Sunday, May 16, 2010

he knows just what to say

After I put dash-3 to bed I went in to give dash 1 and 2 a kiss good night.

In dash-2's sweet little voice he asked, "lay down with me mama?"

me " Sorry my love, mommy is stinky and needs a shower after riding the four wheelers tonight."

dash-2 "oh its ok you don't need a shower, I love stinky girls."

Sidenote, I do so love the invite, however this has become a bit of a habit. Please don't think I'm heartless but its very tough when flyboy's away and I have three little ones to get down to bed so I'm trying to break this a bit.

And another sidenote, reason #917 why we don't live in housing: four wheeling around our 120+ acre "backyard".


Don't forget to get your recipes ready for the Recipe Blog Hop that starts up on Weds! Check out the post below {or click here} for more info!

And what do you think of the three column layout?


  1. The layout's different (I noticed it right away) but I like it...
    Can't wait for the recipe gig! Yay! Need to start thinking hard about what I'm going to post... Hmm. :)
    Golly, that little buddy's cute! A charmer, sounds like it;)

  2. I'm kind of wondering what type of daughter-in-law you are going to have. You know, since Dash 2 loves stinky girls and all!! :)

  3. That's I can relate to that kind of thing. So hard when husband is away. I like the new layout :)

  4. I totally get the not lying down with the kiddos....

    I have never been on a four-wheeler. I need to get out more!

  5. Actually, I quite like the three columns. It looks really good!
    I also love your font for titles :) So rad :)

    I'm sorry...but I'm still lost. For the recipe hop do we link it back to you? Do we post it on your blog that we posted a recipe?? Please help...

  6. layout=awesomesauce. You should remind him in 10 years what he said. That was really cute. Don't feel bad about not tucking him in. I was regularily in charge of helping my sisters, and we all grew up just fine. ^_^

  7. That is cute. The Wee One has been needing a lot of hugs lately while going to bed. Not to mention the stuffed animals on his bed have to be hugged as well.

    I like the new layout and am so excited about recipe hop!

  8. That is so sweet! I totally understand breaking the habit! Landon begs me to lay down with him every night. I was and then he started getting up in the middle of the night to get in bed with me. I had to break the habit also!!

    I cannot wait to get out of housing and have a real yard. 120 acres would be an added bonus!!


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