Thursday, May 29, 2008

You are not a cow

We went down to see the cows yesterday, there are two brand new baby calves and the boys could sit there all day and watch them. So we are down by the barn, Dash-2 is standing on the fence with my assistance and I hear something.

Its like a little stream of water. But the stream is across the field and much louder. I look over at Dash-1. He's dropped his draws and is peeing thru the fence into the cow pasture. I freaked. Now its not a huge deal, we live on a big farm, back from the road, I don't mind if he occasionally pees on a tree while we are away from the house. Three year olds can only hold it so much. But the rule is you have to ASK before you pee outside of the bathroom.

me. "What in the world do you think you are doing? You cant just drop your tighty elmos outside?!" (You have to imagine this in a shrilly voice for the full effect.)

him. "I'm peeing like a cow. I could poop like one too."

me. "If you poop like a cow you will be sleeping with the cows. You my dear, are NOT a cow."


  1. That is so cute! You always have thee best stories! I look forward to your blogs and when you don't post sometimes I'm like aww man! ha! :)

  2. My sister did the same thing only with pooping in the front yard! Her explanation was that if the doggies can do it, why can't she?

    Ahhh the logic of a 3 year old....

  3. By the way there's an award waiting on my blog for you

  4. oh no, not poop like a cow...... You and fly-boy will like my post later today. GW Bush with the Air Force Grads......come by this afternoon.

  5. Ha! This sounds like my brother when he was younger. He used to do this ALL the time! Thank goodness we lived on a farm.

    Your boys are too cute!

  6. "you are not a cow."

    seriously did you ever think those words would come out of your mouth?? aahhh the life of a mommy :)

    ps - thanks for stopping by my dqa meeting.

  7. That's hilarious! I can so see Judah doing something like that in a few years! :)


  8. Oh I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. We haven't gotten there yet, but boy are my kids obsessed with the bathroom!

  9. LOL!!! One of these days I will have to put together the post about when my son asked me why I was picking up his poop? I was in the backyard and we have a dog, so I thought he was kidding - apparantly he wasn't!

    You gotta love those little boys!!


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