Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's not really about the start of summer

It shouldn't be about the start of summer, it shouldn't be about the kick off of beach season or the opening of the pools. It is but it shouldn't be. Memorial day should be just that and day to remember those who have answered the call of their nation to serve and who paid with the ultimate sacrifice.

It's not about a great mattress sale, a day off from work, a big blow out start of summer barbecue. Its about remembering. Who should we remember? How about the gold star wife I saw at the PX who was only slightly older then I, with her two small kids in tow. How about the mother, who despite her son being grown, can still remember rocking him as a baby, but knows she will never get another hug. How about we remember the children who grow up learning about their mothers or fathers from stories and photographs. How about that.

This nation is great because of the people who stand ready and willing to answer the call to duty. They are willing to serve despite knowing that they will spend a great deal of time apart from their families. They are willing to serve despite knowing that they could make a better living in the civilian world. They are willing to serve despite knowing that they may be called upon to give their lives.

How about we remember those who fulfilled that unimaginable call to duty?

For all who have lost someone, a friend or a love, a spouse or a sibling, a son or a daughter, in no way is my sympathy or thanks enough. I hope in time you find peace and know that the sacrifice that they made, and that you make everyday, will never be forgotten.


  1. AMEN. I had to drop Sgt. off at the airport Sunday and driving home, especially that it was memorial day weekend, and the fact that I'd just put the man I love back on a plane to war... seeing a furniture store with "Happy Memorial day blowout sale!!" made me slightly angry. *sigh* thanks for the great post though, I'm with ya :).

  2. ....and Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Christ but look what your average joe has turned it into...
    I agree with your rant, I am aware of what the holiday is for but this can be said about virtually every holiday if you think about it.


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