Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The past 24 hours or so in a nutshell

-baby boy seems to either have teeth coming in or reflux issues acting up because sleep is non existent. Sunday night he didn't go down till after 11 and proceeded to wake up about 45 mins later, then 2 hours, then an 1 hr, then 2, you get the point.

He started to do the same thing last night so I just brought him into bed with me, since flyboy's away and we got a king bed last year there is plenty of room.

I learned something last night, despite diapering for the past 5 1/2 years nonstop, one can not accurately put on a diaper in the dark at 2 am.

He peed all over the bed. All over flyboy's side thankfully.

However, the great bed we got? A really nice sleep number that despite paying 2k for I balked at spending the 50 bucks for the mattress protector and keep putting it off.

And now the baby has christened our bed.

Lesson learned.... buy a bed protector and turn on a damn light to put on a damn diaper.


-Dash-1 and dash-2 played nicely yesterday in the front yard for quite a bit of time. Only when I went in for a closer look did I realize they were attempting to dig to China. Several small holes at a time. With our nice dinner spoons.

And what hole to China is complete without filling them with bottled water to make expensive mud.

In case you're wondering I do pay attention to my kids.


-Dash-1 proceeded to tell someone in the line at Target that his dad likes to empty soda bottles so that he can blow them up over the house in the front yard while he helps.

Panic in the old ladies face would have been an understatement.

Oh he also told her that his dad wacks him in the face with his sword.

What he left out was mildly important.... you know that the soda bottles were perfectly safe water rockets, empty soda bottle, bike pump, water, and a stopper and you're good to go.

And the sword? Nerf. Cause if it's nerf we have it. Thankfully he didn't tell her that daddy shoots him in the face with his belt fed nerf machine gun. No doubt he wouldn't get that one out right.


-Back to dash-3's reflux, he was making weird sounds yesterday so I picked him up and wouldn't you know he up chucked all over me. Well less all over me and more right down my shirt.

Into my bra.



-We have exterminators coming tomorrow to blast thru a wall in our basement and suck out a giant honeybee hive. When they first came out they said this could go easy or difficult. I just laughed and told him to start figuring out the difficult plan.

Sure enough, we have a whole friggin colony in the wall. You can't just kill the bees, you have to open up the wall, remove the comb, get out the honey and the queen.

Little did the queen bee know that there is only room for one bitch in this house and she'd be me.


-Attended a meeting today to go over dash-2's speech evaluation report. Shocker, he does need some speech for articulation.

Another shocker, when they told me that the downside of really smart kids is that they can be tough to manage. You don't say?

Let's we forget I have holes to China in my front yard.


  1. Oh man, I thought my past few hours had been delightful!

    Did they tell you how they think the hive ended up in the wall in the basement? CRAZY!

  2. ...the downside of really smart kids is that they can be tough to manage.

    So, did you present them with their Understatement of the Year award right then and there, or do you have to wait to get it engraved? ;-)

  3. Oh yikes! Hopefully the sleeping gets better. That is so tough.

  4. This is one of the funniest things I've read today. Thank you for the laugh. In my family, is't not the baby who does the really dumb/funny things. Sadly, it's short, little, Italian ME. lol

    Have a wonderful day! At least it's not Monday today. :)

  5. Your night sounded like the last few nights for me too. And I've also learned that even if you cover the penis while changing the diaper, inevitably when you're not paying attention to it, he pees and the cover did no good. Soon there's pee on the wall and all over your PJ's. And on him. Which means the one quiet midnight diaper change just turned into a shit fit.

    And I also got puke down my bra this morning. While he was screaming for 5 hours straight. And doing something to my boobs that made me think I need to buy a new pair.

  6. Dang! A whole colony of honeybees?
    Hope that job gets done well. Ugh.
    Ooooh, gotta love spit-up stories.
    BTW, you're one of the only blogger ladies I read even if there's no pictures....the stories and everything make up for no literal visual;)

  7. Do you at least get to keep the honey?

  8. It's always when they are quiet that mayhem ensues. But when they are quiet, I so hate to mess it up by walking in! Decisions, decisions...

  9. Wow! The look on the lady's face must have been priceless!!

  10. Seriously? What a day!

  11. You definitely have an interesting life! Who else has a hole to China, a bee's nest in the walls, or a bra full of vomit?

  12. Oh my goodness, what a day! I hope D-3 slept better for you last night. My little guy has been having sleep issues too and I'm certain it's teething - teeth #3 and 4 are cutting in.

  13. Looks like you had a pretty boring start to the week! HA!! I think you need to come with me and hang out at the pool with a beer in hand!

  14. That sounds like QUITE a day!!! The part about the beehive. Yikes. But you cracked me up with "There's only room for one bitch in this house...and she'd be me" hahaha. :) I loved it!!!

    I hope your littlest one gets to feeling better soon!!!


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