Wednesday, May 12, 2010

recipe blog hop anyone?

My food network magazine came today.

I'm in love with it. Big, bright pages filled with food.

Some deserts, some appetizers, main courses, a whole issue devoted to eggs {I have to say I didn't get much out of that one what with dash-1's allergy and all}, this issue is dedicated to the find art of grilling burgers.

Be still my heart.

Anyways, I've been trying to find new recipes to try out around the old flyboy homestead and I have found one little problem with recipes from magazines.... sometimes they are a tad on the fancy pants side.

I'll look at some recipes and wonder who is really making that?!

I wanna know what other "real" people's favorite recipes are.

So I turn to you all, anyone wanna have a little recipe blog hop?

I did this a year {or two?} ago as a cookie swap and it was really fun, this one can be open to ANY recipe.

Desert, single dish dinner {aka casserole}, crock pot fun, snack, favorite burger recipe, appetizer, anything and everything.

Just post the recipe and if you can, a picture to go with it. I like to see the food I'm making. If anyone is interested in this, I'll set up a linky and then we can just blog hop around and easily print out the recipes to try.

Oh and find new blogs! Finding new blogs rocks.

And if you post up a recipe you'll be entered in a recipe/cooking related giveaway. Once I figure out what I'm giving away....

So think about it folks.



  1. Oooh, sounds like fun! I'm always looking for new recipes!

  2. Sweet! I love baking and experimenting. I think MRS killed my husbands tastebugs. I LOVE using him as a guinea pig.

  3. I'll do it if I can blog hop with a party punch recipe!

  4. sounds fun to me! I am always on the hunt for more recipes!

  5. I'm always up for new recipes, especially the true and true ones!!

    Sounds awesome!

  6. Oh fun! I always need new recipes to satisfy the husband. And yes I said husband because I could eat popcorn and jello for dinner every night! So excited!

  7. That sounds like an excellent idea!! I love cooking new meals just about every week if I can, but i've been having troubles finding new stuff. Count me in :)

  8. I'm in.
    Of course mine will be desert related...but you knew that :O)

  9. Oh my goodness, YES! I have been toying with the idea of writing a cookbook with my SIMPLEST recipes in it (no fancy-pants stuff here!). I would either call it, "the lazy kitchen" or "cooking, the shortcut way"....something like that.
    LOL I guess I can ask for comments on that when I post a recipe. :)

  10. Sure, simple & fun love recipes....

  11. Sounds like fun! I'm always looking for something new to make to mix things up around here. :)


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