Monday, June 7, 2010

the little moments

Mommydom includes a lot of things.

Spills to be cleaned up, wash to be done, poo, poo, and more poo, meals to be made, noses to be wiped, diapers to be changed, shoes to be tied.

Work is never, ever, done.

Sometimes all the tedious, monotenous things that make up the days can also get ya a little lost. Lost in moving from one thing to another, from one spill to fetching a spoon, to tieing a shoe, buckeling a car seat. And the little moments sometimes get lost.

Not last night.

Last night my baby boy and I stopped and well, just that, we stopped. We enjoyed the little moments.

The big boys were out with daddy on the four wheeler searching for frogs and snapping turtles {in case your wondering, no frogs found but the pond did yield a snapping turtle}. Sweet dash-3 and I just sat in the front yard, under a big oak tree, and did nothing.

Well, that's not really true, we smiled and cuddled, we put forehead to forehead and laughed, thats hardly nothing.

My little dash-3 grabbed at the grass and pulled, he clapped his hands together, as if he thought he could catch a bird when a flock flew overhead, he shrieked and giggled when he heard the birds singing, he sat p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. still when the horses came out, when the breeze would blow his soft blond hair would fly around and he would blink as the air hit his face.

He was taking delight in all the little moments that so often get lost.

Smart kid.

I wonder who he gets that from.....


  1. Cute! And I'm jealous he can clap. J hits his hands up and down like he almost has it figured out.

  2. awwww he is getting so big :( Hopefully we when are settled you and the dash brothers can come hang out on the beach with us :)

  3. Hey! I left you an award!

  4. What a sweet post! You're making me want a baby right now!

  5. Having a mommy blog = genius. You will never forget what it was like when they were babies/kids because it's all written down. Beautiful post.


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