Monday, June 28, 2010

New to Blue Bird Crafting

I just uploaded some super cute things to my mom's etsy store

{I'm the tech brains behind the operations.... kinda scary huh?}

Anything here strike your fancy?

And everything comes, in very nice packaging and ships {usually} within 24 hrs.

Oh and don't forget these gems.....


  1. She's serious folks, I ordered a tote bag and the cloth zipper bags and they all came nicely packaged super fast! She even threw in a free matching luggage handle tag so I could pick my run-of-the-mill black suitcase out of the crowd!

  2. Okay... so tell you mom she rocks. I will be ordering a service star soon. yay! :-)

  3. Do you think your mom might do a custom service star? A double one? Two of them? I'm thinking a double service star might be a good Christmas present for my mom and my mother-in-law.

  4. Just got the bag I ordered from your mom. It's awesome. The Captain loved the small zipper bag but the big one's mine ;) Tell her I said thanks!

  5. Ok this is funny...Seriously FUNNY....back in April I was at the DALLAS Arboretumn with my Mom...there were tons of people out there taking pics with really nice Camera's...I have a Cannon Rebel XTI and while I am not a great photographer I toy with it...and I can pull the Techno Geek out of the closet when need be...SO me being me I walk up to this Lady and say: Hey thats a really cool Camera Neck Strap, where'd you find it? Bet you will never guess what she said...well it was, of course....and now I have come full circle and stubled unto your blog...Life is so full of Serendipity!!!


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