Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My special mommy

Dash-1's school had a Mother's Day party for all of the moms, the kids sang a couple little songs, we had some cupcakes, the kids gave us a plate they made.... and they gave us a little thing they had written about us.

Or rather filled in the blanks about their mommy. {The colored parts will be what dash-1 filled in. Don't forget I cant work the scanner}

I saw the other mom's faces when the teachers told us about the paper about us, most you could see where excited and touched. Me? Terror. After all, you all know that you never can tell what's going to come out of dash-1's mouth.

Without further ado...

My Special Mommy

My Mommy is the most wonderful Mommy in the world.

She is as pretty as - a princess because she is a princess.

She likes to cook - bread, ham, turkey, and everything.

Her favorite thing to do is - lay down and do nothing.

In the good old days when Mommy was little she would - play and ask her mom for a lot of stuff.

I love my mommy as much as - rockets.

She is the best mommy in the world because - she makes the best food and is very nice.

Have any of you made is past the third one? I enjoy laying down and doing nothing. And I'm not going to lie, I do. I really do. But last I checked, I don't get to do it very often. Unless of course you could REM but shoot even then deep sleep is hard to come by around here.

Maybe it was that one time I made the boys fan me with palms while I ate bon bons.... maybe he's remembering that.

I'm also a little confused about the whole she makes the best food one, seeing as though how most dinners end up in a flat refusal to eat anything I've made unless its a grilled cheese or chicken nuggets.

But I can't argue too much with what he said, after all, he does love me as much as rockets.


  1. Oh, I laughed and laughed!

    Then laughed some more.

    I love that kid! I'm sure he is destined to marry Abs and provide us interesting grandchildren.

  2. Hysterical. I damn near fell out of my chair laughing at that one. But you are right, you are better than rockets :)

    Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

  3. Thats just the best ever. HA! Freaking kids....thats like when I brought cupcakes to Mikeys school for his bday and the teacher asked if we had anything planned. i told her that since it was mikeys bday, he got to pick out his bday dinner...she asked him what he wanted and he said" i dont know. theres not to much at home." AHHH talk about embarrassment! Lucky for me, his idea of nothing to eat means there is no JUNK food in the house LOL!

    And your right..at least your up there with the rockets! :)

  4. Lol! My fourth grader brought one home (forgot to give it to me until he went to bed Sunday night) and the first thing on it was that he likes it when I make flautas. I have never in my life made flautas! I did pick some up at Costco a few weeks ago, the kind you just heat up in the oven....and he refused to even eat them. Left me wondering, was this SARCASM?

  5. Oh wow! I loved it! And I must agree, rockets are pretty legit

  6. Haha, this is hilarious. Oh kids...

  7. Awww so sweet! Hope you had a great mother's day!

  8. That is so cute! I laughed out loud. Really.

    I also love to lay down and do nothing. Can't blame him for speaking the truth. And he loves you as much as rockets? Awww.

    Also, there is a big (long and I won't go into it right now) family joke about who makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Clearly, you win. I'll expect mine in the mail soon.

  9. Oh, too cute!
    Gosh the things they say.
    "She likes to cook bread, ham, turkey, and everything!" LOL!

  10. That is so sweet! My daughter's preschool had a Mother's Day tea last year. That was so great. Now that she's in elementary school, those days are done! Enjoy!

  11. thats to funny. i left something on my blog for you.

  12. I love that he loves you more than rockets, lol.

  13. I busted out laughing when I got to the third line! Although I thought it was cute when he said he loves you more than rockets. =)

  14. I made the mistake of reading this while I was at a Board meeting today. Took all I had not to laugh!

  15. I love it....Madeline says i'm special bc i take her to the park when its not raining....BTW I meant to show you what Madeline made me in class its a calendar and each month they made their hand prints to look like different things its an awesome gift to give your mom and MIL for christmas

  16. I love it when they fill in the blanks! You never know what you will get!!

  17. I love these! Some of the other kinder teachers at my school did this for Mother's Day. Their's asked how old their mom was which was really funny to hear their responses.

  18. Aw, I love this! He did good! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  19. This is super cute!!
    I love number one and the "I love mommy more than ROCKETS" :) :)

  20. Wow, MORE than rockets? That's a serious compliment coming from dash-1. But I really love the laying around bit (dude, put the bon bons down. really) and the asking your mom for stuff. Heh.


  21. Very cute, a keeper :)
    my 1st grader brought home something similar, and one page said "My mom is ___ years old" She wrote 51. I'm 42. good thing that I love her.


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