Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show n tell round two

We have an issue around the flyboy house. It's that time again.... time for another themed show'n'tell at preschool.

Last time it was themed there was some spirited debate about what to take in, flyboy and I laughed hysterically at our wittiness the entire time and dash-1 just stared at us like we were ruining his life.

Apparently show n tell should be treated with proper respect. Welll excussse us.

Anyways, this month's theme is rhyming.

Oh and I should tell you that no one in this house makes quick, snap desicions. Hold it let me ammend that, flyboy in a work capacity is a great decision maker, being in life and death situations will do that to you. In every other way we are a house of wafflers. So we have been mulling over this for close to a month.

You would think two rhyming things easy peasy! I mean look, I just rhymed, I can do it. But it's not.

One of the first purposed was BAT and HAT, very fitting since dash-1 just started teeball and is so proud of his team hat and his new bat. However, while I might not make decisions easily, I am not an idiot, and I'm not sending my 5 year old into prek with a baseball bat.

Think about it. Even well intentioned that wouldn't end well.

It was also suggested we could try to catch a real BAT and make him wear a HAT but I have to think his teachers would appreciate that even less.

Last night we had a brain storming session and it ended much the same as the last one. Here's what was put forth...

a SPOON and a LOON {my being the loon}

a SPORK and a DORK {the dork being flyboy}


an ARK and a PARK

oh wait did I mention these have to fit in a little brown lunch bag? Yeah well, cause they do. That just adds to the funn.

a CAR and a BAR {mildly inappropriate yes, I'll give you that but it just flew over their head. They laughed about putting the car in a paper bag and flyboy and I laughed about pony kegs. Good times. }


GOO and POO {no shortage of that around here}

I had also suggested a week or two ago that dash-1 could bring in his favorite stuffed animal, a duck named Quack Quack {we are original around here no?} and for a second it seemed like we had a winner. Until.

Until he went thru trying to find a word that rhymed with duck.

I stopped him before he got to F in case you were wondering. And no way you could fit THAT in a paper bag.

So the search is on and we have a week to figure it out. He's getting tired of talking about this rhyming thing with us. He apparently does not find it as funny as flyboy and I. All he wants to do is bring in his transformer but alas.... what rhymes with transformer?

Oh and we are totally open to suggestions... really go ahead bring it on. If we don't have it we'll go out and buy it at this point.

And by the way, whatever happened to just good old fashion show n freakin tell?


  1. If you put the Duck in the paper bag, you would have a Quack in a Sack ...

  2. Dormer rhymes with Transformer. Learn about architectural elements and robots! They go together like peas and... things that definitely do not go with peas. Perhaps confetti.

  3. Depends...which transformer is it?
    Optimus Prime...lime...slime...time (clock)...
    Bumble Bee (my husband's original fav)...tree...tee...wii...
    I'm sure there are others, but I figure you get the drift.

  4. How about a rock in a sock?

    A car in a jar?

    A belt and felt?

  5. Oh I love it when Dash-1 has show and tell! :)

  6. Ball and Call?

    You could take in a phone, toy or broken old cell... whichever :)

    Meat and Treat - maybe some nuggets and one of those apple things?

    Bag and Tag - a cool halloween trick or treat bag and a t-shirt with a tag or a luggage Tag?

    You're right, this is hard

  7. "And by the way, whatever happened to just good old fashion show n freakin tell?" No kidding. Don't they know this is really just homework for parents?

    Anyway, what rhymes with Transformer? Soy! No really, Toy-Soy. He takes in the transformer and a packet of soy sauce from a Chinese restaurant. (A packet, not a bottle, to minimize potential spraying ability).

  8. Shirt and dirt? OR dirt on a shirt, which seems like a likely scenario.

  9. Coffee mug (maybe one that he's made, I've seen all those handprint ones you guys do) and a BUG!, you could catch a bug that morning and put it in a jar with a little stick and leaves in it. Even cooler if it's a flying bug that was harder to catch. And be sure to give it a great name, we all know Dash-1 does well with that! Or you could get a cool taxidermic butterfly or something.

    OR! A bell and a seashell. I'm imagining a small triangle bell that Dash-1 and the kids would love passing around to use. Extra points if you can get a conch shell and teach Dash-1 how to use it as a horn, turning both items into musical instruments.

  10. What about a truck to go with the duck?

  11. a car in a jar
    a bug on a rug
    clock and a block
    book and a hook
    honey and some money

    and last but not least this is perfect for your boys...

    a FART and a HEART

  12. You can also go the standard conch shell route about how it sounds like the ocean if you listen. I wish you lived closer, I totally have one that you could borrow.

    And be sure to release the bug asap! I don't want to be at fault for the death of a cute little beetle or anything. ;-)

  13. I've never had such a good time reading a post and the comments that accompany it.

    Transformers are robots, so anything that rhymes with robot? Sorry 33 weeks pregnant and really friggen tired. I ate lunch now I need a nap.

    I was just wondering if show n tell was always so damned difficult.

    Every one of my suggestions is either completely non-PC or has cuss words. I'm developing into a stellar mother.

  14. You've got some really good ideas from other people. Which is great because I've got nothing.

  15. I'd give you some of my ideas but they're all wildly inappropriate because that's how my twisted mind works. BTW, we don't even do show and tell in my 1st grade classroom, the kiddos would be overjoyed if we did. Good luck!

  16. Oh I just love show and tell time for dash-1!

  17. Haha, I love when it's show and tell time! The only thing I can think of when it comes to rhyming with Transformer is performer....

  18. My son always had some kind of action figure with him (like transformers) but he always caled them his 'guys'. He would lose one and run around yelling, 'where's my guy?'

    So, if you call the transformer a GUY, you could pair that with pie, or a fly, etc.

    I think show and tell needs to include something that is IMPORTANT to him, so if that's his transformer, find a way to make it happen! :)

  19. Wait. Isn't he the dash brother that wants to be an astronaut? Can't he bring in a star (christmas ornament, cut out of paper, what have you got lying around) and one of his transformers that's also a car?

    Although I do like the truck and duck. Shows he's still a boy, but with a sensitive side. (and my verification word was "awfullin" that's funny)

  20. What about a picture of his brother and his mother

  21. No kidding...they are making it much more complicated!

    Here's my lame attempt: a man and a can. Or a pan.

  22. Thomas the train & Ichabod crane! yeah I know but man it's sunday night and I stumbled across your blog and am now driving myself nuts.. Hey nuts and butts wait no thats not ok....

  23. You could do a duck and a puck (a hockey puck, that is---though that could end just as badly as the bat).


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