Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the dentist **shudder**

I hate the dentist. I feel kinda bad, my dentist is a very lovely man. But I hate the profession. I hate going to the dentist, I put it off and well, that strategy hasn't worked out to well. I get mild panic attacks when I have to go in to get work done. Bless his heart my poor dentist is really good with me but still. My husband doesn't understand why I still go to a dentist in Maryland, I'm not joking when I say that I don't have it in me to break in another one.

So if your wondering what is bringing on this ramble, what could be worse to a dental-phobe then going to the dentist? Taking your three year old to get a cavity filled. Yes my three year old has a cavity. I know I know crappy mom but we're told its very common especially with his reflux problems.

I'm afraid I might pass out when the drill comes on. I was so hoping flyboy would take him but when I asked his face lost all color and he kept saying, "but your the mom, he'll want his mom". I'm gonna slap my big girl mommy pants on and face the music.

Oh lord I hope my baby does well. And I hope I don't vomit.


  1. I'm sure you've caught your share of vomit, so you'll deal with the drill just fine.

    I had to hold my baby's head down (at 11 months old) while he was strapped in a papoose (to keep him from moving his arms or legs)...then they injected under his tongue with anesthetic and cauterized under his tongue (he was tongue-tied and needed "clipped" and they did it THIS way...which I HATED). My poor little guy...he flinched, and they hit his lip with the cautery too...sigh.

    I thought *I* would die for that one....

  2. I hope all goes well :) I'm sure you'll both do just fine.

    Oh, Linda - I cringe.

  3. Would you believe I went to the dentist today. The only reason we are still in Florida is a tooth broken off my bridge and now the VA is having a new one made, I will have to be ok with that.

    I think you might like my post today

  4. I had to take DG for that last year. She did great! The dentist gave her the gas and she was giggling the whole time!!!! They also never used the word drill or hole.

    I hope everything went well!!!

  5. Slap on those big girl pants and show him how it's done! You'll both do great!

    By the way... there could be any number of reasons for a cavity - don't beat yourself up! You are a GREAT mom! ;)


  6. good luck... even though you won't need it. You'll do fine. I hate the dentist too.. i dread having to take the punkin for her first appointment.

  7. Aww...I don't much like the dentist either. I hope it goes (went?) okay...

  8. YOU CAN DO IT! Knock on wood, my kids LOVE going to the dentist or doctor. Unusual indeed but I am not complaining LOL! Hopefully things will go smoothly and quickly. I am sure you are a WONDERFUL mother. Don't go short changing yourself - Smile!
    Linda- OMGOODNESS! That sounds HORRIBE!

  9. Oh man, I hate the dentist too! I've had many panic attacks in the chair where I've hoped against hope that i wouldn't pass out and totally humiliate myself.

    I hope your little one does better than I usually do!


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