Sunday, June 6, 2010

Devil dogs for everyone

Do you all hear that sound?

That's the scrapping of my soapbox as I drag it over here. Yup, that's right. I'm climbing up on my soapbox to rant. Really what else is a soapbox good for?

The boyos and I just returned from a trip to mama's favorite store, S@m's Club. Really, that store is like a toy store for adults. I'm not sure if it's the extra large carts, the warehouse feel, the free samples, the knowledge that you never EVER know what you'll find in there, or the cheap fountain cokes but something about that store makes my lil heart happy.

Until I get to the checkout portion, that is always a hot mess.

Today was actually rather smooth in the check out department. Probably because they had more then two checkout lanes open.

{Hats off to the person in management who just put two and two together, you know that on a weekend a store with 20 checkout lanes should *probably* have more then 2 open. Really give that person a raise for doing their job.}

Anyways the couple in front of me, a rather rotund couple {this has to do with the story} informed the cashier that they wanted to pay for their purchases two ways. One set of items with their food stamps and the others with cash.

Now here me out, I acknowledge the need for social welfare programs like food stamps, WIC, housing assistance, etc. There does need to be a safety net to catch the people who could very easily fall between the cracks.

And then I see crap like today and it makes me want to vote to end everything.

The people in front of me, with their food stamps, purchased a giant vat of coffee creamer and 2 giant boxes of Drake's devil dogs. Really?!

My taxpaying dollars had to go for that?!

I'm willing to let the coffee creamer slide, although if I was accepting money from the government for food I think I could just suck it up and drink black coffee.

Not a fruit or vegetable in the cart. And S@m's has some great produce. And I'm pretty sure most of the produce is cheaper then 2 giant boxes of Devil Dogs. Not to mention healthier annd not a total waste of government dollars.

Surely there has to be a better way to run this program. I'm not saying that people who accept food stamps should be denied the pleasures of life. {I'm pretty sure devil dogs count as a pleasure, while I've never had one they do look mighty delicious} But here is the way I understand it, food stamps are to help people afford food because food, as we all know, is a necessity of life.

Correct me if I'm wrong but devil dogs are not so much a necessity. Especially if someone else is paying for them.

I like Coca Cola. To me, its a necessity, but then again, I'm paying for it, not the kind taxpayers of America.

On that same token, I'm a taxpayer and I like to think of myself as kind, but this is not the first time I've seen this bull shit and I'm not feeling so kind anymore. In fact I'm kinda pissed off.

And I made sure to call flyboy, who has to work today, to let him know that he better be working hard cause he just bought someone some devil dogs.


  1. I obviously agree. I just don't think the better majority of Americans knows how to eat healthy, though. They justify "getting vegetables in their kids" by frying them or putting a crap ton of cheese all over it. And of course if a cereal has a white check on the box it must be good for you, despite the 32 grams of sugar per serving. When will people learn to not justify food with more food?

    Some families just don't care if they are doing anything good for themselves though. Or they don't know any better.

  2. I think there should be restrictions on what you can and can't buy with food stamps. Enough said.

  3. Golly, I know! I hate that.
    Argh. Kind taxpayers. Hardworking taxpayers.
    And I would DEFINITELY go for drinking coffee black if it ever came to that. Gosh.

  4. that is bizarre to me, because WIC is run totally differently.

    they are very specific about kinds of cereal (certain brands that are NOT junk), milk, bread (only whole grain stuff, certain brands) and cheese you can get. even the juice (only 100%, no high sugar stuff, etc)!

    and, they just added a $6 kids amount/$10 preggo mama amount that is strictly for fresh or frozen produce (NOT potatoes. also not organic. boo :-p)

    so the fact that food stamps just means you can by dingdongs and other crazy crap boggles my mind. clearly WIC is doing a better job!

  5. I hear ya. I've seen that. Heck, I grew up with my mom purchasing crap with food stamps when I was growing up. I remember she would buy pepsi and chips and cookies, but we never had fruit in the house.

  6. It's election year. It's time to write to your candidates and ask for real change. My slogan this year is "Re-elect No ONE!!" Hopefully someone with a brain will be elected and change some of these crappy systems.
    Did you see Jamie Oliver's food revolution? If so, could you believe what the FDA was allowing kids in schools to eat? French fries as a vegetable? Froze, processed foods being given to schools by the government, but they can't afford to buy fresh produce and fresh meat? The system is seriously screwed up.

  7. Food stamps should absolutely be run like WIC. While I didn't find the nutrition counseling all that helpful when we were on it (because I already have a good idea that fresh fruits and vegetables are actually better for you than all that processed crap), I did very much like the limits. It blows my mind that food stamps can be used for whatever. What a total waste of taxpayer funds.

  8. This is why WIC is such great program! You can only purchase specific items... that makes so much more sense.

  9. I had no idea how lenient that whole program was. I thought it would be more like WIC with those restrictions. Something needs to change! On top of taxpayers having to pay for this crap, they're probably going to have to foot the hospital bills for the health problems that come along with eating stuff like this on a regular basis. Devil dogs are definitely not a necessity!

  10. Food stamps should be ran like WIC! This is craziness! No wonder we are an obese country! BTW thanks for posting the pic of Devil Dogs. I had no clue what they were!

  11. This always drives me nuts. I was behind a family with two - yes two - carts full of crap. Bags of candy, pop, junk food - no veggies even in a can which is way cheaper than a bag of candy, no fruit not even frozen. All paid for by food stamps except for the half a cart that they didn't have enough stamps for. I was so annoyed! No thought, no planning, no self respect that someone else worked so they could act stupid.

  12. I agree with your post. and I read it all. However, I also laughed. Because they are Devil Dogs... Big chocolaty fluffy cream filled goodness are called Devil Dogs. That cracks me up.

  13. I just about fell out of my chair laughing!! Love it! And I agree, I'm not really sure that I want my tax dollars paying for Devil Dogs when I don't even afford myself the luxury of 1 delicious Krispy Kreme unless it's a special occasion!

  14. I agree people shouldn't be denied the guilty pleasures in life, such as a Devil Dog, but to buy them in bulk is a little much to me. Likely a decent portion of their food allowance. It is frustrating because I have cut every corner I can and reduced my expenditures as much as possible in order to be able to provide for my family and while maintaining a level of living that is comfortable for us.

    Here are my stories...I was in line one day at the grocery and there was a lady in front of me with her two small children and she had freshly applied nails, "new weave" (her words, not mine b/c she was very loud on her blackberry with her friend) and she had a blackberry. She is a WIC recipient, but my problem wasn't with that. It was with this: she was allotted one gallon and one half gallon of milk. She picked up two gallons. She had the option of getting the 1/2 gallon or paying the $1.08 difference for the gallon. She told the cashier she wasn't paying anything and he needed to get her the 1/2 gallon and put the gallon back. All while still on the phone. Well, cashier couldn't leave. So we all had to stand in line while they called a stock boy to the front to be told what to do, take the gallon, walk to the back of the grocery and bring the half gallon back. THEN she had the cajones to tell him it was taking too long. I about unloaded right then and there. Also, I'm a coupon binder wielding mama who watches store ads like a hawk. A young couple was reviewing their lists of what they can and can't buy with WIC and I offered her coupons for the jars of peanut butter they picked up as well as other items they had in their cart (our store doubles, so they would have saved about $10 or more). She refused telling me that they didn't need my coupons because "we ain't paying anything for it."

    Sorry to take up so much room, but I feel soooo much better.

  15. I think that part of the problem with the whole food stamp situation is that boxed, processed food is cheap, convient food. Clearly there is no preparation involved as long as you remember to remove the plastic wrapping :)

    Sadly, the healthier foods, are more expensive, so people on a tight budget are less likely to purchase it.

    People, it's time to invest in growing a garden.

  16. Absofreakinglutely insane. That is just horrific. I have to stop now because I may come unglued and don't want that in the comment section :)


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