Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Turkey Meatballs AND a twist on meatball subs

I tried a couple times last year to make meatballs. Lets just say the phrase "disgusting failure" comes to mind. My beloved flyboy who will eat anything I place in front of him made quite the face as he tried one and then actually pushed the plate away.

That spoke volumes.

But then I found a recipe for them on Rachael Ray's site and over the past few months I've tweaked it and they are quite yummy and another staple around here, quite simple.

Oh and actually not too bad for you.

Now I know not everyone is a fan of ground turkey, GIVE IT A CHANCE! Trust me, I don't like new strange things so if I'm cool with it that should say something. Around here that's pretty much the only ground meat we eat for a couple of reasons, the two main ones, its better for you and its cheaper. At the commissary and at W@lmart you can find a pound of 93%lean ground turkey for just under 2bucks, almost 3 bucks cheaper then ground beef.

Turkey Meatballs

First things first, get your sauce going on the stove. For this I use just a basic Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce in a big can {79cents at the commissary, cant beat that and since I'm adding meatballs I don't need a lot of flare. Plus we're Irish, we aren't picky about tomato sauce.}

Get that all bubbling and simmering on the stove

Then take 3 slices of bread {I use whole wheat cause that's what's in the house} and tear them into little peices and soak them in 1/2 cup of milk {fat free works fine}

Soak for about 5 min. Then squeeze out the excess {no need to go to extreme} and add the bread to 1 pound of ground turkey.

Add in 1/4 c. of Parmesean cheese {I use the lowfat kraft stuff in a can, nothing fancy shmancy} and garlic powder. {I don't really have a measurement for the garlic powder, I tend to think that garlic should be it's own food group and add it to everything}

Mix well

Form into little balls and add to your sauce.

Allow to simmer in the sauce until cooked all the way thru. I usually put them in the sauce and let them sit in there on a med-low heat for 10 min or so and then simmer in the sauce for about 45 min while I get everything else together and wait for dinner.

These are YUMMY!

and a bonus recipe- Twisted meatball subs

And if you want meatballs but you don't feel like spaghetti here's a little twist on a meatball sub.

Take a loaf of frozen garlic bread cook it per the instructions, then cut each half into four pieces.

Place two meatballs {or three depending on their size} on the garlic bread, then place some cheese on top, either provolone or mozzarella. Place under the broiler just till the cheese bubbles.

Ok so these are not so healthy, but very yummy.


  1. this sounds great!! i really don't mind ground turkey at all, especially if you are adding so much to it. you never know the difference!

  2. I love ground turkey...we use that a lot. We also use turkey sausage. :) thanks for the recipe!

  3. It's only 9:30 and now I want a meatball sub! I love love ground turkey, use it for lots of stuff, my meatballs included.

    Here is a quickie, mix it with some chopped up frozen spinnach, ricotta, parm and some seasonings and stuff it inside jumbo shells. It's kind of my own twist on a "flourtine" type mixture.

    Gawd I'm hungry.

  4. Oh my, that sounds so good!!!

  5. Sounds yummy! A little off topic, but I use ground turkey in my Chili. I made it for the Super Bowl party we went to and no one even noticed that it wasn't beef! Score!


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