Saturday, May 31, 2008

Am I just REALLY old fashioned?

I ran out to the mall last night to get a head start on picking out just the right Father's Day cards. I'm a card nut, I will spend easily an hour in Hallmark looking for three cards, so I thought it best to leave the boys at home, asleep in their beds with flyboy keeping watch. Now as a bit of a disclaimer, I haven't been in a mall after 4pm in a LONG time but I noticed something odd. Odd to me anyways. There were a ton of small kids, kids the same age as mine, out running about willy nilly fancy free while their parents just ignored them and "hung out" with their friends. Nothing against young moms, I was 24 when Dash-1 was born so I don't think I'm too much of an old fart yet but most of them were tube top wearing, big old shower curtain hanger earring type of gals.

In the span of walking halfway down the mall I had one kid run into me as she ran around in circles (her mom was about ten feet away and not paying a lick of attention), I had one kid step on my foot (dunno where his parents were) and while I was walking into Hallmark four kids came blowing past both moms just taking their time. And that's just what happened to me, I noticed a lot of other people glaring at these cherubs, so it wasn't just me.

Here's what gets me. I never saw one parent take responsibility for their kids, acknowledge that their kids were out of hand, try to pull them in, tell them to settle down. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. My kids act up in public, I'm not saying they are angels, hardly, but I am right on their asses let me tell you. When one of the boys bumps into someone I make him stop and apologize. I am well aware that for the most part small children are often off in their own world. But that's not an excuse for lazy parenting. If you don't want to make sure your child behaves in public don't let them leave the house. Don't drag your kid around like its an accessory, its a child who needs attention and a bedtime. And a little discipline.


  1. Preach it!
    I agree! My children are far from perfect too, but respect for others is one of the disciplines we stress the most.

    I feel bad for those parents; someday their kids will be running all over them. The teenage years begin with the toddler years. I believe they are a direct reflection. But, we shall see.


  2. Amen sister!! And until I can be that strong, I won't be having kiddos :). It makes me so sad when parents don't parent; that is why we have these delinquents growing up into horrific teenagers. I went to school with a lot of them, and though I don't thank my parents for much I do wildly appreciate the fact that they knew how to discipline.

  3. That is sooo true! We are hard on our kids when it comes to how they should behave in public, even at home are too. They are also far from being perfect, but they know when they did something wrong!!!!! When I had my first one, I was known as the mean mom because, get this.... I made my kid obey! Oh, well! It doesn't bother me any......sometimes when they ask why they can't do this or that, I just tell them - "Because I am the meanest mommy ever!!!"

  4. PREACH it SISTER!!!

    I was at a racetrack last night (stock car and midget races). My 7 y/o daughter and 4 y/o son were REQUIRED to stay with us.

    Several parents let their kids run wild all around us, slamming into the bleachers and fencing...getting in the way, and hurting each other too. I got up to try and take pictures with my NOT CHEAP Canon d-SLR, and one of those kids ran right into me because she wasn't looking. Hit her head on the edge of the lens. And I was not the LEAST BIT concerned about the mark on her head...that lens is EXPENSIVE, and it was in my HAND, and if her parents had a leash on her (figuratively, of course), she'd not have hurt herself.

    To the parents' credit though...they made her come to me and apologize when I came back to my seat...but they did not keep her with them.

    And her age? No more than 3. SAD.

  5. I have to say what everyone else has said: PREACH IT! I totally agree with you, and I find myself being around unruly kids a lot. It's especially shocking because when I go out into the real world from a college campus I'm not used having kids around, haha.

    And, I am the same way with cards--I love finding that perfect card for someone.

  6. I would be totally embarrassed if my child behaved like that in public. Parents like that scare me. I always think about how someone could just snatch up their kids and they'd be too busy chatting and drinking their Starbucks to notice....

  7. I see this all the time and nothing aggravates me more!

    Why parents let their children off at the mall to run around for hours at at time, I just can't fathom.

    They act like the mall is their personal baby-sitting service.

  8. At least an "i'm sorry my kid stepped on you" look?!?!?

    I do that for myself so i assume I will do it for my kids (is that crazy?)

    Also, I will take this moment and say, "I HATE WHEELIEZ!" those shoes with wheels in the heels that kids glide by and bump into people is like a normal out of control kid on speed.

    Let me know if I'm alone....sorry if so

  9. I AGREE! Try running a store and having parents not pay attention to their kids. I have fixtures knocked over... stuff broken on a daily basis. Not a week goes by that some parent thinks I'm a babysitter.. drops the kids off and does their shopping. I'll never get it

    I swear somedays I feel like I'm in the minority because I try and keep my kids in check.


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