Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yeah so our adventures at the dentist didn't go particularly well the other day. Dash-1 screamed while I put his shoes on, screamed while I loaded him up in the car, screamed while I drove there, screamed when we got there, I'm sure I'm making a perfectly clear picture of how the trip went. The dentist told us that she's going to have to sedate him in order to get any work done since she's very fond of the ten fingers that she has. I most certainly understand where she is coming from. We weren't able to get anything done that day because she wants to double check with his doctor about the medicines she's going to use and his allergies and other issues. So.... we will have to go back another day. I don't know if my poor heart can take it. I'm hoping they can sedate me as well. The dentist was very nice and understanding of why he is so hyper sensitive about doctors, he's had his fair share of crappy experiences and yucky procedures.

In another ramble, I went to the nearby (I use that term loosely) Army base to run a bunch of errands today. Kid free errands, it was wonderful, even though one of them was dealing with the morons at tricare. I had a doctors apt, waited forever for some prescriptions, had a very informative (again using the term loosely) conversation with tricare, dropped off dry cleaning, did some grocery shopping, and got some gas. Since I was child free I ran into the 7 day store to get a fountain soda. Once you have kids you realize how much a luxury simply running into a store for a quick something really is. So after paying 3.82 for gas which is a bargain around here I went in to get a 79 cent soda. They checked my ID for the measly soda not for the almost fifty bucks in gas I had just bought.

This peeves me greatly folks. The base we go to is a base that gets a lot of non military visitors, such as parents, and that has a lot of civilian employees. It irritates me to no end when you pull up and you see the gas pumps filled, to the point that there is a five car line, filled with cars that seem to be lacking something kinda important.... a DOD decal. Now don't get me wrong I'm not an idiot, I know that some retirees don't have the decal on the car and certainly rate to use the exchange and what not, but trust me, most of these folks are not the intended target for discount. Like when I pulled up to the pump once and overheard the woman talking to her husband, "You must have ID when out of uniform. What kind of ID are they talking about?" Again if you have to question it it probably doesn't apply to you. Most of us who have been around the military block a time or two are very familiar what all important ID they are talking about. It just irritates me. Good for you, your kid is a cadet, that does not rate you to the same perks that my husband gets for letting people shoot at him.

I know this is one of those things that I should let go of. I'm sure to most it wouldn't seem like a big deal. I just have a problem with these types of things. I'm kinda a black and white type of gal. Its a simple rules things, you either rate to use the gas or you don't. And if you don't, you should honor the rules. That's all I'm asking for, just for people to follow the rules.


  1. You know I love you and your mom blog! I check your blog every day sometimes more than once! And cry everytime there is not a new post...that is how much I love your stories

  2. I promise I wont use that pump!

    Good luck at the dentist sounds awful.

  3. Ah the Point. Fond memories, I know exactly what Shopette/gas pump you are talking about and have had the exact same experience there. Mind you, I was "just" a girlfriend at the time, so I didn't dare to get gas, etc. without Z. But the parents...oh Lord. They seem to think they are entitled because their child is an ohsospecial cadet. You should meet some of them, truly priceless. It's like a syndrome :)

  4. HAHA! D.A.R. stated it all correctly. My all time favorite part was E and I would go to get gas at like 10pm and the damn thing would be closed......maybe they had to close early since all the parents used the gas up..... haha :)

  5. How do non-military people even get away with getting gas on base?! Are they there on a visitors pass or something? I agree with you, we have few perks in the service (compared to the sacrifice we put forth) and we shouldn't have to compete with civilians who are abusing the system to take advantage of the little breaks the government is trying to provide for us.

    Little stuff like that bothers me too :P Wish it didn't, but it does.

  6. While my dentist experience wasn't quite like yours, my son was a "gagger" and it would always be a challenge to see if he would actually vomit on the dentist....which did happen once and after that, a bucket was placed in the room for his exams and work......nothing says pride like "Oh Joey's here, let's get the bucket"....

  7. Amen :) I hate when people do not follow the rules. I feel if I follow then everyone should. Most times most don't. The one time we didn't we would be caught and slaughtered.
    This is one of my biggest pet peeves as well.

  8. Poor Dash. I love going to the dentist, but after a bad experience with a pediatric dentist, nonetheless, Abs hates it.

    I'm a black and white girl myself.

  9. I is irritating to me when people refuse to follow the rules...and when those in charge won't enforce the rules...

  10. Ah, geez - I am so sorry about the dentist visit. I was really hoping that it was going to be a breeze.

    I hear ya about the gas station thing. I am a total black and white kind of girl too - probably going to drive my children insane. It's all so simple... it's either right or it's wrong. Though I have been know to take my mom along for some commissary shopping - that would be choosing the wrong thing. Shame on me!

    Hope your Monday is GREAT!



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