Friday, June 25, 2010

Pet peeves 1-4

I have a few pet peeves to share. I worry sometimes blogging about this kinda stuff cause I don't want to seem like I'm a grumpy, nasty human being but then again, I am who I am and I'm bothered by things.

Pet peeve #1 - Activia commercials. You know the one where a supposed real person films themselves for 14 days to take the Activia Challenge to see if it changes their bowels or what not. Yeah, that one.

It bothers me. A lot.

Here's why. You aren't really showing me anything.

I'm not saying I want to look at your poo, but like they say the proof is in the pudding and your talking to a camera saying your tummy feels great. I want proof. Hard solid proof.

Again, I don't want to see some strangers poo {although I'm a mom of three, all I look at is poo, I'm desensitized to it by now} but I hate commercials like this because at the end of the day I think it means the company thinks us buyers out there are stupid enough to fall for it.

"Oooooh Mary in Idaho said it works! It must work! Sure its a national ad campaign but I'm sure Mary is a real person like me not some paid actor who is just supposed to look like she's filming herself!"
Pet peeve #2- Idiots in the parking lot who expect me to move at the speed of light with three kids.

I know I've touched on this before, but it just happened to me again the other day and everytime it happens it pisses me off. And kinda makes me laugh. I'm a complex person like that.

I'm loading the kids in the car, it's like 90 degrees with 90% humidity. It's hot. You pull up as I'm walking up to my car and unlocking it, you already look pissy that I don't just fling myself, my kids, and my bags on top of the car and somehow activate a remote control so the car will fly out of the parking spot.

Here's what I don't get.... you see I have, lets count together, one, two, three kids who are ALL IN CAR SEATS. I mean I'd love to let the three year old just sit up in the front seat with me but the cops kinda frown on that.

So that means I have, lets count again, one, two, three kids in car seats to buckle in. And there is, ONE, of me. Trust me, I wish car seats were simpler. Even though dash-1 is in a booster seat with a buckle I still have to make sure he's in, remind him, and wait for his slow ass to move along. {He drifts around like his father sometimes}

Then I have bags to load.

Then I have myself to get into the car, turn the car on, maybe even put my purse in the passenger seat so I can actually steer.

Lord forbid I just sit for a minute and collect myself since I just went shopping with THREE SMALL KIDS.

Do you really think sitting in your air conditioned car and scowling at me is going to make me move faster? Especially when I notice that you don't have any kids in the car with you so your car is QUIET! No, no its not.

Actually if you really scowl and sigh I'm probably going to pull out my cell phone and just start calling random people cause I'm kinda a bitch like that.


Pet Peeve # 3 - Unsolicited parenting advice. {Actually lets throw the "I'm a parenting expert now despite the fact that I have cardboard boxes older then my kid.}

I'm not against all parenting advice, hardly, I probably seek it out 4 or 5 times a day from my mom, my mil, friends, hell strangers via here and twitter, but unsolicited parenting advice from people either a. childless or b. with just one small kid annoys me.

I'm pretty sure the childless thing is self explanatory, but here is why the other bothers me.

When your kids are small, they are cute. When they get older, they are still cute but they are obnoxious.

Yeah you read that right, consider this an honest mommy moment.... NEWSFLASH!!! Your adorable kiddo will one day be obnoxious.

And if you're reading this saying, my 12mth old can be sassy. k's;ldksgfdsgfd Sorry that was my head hitting the keyboard laughing.

Yes, yes they can indeed be sassy but just wait. Just wait till they slap you or you tell them no or something and they scream about how your the worstest mom ever. And they do this at the commissary. In front of people your husband works with.

And before you say, that will never happen, just wait. We all think that.

I value the advice that I've been given. Just yesterday I had a lovely conversation with an older couple about kids and sibling rivalry, lots of good advice. So I'm really not against advice I'm just against the advice from the people who, well, don't really know much of what they are talking about.

The same thing goes for me. I wouldn't offer advice to one of my favorite blogger ABW. We are both in the trenches of motherhood, we have the same number of kids, our kids are kinda of.... quirky, but her older two are older then mine.

I haven't gotten to some of the fun that she's got under her belt. God help me. We are both in the trenches side by side, but her trench is a little more filled with stuff then mine.

Moms all have the same desire, to raise happy, healthy kids, and a lot of mommydom is the same for all of us, but then again, there is a lot that is different that you don't get until it's different for you.

One kid is different then three kids {God bless those of you out there with more then three!} an 18 mth old is different then a 5 year old {God bless those of you in the teenage years!}.

Its one thing when I ask you for advice {because I will ask people for advice, even if they don't have kids yet, cause different people see situations differently, I routinely solicit for advice here and I love to read what you guys have to say} but unsolicited advice from dope at the playground with her one baby in a stroller, or the expert attitude, annoys me.

And you know it would annoy you too. Admit it. You all are as cranky as me.

And no one can accuse me of having an expert attitude... I'll freely admit I haven't a clue what I'm doing.
Pet peeve #4- The commissary being closed on Mondays. You know one of the real reasons that this bothers me?

Besides the fact that I drive about 40 min to the base and I had to take dash-3 for an apt there on Monday and now I don't want to drive back down to go grocery shopping because I was just there but when I was there is was closed?

The real peeve here? No one can tell me why its closed on mondays. I just wanna know why!

I hate when I don't understand why.

There ya go.... four simple pet peeves. I realize I probably look like a bitter angry person but well, things just annoy me.

What's your top pet peeves? {I'm hoping it's not bloggers who hate Activia Commercials.....}


  1. I really don't like when people try to rush others out of parking spaces. More then likely there is an empty space 2 down that they could go park in. LOL I believe that you should sit there are talk on your phone when people do that to really does serve them right! :)

  2. I am there with you on all of those! I am so easily annoyed. It's ridiculous. And funny. And annoying.

    Oh, this is one...when you park far out in the parking lot so no one will park right next to you so you can open the back doors of your SUV to get your kids in and out of their carseats without having to contort yourself or put a diaper between your door and the door of the car rightnexttoyou so you don't whack it. And then someone parks RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Holy Heck, really people? Why?! Why?!

    We may or may not have purposely let the Durango's door accidentally open too far the last time this happened.

  3. OHMIGOSH - HATE hate hate that the commissary is closed on monday. drives me bonks!

    glad i'm not the only one :-p

  4. I remember all of the buildings on Ft. Hood having weird hours that didn't make sense and drove Scott and me crazy.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a husband that moves a little slow. I swear Scott is never in a rush and I'm always rush rush rush. When I have a task to do, I like to get it done as fast as possible. It's always how I've been. Walk fast, eat fast, etc. Scott, on the other hand, likes to "savor" things. Even doing the dishes. I'm like just put the dish in the dishwasher already! Nothing bothers me more than when I'm working on a task and he's helping me and moving. really. slow.

    I am annoyed by way to many things to make a list of pet peeves. My number one pet peeve will change daily.

  5. I just did a post on 13 manners people need to learn, but really it was more like 13 things people do that annoy the crap out of me :)

    I know this isn't quite the same, but I hate that pizza shops are closed on Mondays. What the heck?! It's Monday! Who's motivated to cook on Monday?!

  6. Those are good pet peeves. I hate it in parking lots where people park way too close to the back of my car and I don't have room to stand there let alone fit the stroller in the trunk without trying yoga. But I usually get over it by putting my stroller on the hood of their car and sliding it in. Cheers me up every time.

    And I'm a grumpy nasty human beings. (Remember, we're secret twins!)

  7. I don't have kids or a car, I can't see the commercial since I am not in the US and I don't shop at the commissary so I can't say much about that but I think all your points would annoy me as well.

    What really annoys me though is those stupid people that try to get on a bus or train while the other people still try to exit said vehicles.
    I mean this is just common sense. Let the people out first so that there is space for you on the bus.
    I sometimes have to fight my way out and I don't feel sorry if my elbow hurts somebody along the way.

  8. I do love a good peeve post! :)

  9. I hate the closed Commissary on Mondays thing too. Elmendorf was the only base we have lived at (thus far) that has had a Commissary big enough to be open on Mondays. ONE DAY I will once again live on a big base that has a normal commissary with normal hours.

    And get this, ours is closed on Tuesdays also if the preceding Monday is a holiday.


  10. Would you believe that the Benning and Bragg commissaries are both open Monday's? Polk was the only one that was closed on monday.

    The activia commercials make me think the EXACT same thing!!!

  11. We were best friends in another life. I'm sure of it.

    Our commissary is open on Mondays. :)

  12. Oh, and I have a weird pet peeve. I cannot stand it when people call me "honey" in a professional environment. It happens to me all the time! Maybe it wouldn't bother me if we lived in the south, but in New Jersey?...It makes me especially furious when the person doing it is in my age group. I feel it's extremely disrespectful and condescending.

    I'm an intelligent 32 year old woman. Don't "honey" me. That would only ever be appropriate coming from my husband or my Grandmother.

    I'm weird. I know.

  13. We have 2 commissaries, and the one that I go to is closed on Wednesdays. Doesn't bother me too much, I only go in there for a few things anyways. But it doesn't open until 10am all the other days of the week! is HOT outside and I am ready to be back in my A/C house by then so I don't overheat!!

    The parking spot thing, I may take my time and walk my cart to the farthest cart corral if I see somebody waiting for me. I may not care how hot or cold it is at that time either. And I may take my time and sit there for a good extra minute or two and balance my checkbook while the car cools off or heats up.

  14. One of my pet peeves is when people refer to their spouses as "wifey" and "hubby". I don't know why I just find it really annoying.

  15. I hate the Activia commercials, too. And I also hate the Charmin ones... especially the most recent one where the bear has bits of toilet paper left on his tush. Um, I don't care if it's a cute cartoon character.... ew!

  16. # 3 is one of my pet peeves too. I really have the hardest time when people make remarks when they just have 1 baby. Doesn't happen too often but it does happen. I can remember the first time my child ever really through a fit at me. Before that it seemed so much easier. But then kids grow and the game changes.

  17. The commissary at Ft. Riley was closed on Mondays. Until the spouses of post united. Our OCSC (Officer/Civilian Spouses Club for the non-mil readers) president petitioned, petitioned, and petitioned to get the commissary opened on Mondays. She also petitioned for an earlier opening time. Ft. Riley's commissary opens at 7:00 a.m. (for self checkouts, which they have, and aren't limited by item count!), and at 9:00 a.m. for the rest of registers. They are also open 7 days a week.

    The actual reason for the commissary being closed on Mondays is that they need "down time" and because many active duty military work during the week or are out on the range, they couldn't close on Sundays. So they decided to give the downday as Monday - it's supposed to be the heavy receiving and restocking day...but as most of us milspouses know, this restocking does NOT exist.

    If you want better commissary hours, you have to FIGHT for them - find your OSC/ESC or CSC leaders, and work with them to get your hours extended.

    And LOL @Keri's pet peeve. Here in the south, you're either "honey, darlin', or y'all". Quite frankly, I prefer "what would you like to drink, honey?" over "What do you guys want to drink?".

  18. I was told they 're stock' on Mondays but I thought thats what they do at night? Who knows. I love the idea of the poster above me but I don't know many people here so the chances of me uniting are slim to none. :)

  19. I have noticed businesses (non-military) closed on Mondays before, usually they are open on Saturdays and Sundays, so I always figured that was so they have a day off. I work at an event center, so I normally have Mondays off as well since I work long hours on the weekends.

    I have also noticed many restaurants (pizza places in particular) have good deals on Mondays. Maybe that's why?

  20. BTW, this is the first time I've seen your new layout, I like it!

  21. I thought maybe I shouldn't post this, but it's a pet peeve, so here it is. lol.

    1)I can't stand complainers

    2)I can't stand it when people refer to my husband as "hubby." He's not my hubby. He's my husband. And you're not even close enough to him to call him a pet name. So knock it off. lol

    3)I don't like it when people laugh at me and roll their eyes when I tell them my husband is trying to get back into the military. If YOU don't have faith, and you can't say anything encouraging, shut the heck up.

    I'm not a bitter person by nature, but these things... yes, these things tick me off to no avail.

    Oh. One more. I hate it when my husband licks my nose. lol (Anyone else go through this? lol)

  22. All 4 of those things drive me INSANE!!!

    I really hate it when people ask me where I am from and I tell them Arkansas and they ask if I married my cousin. I do not know anyone from AR who married their cousin!

    Sponge Bob! That cartoon should be outlawed!

  23. Those are four of my pet peeves as well. I actually do go slower and start texting/fb'ing on my phone when someone scowls and waits. Just because I can.

    As for the commissary? Ours is closed Sunday and Monday. Totally annoying.

  24. Why is the commissary closed during the week? Is it to restock? Because when I go the day after the closed day, there still isn't anything on the shelves. I am, however, still incredibly grateful for the commissary especially since I am feeding a 15 year old boy that is always hungry.

  25. LOL. Dude, I cannot park the Beast to save my life. Which also means I cannot pull the Beast back out of the space with any skill either. So, I purposely pull out as clooooooose to the person sharking us as possible. They tend to move back, or on, and find somebody else to bother. Heh.

  26. OOOH my you have made my day. the commisarry is driving me batty, why do they need to be closed.
    I am so there on the parking lot, we are not in a state of emergancy so what is the hurry.
    ooh and the advice. when my son was about 6 weeks old my husband was patting him on the bottom and my drug addict BIL who does not even take care of his own kids told my husband "you should not do that because he will never know the difference between a spanking or you playing" WHAT.
    thank you again for this I needed the laugh

  27. Regarding the Activia thing, the reason they aren't showing you anything - or even making any real claims about what it's supposed to do - is because there was a class action suit against them last two years ago.

    Just once, I would like there to be a class action that I can get in on. I agree though, the commercials are obnox.

    Oh and my pet peeves are:
    1. People who talk on the phone for the entire hour to hour and a half long ride on the commuter train.
    2. People who don't understand that when on an escalator, stand on the right to let people on the left pass. If you're on the left, keep it moving, I will push you down the escalator if you disrupt the flow.

    These are new pet peeves that have sprung up since I started working in DC but they piss me off EVERY DAY.


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