Saturday, May 17, 2008

A dream solution... if only I had a pair

I wrote about the frienemy last month who was coming to town and I hadn't a clue what to do about it. Well... I still don't. She'll be in town on Monday I should come up with something I'm sure, I'm kinda going with the whole ignoring thing for now. Very mature I know. But I did see something in a magazine and I have a whole little scenario in my head.

Imagine the kids are in bed, we are having a nice adult dinner, the four of us (in my scenario flyboy is suffering with me). I've made a nice roasted chicken or something, I dunno, doesn't matter. Oops I realized I left the wine in the kitchen.

I go into get it.

Bring it out.

Place it on the table.

Right in front of her.

Hows that for passive aggressive?


  1. Ah...LOVE that wine...LOL!

    But how about...serve what she doesn't like (meat if she's a vegan, things she might be allergic to, or super fattening foods)...and play innocent. Passive agressive, yes. but hey...motherhood causes braincell loss...we ALL know've got a good excuse there....

    Can't wait to read your post AFTER the frienemy visit~

  2. LOL! You never cease to amaze me! LOL! Keep the good ones coming! HUGS!

  3. Oh that's funny!

    Just remember that she probably acts the way she does because she isn't happy with her life, and all that bragging and putting people down is probably for her own ego's benefit. You, on the other hand, are at peace with the life you have. Which makes you a much better person.

  4. That's hilarious! I'd need a case for my MIL though!

  5. Nope its perfect and very classy

  6. Lol :) Hope you come out unscathed and with your sanity intact!


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