'm amazed around here at how many houses don't have AC. Our landlord has three Ferrari's but yet he has window units. It came up in conversation once and he just figures its a waste to put it in. Putting it in can be expensive but personally, I'd sell a door to a ferrari and then sit in my underoo's on the couch enjoying my new AC. Flyboy sided with the landlord on this one, but seriously there are days I contemplate selling a kidney for central air.

Now I will give you we don't get really long heat waves up here, you get a couple days of miserable heat/humidity and then it breaks and you get a stretch of mid to high eighties. But still it gets hot here. And its hot now.

But you know one good thing about the heat? You don't have to shovel it like you do with the snow.


  1. I totally know what you mean. It went from the 40's to the 90's within a day of each other. It's HOT!

    That sucks you don't have central AC. I would sweat to death!

  2. The house I grew up in did not have central air. Now that I live in Texas, where even the dog houses have central air I have to agree. Central air is where it is at, people. You should tell your landlord he could charge people more because the home has central air.

    You'll get a chance to wear those tops! Just wait. Best part about the weather - it always changes.

  3. I was pregnant with my daughter in the "heat wave" of 1988....we didn't have a/c in the house and I thought I was going to lose my mind!!!

    Thank goodness our friends had a pool....not sure if that was good or not, but spent nearly every afternoon in the pool. If I wasn't in a bathing suit, I was in a short nightgown....wow, what a picture that makes in my head.

    We're having the same weather, yesterday it was 86...today it's 50

  4. It was pretty hot here yesterday, and you better believe we had our central air on. I'm not sure how you live without it...I don't think I could.

    Today is in the 50's, maybe cooler weather will be headed your way, until you drive south that is. Good luck!

  5. Not a chance in hell I could live without central air. No way, no how. I get cranky when I have to sleep in a hot bedroom haha. One nice perk about gov. housing is that the utilities are paid for, so I can crank it down to 60 at night. Oh sinfully delicious!

    Okay, I'll stop rubbing it in now. I can't even use our AC yet, because it has been pouring rain and chilly here. What the heck? It was in the 90s all last week! Come back spring....

  6. I grew up in a house with window units and it never seemed to get to the right temperature in all the rooms in the house.

    Once I got used to central a/c, it was over. I can't imagine going back! :-)

    We have never been stationed at a place where it was really cold. All of our bases have been at warm locations. I haven't seen a real accumulation of snow in over six years. But I'll take the heat any day!

  7. we only had central air in GA, we've never had it up here, I am loving the ceiling fans that were installed with the old owners.

    It was still how this morning, but now it's cooler and rainy...

  8. Oh man, this southern girl wouldn't be able to survive without central air. When I go down to the farm house my dad grew up in (weather wise, it seems to be in the armpit of SC... always hot and humid in the summer) every August, I want to cry. Nearly 100 degrees with 90% humidity and no central air. Ugh!

    And about the sweat behind the knee caps.... I detest that feeling. Soooo gross! Good luck staying cool... I have a feeling you'll get to wear those cute clothes before all is said and done!

  9. I'm in FL and until today it's been in the low 80's. Today, it was upper 80's but still nice. Admittedly, I'm to the south and closer to the coast than Orlando, but I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised. I've been very happy since when I was here in early April last year, it was swelteringly hot.

  10. Heat, yuck! Living in Georgia it gets sooo humid and you definitely sweat in some weird places:p

  11. Haha! I was all about the heat today too! Until I jumped into my car and the backs of my legs got SCORCHED by black leather seats!

    Not cool.

  12. When I was in Florida, the weather was FABULOUS. It was warm, but breezy so it wasn't so bad! I hope it stays that way for you!

    I definitely hate the really hot days where I sweat in places that ladies aren't supposed to sweat! ;)

  13. Sounds like Michigan and it sounds like what we had yesterday moved your way! I had shorts and a tank top on yesterday, today was scrubs and a sweatshirt. And welcome to Michigan! I always say "Michigan: where you freeze in the winter, your hair frizzes in the summer, and somdays you wake up and aren't sure what season it is!

    And I am SO sorry but I could not live without central air. I guess I am too spoiled!

  14. Sounds like Southern weather to me. This last week has only been in the upper 80's but we've had 90% humidity and climbing. I hate the south sometimes.

    No central air? Pass.

    *side note: my word verification was "hotter"

  15. I grew up with no central ac but since moving to MD every house we have lived in has had it. My parents even installed it before we moved back in. There house use to get soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaken hot it was embarrsing to have people over. the ac they had was a wall unit that stayed in their room. I do love ceiling fans though if i cant have AC. I'm even thinking about having my dad install them when we move back down to MD even though we have central AC.

    Oh and your husband and landlord are CRAZY its totally worth every penny your LL just doesnt know what he is missing

  16. The house we're moving into this summer doesn't have a/c... the climate is supposed to be milder than here in the scorching south, but I have a suspicion I'm really going to miss it. Have a good time chilling by the pool in FL!

  17. Its the same here...yesterday it was in the 90s and today its back down to the 50s. We're having central air put in this month because I refuse to go through another summer without it! (And Stonewall isn't here to veto it this summer. HAHA! POA's rock!)

  18. It's gotten quite hot here in NC and even with the a/c running, I'm still uncomfortable. I'm sure part of that is the pregnancy, but still. I feel for you.

    Pack some of those 3/4 length shirts & capris to take with you to FL. The evenings might be cool enough at times that you will want them. :)


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