Friday, May 30, 2008

Freedom fighter

My littlest one is going thru that phase that I hear last until they leave the house. He is trying so desperately to find some independence and its killing me. He hits the 18 month mark next week and its in full bloom. I blame my husband more so then me. Not only is that where both boys get their perfection and anal retentive drive from, I think its also where they get their need for constant movement. Though to my husband's defense he also gave them some killer blue eyes and lovely blond hair so I guess I shouldn't argue about the other stuff so much.

While flyboy was off on leave earlier this month he decided to "help" out dash--2 in his quest. If we went out to the store and dash-2 pitched a fit over having to sit in the cart his attitude was "I'll just take him out and let him walk around.". I get this logic, really I do. I'm not a total meanie who wants my kids to suffer and I certainly don't long to walk around target with a screaming kid in the cart. But.... once you take a kid out of the cart or stroller, at least my boys, they will never go back. They have tasted all that is sacred, they have tasted freedom and they are not giving it back without a fight. Lots of screaming and lots of treats.

The problem I kept trying to get my dear husband to understand is that he is rarely out at the store with me. In fact he is rarely in the same time zone as me. So him allowing dash-2 to walk in the store with him does not help me out it hinders me. I need to have dash-2 in the cart. Dash-1 is 3 years old and then some, so he is allowed to walk beside me, a. he can follow directions much better b. he listens much better and c. he doesn't spend half the time on the floor of walmart. Really I don't have enough Lysol at home to disinfect them after they touch the floor of walmart. I don't know why this is so hard for my husband to understand. Perhaps because he has never, ever, taken both boys out in public. Ever. I find that more amusing then anything else, that and for me its job security!

But I'm noticing that dash-2's fight is starting to branch out a little. He cant stand sitting in his high chair, he doesn't want to stay in the bath tub, lord help me when its time for the car seat. I'm trying to remember back as to when dash-1 conceded a bit that some of this was just a necessary evil and cut me some slack. I'm a tad worried that dash-2 might not have it in his personality to do so. That's another trait he gets from flyboy.

I'm making some concessions where I can. Yesterday when we ran into the PX I let him walk. There I was amidst all the parents with an energetic 3 yr old holding one hand and a pokey 18 mth old on the other. Quite a sight. On our walks rather then forcing him in the wagon I let him wander off. So long as he doesn't get carried away by a groundhog I consider it a success, I'm not really burning calories at the speed of an 18 mth old but to let him explore is worth it.

We are going to Target today and I'm going to need him to sit in the cart. I'm going to fight the good fight and darn it, I'm bigger and smarter, I will come out the winner.


  1. You may be bigger and smarter but can you scream for 40 min straight? My son can. Good luck :)

  2. I love reading your blogs because you are a great writer. Your attitude on life is very positive. The stories you tell (and pictures you post) always put a smile on my face.

    Keep fighting the good fight--and enjoy Target!! I love Target.

  3. Ah, yes, the "taste of freedom" problem. We have that too. My kids are just a bit older than yours, but same age different, and we have the EXACT same problem. Except that they also egg each other on, so that it's a total nightmare in a place like Target, when they're both hiding in clothing racks, etc. Fight the good fight, mama! It's worth it.

  4. don't put all your marbles on that bigger and smarter stuff.

  5. Wow! I also have two active let's pull up a chair and TALK, my friend!!

    Of course, this is coming from the mother who actually bought one of those leash/backpack things for her son...and then returned it because I was too afraid to use it!!

    Sigh. I guess I'm not much help to you, am I?

    Thanks for stopping by and playing POW! It's so nice getting to know more bloggers!

  6. Oh i can relate to this post more than you can ever imagine.LOL

  7. then LET him take both boys - to walmart- on his own. sometimes you can't TELL them diddly squat, ya gotta SHOW them, or let them "discovery that" on their own.

    After 30 years of marriage - I still need to remind myself of that..



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