Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New meanings in life

Since I've had kids my definition for certain things has changed, take for instance....

Love- I love me my babies. Nuff said.

Eerie- rolling over at 3 am to find a small little one {oh say 3 years old, that's just the right height to be just eye level with you} staring you RIGHT in the FACE, watching you sleep.

Disgusting- I thought it would be explosive poo, or maybe a wicked nasty spit up, no no, projectile vomit INTO my mouth. NOTHING so far has topped that and I'm honestly fearful of what will.

Tired- I had run on little sleep before, but holy poop, back then I didn't have three leeches kids depending on me. Sleeping for an hour or two at a time for a couple nights, rolled into caring for three little ones allllllllllll day {and night} makes my former all nighters laughable.

Fear- overhearing your adventourous 5 yr old say to his 3 yr old brother, in the next room, "Trust me. I know what I'm doing."

Silence- Silence is great. However since having kids, it has extenuating circumstances, silence between the hours of 8am-7:30pm is SCARY, from 7:30pm-8am its just downright friggin delightful.

High Power flush- the ability to flush elmo underpants down the toilet

Peace - taking a shower or going to the bathroom with the door closed

Gratitude- the feeling I have when someone is willing to watch all three boys. At the same time. And then offers to do it again! Also, the feeling when someone manages to puke in the toilet or puke buck and not on my floor. {Sadly i haven't had that feeling yet today}

Those of you with kids, am I missing anything?


  1. Oh my golly.
    Those are some great definitions!
    And OH so true.
    Love the Fear one;)
    Oh yeah--and the Disgusting one. That almost happened to me. :P

  2. Haha...I will have to agree with you, that projectile vomiting is disgusting!

  3. pretty sure your blog is the highlight of all my days. I'd tie you with Cake Wrecks. Second only to my husband coming home. <3

  4. "Fear- overhearing your adventourous 5 yr old say to his 3 yr old brother, in the next room, "Trust me. I know what I'm doing.""

    Oh that's awesome. I have a feeling that's a life-long theme among brothers.

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  6. How about............

    "Indulge - eating a whole meal at lukewarm temperature"

    "Selfish - sneaking a candy bar on the way home from the store"

    "Lesuire Time - going to the bathroom, washing your hands and then....(GASP) drying them on the hand towel rather than wiping them on your pants as you rush out to deal with the next bit of chaos."

    "Luxury - Any sleep you get past 7:00am. Can also be used for the rare moments when the remote AND tv are yours for at least ten minutes! "

    I love your blogs! :)

  7. Thank you for the great laugh! I don't think you missed anything.

    Oh and thanks for the advice on finally leaving my house with a toddler and new baby!

  8. Poor MG almost was on the receiving end of said vomit at my house just the other night!

    I'm not sure you missed anything!

  9. Hilarious. I'll get to know all this soon enough!

  10. You crack me up. That is all. :)

  11. Blogging - escaping from the kindergarten khaos.
    Sacrifice - your body, your sanity, your ability to make plans without having to pack the diaper bag, do the toilet runs, change the clothes, find the shoes, don the shoes, and get into the car and buckle every one in .... 2hrs later ....

    Laundry - Battling for the win, every moment of every day. (No longer the hr on Saturday w/ a load of darks and a load of whites).

    Alone time - foreign...

  12. This is the best post EVER!!

  13. You crack me up!! I'm lovin' the "disgusting" one!! Ha!! Please Lord, don't let that happen to me :) TeeHee!

    How about...

    JOY ~ Hearing your child's laughter, watching them learn, and witnessing the precious relationship that they have with the OTHER love of your life, your husband. I've never known joy like this until I had my sweet, sweet daughter.

  14. I read this and thought YES I am not the only mother who has had their son vomit in their mouth! I dont think anything will ever top that disgusting moment the rest of my life. At least I hope I will not be faced with anything more disgusting than that YIKES


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