Monday, June 14, 2010

Reason #426 we are demented parents

Sometimes flyboy and I wonder what's wrong with our kids, cause well, our kids can be kinda weird sometimes.

And then we take a step back and realize.... we could have a little something something to do with it.

Or a lot.

Last night dash-2 did not want to go to bed. He wanted to jump and play and basically create mayhem in his room. So we did what all parents would do, sent him into the playroom to sleep.

You would have thought this would have been his dream but noooooooooo, he screamed. He cried. He kicked his feet. He sceamed, cried, and kicked his feet simultaneously. {He's very talented like that}

He did eventually fell asleep on the couch in there.

And then there stood flyboy and I, looking at our sleeping little demon boy. He was sleeping so peacefully, his little blanket rising and falling as he was breathing, his blond hair sticking up every so slightly, sigh, every parent knows how sweet a sleeping child is.



We thought of it.

I'm not sure who suggested it first, I think we were both thinking it, one of us said it and the other jumped at the idea with excitement. Because while flyboy and I have our differences we are equally twisted.

The idea you ask?

It involved this.

A giant robot dinosaur. You may not be able to tell from the picture but he's big, big enough the boys can both sit on him and big enough that he was just above dash-2's eye level while he was sleeping on the couch.

So the plan was to drag the giant robot dinosaur from the corner of the play room and place it RIGHT in front of his face and the turn it on, let it roar, or sing, or crunch on its leaf, and watch the reaction of our 3 year old.

And I know your thinking, who does that?!

Ummm.... we do?

We were quite disappointed, he basically just rolled over. But we still laughed our asses off. And besides children who listen, laughter is what's needed to make parent's sane.

And flyboy, at least we have laughter.


  1. I love this! Equally evil and hilarious. Would have been so funny if it scared the crap out of him haha

  2. Hi new friend! I can't believe I have enver been to your blog's too cute!

  3. My parents did the same thing to me all the time. They still pull crap like that when Im around, but I laugh too. I turned out fine. Im glad someone else has the same sense of humor as us!

  4. I am so glad to know that there are parents out there equally as "mean" as we are. For my 9 y/o SON'S birthday we wrapped up and gave him a very PINK very GIRLY scooter! I blogged about it a while back, his reaction was PRICELESS! We ended up giving him his real present but not until we had a good laugh at his expense.

    So, don't feel guilty, there are other parents out there who find immense humor in torturing our kids, hahahahaha.

  5. No, I personally wouldn't do it, but I DID laugh while reading it! So that means I endorse it, right?

    An old friend of mine had a dad who had a personality twist. He was a Vietnam vet who went into banking. If his kids fell while riding their bikes and came up to him crying, he'd ask, "Did you hurt the sidewalk?" When my friend (who was the oldest child and female) got her first period, her mom told her dad and he announced at family dinner, "So I hear you're ripe." I never met him, but he sounds like an interesting man.

    Anywho.... my favorite story of hers is how he used to booby trap the house on Christmas Eve so that no rotten child could sneek in and open their presents without Mom or Dad present.

    In short, I think you and flyboy have a long way to go before being so demented and outrageous that you scar your children for life.

  6. Bahahaha, omg. THIS is why I love you!
    So deliciously twistedly hilarious.

  7. We would so do the same thing! That is great!! I think our daughter would have started talking to it though. But she does her own wierd stuff to wake us up too.

  8. I totally would have done it - with my flip video camera turned on, ready to capture his reaction! I have to say, I am slightly disappointed that he didn't really react, but as long as you guys got your laughs, I guess it's still OK.

    I got my sick sense of humor from my dad - in addition to being very corny, he would basically make us laugh at things that SHOULD have freaked us out. When I was about 4 he was in an altercation with a chainsaw, leaving him with only one eye. He later got a prosthetic eye, which he could remove for cleaning or adjustment - it was about the size and shape of a half of a maraschino cherry. So, I remember this one time when my sisters and I were getting kind of rowdy in the back seat of the car, and my dad (WHILE DRIVING) pulled out his fake eye and held it over his shoulder to point it at us, and said, "I've got my eye on you girls!"

    We were more amused than horrified, but I think I keep trying to re-create that mixture of humor and terror for my own poor children.

  9. Hilarious and I love all the stories that got posted in the comments as well! Thanks for a laugh!

  10. we would SO do that.... Man.. maybe they shouldn't let us adopt! :)

  11. hahahaha!!!! This is absolutely hilarious. You guys are what you would call AWESOME parents. And plus, it's way better to be weird than normal. Who the heck wants to be normal?!

    And ps..we got that flag at Pier 1 for $99. Well worth it!

  12. That is classic! Lil Mootz is still a little too young to be able to mess with him like that, but I can't wait for the day!


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