Friday, April 16, 2010

Big boom

Something happened, almost overnight really, life exploded.

And before everyone worries I don't mean in a bad way. Hardly.

I mean exploded in that constant errands to run, laundry to do, appointments to go to, calls to return, practice tonight, game tomorrow, school in the morning, oh wait where did I put the permission slip, is everyone wearing their shoes, no not those shoes, your shoes kinda way.

And lets not forget the playdate in the afternoon.

Whew. That makes me tired just reading it.

Seriously, I am tuckered out. It seems as of late, life is moving at the speed of light and I'm limping like the slow gazelle at the watering hole to keep up.

Getting two hours of sleep at a time doesn't help at all.

In time I know I'll get normal people sleep, even if its months from now. But the rest of it is here to stay. My boys are no longer little itty bitty wee ones. No longer do I drag them too and fro, not they are dragging ME.

Though I am still driving.

And no naps. Not even for this tired momma. That doesn't seem fair. They get more active and need less sleep.

Who thought that one up?


  1. Mommy-ing is hard work! Keep going!

  2. Yeah, way not cool how this works. Hang in there!

  3. I give up...I'd like to know how they have so much energy too!? My son gets soo hyper right before he crashes...I don't get it! If I was like that maybe my laundry for once is my life would all be done! HAHAHA

  4. You are an amazing woman. I am in awe of you.

  5. Don't you wish there was a way we could snag just a bit of their energy? I'm in awe of you - I struggle with chasing after one little crawler.

    Side note - you are so right about boys & planes. LOL

  6. Holy cow, you need a Mommy ONLY day. But we all know how many r's are in fat chance. Keep hanging on!
    Do you ever tell your boys that they need to just go chill out in their rooms for "quiet time"? My Mom used to do that with us so she could sleep for an hour, and inevitably we'd fall asleep too.

  7. I so hear you. I have had to cut back on a lot and really focus on a few. Less is more for our family...and when i went from 2-3...that was a big bump in busyness. Not as bad form 3-4. thinking about you! By the way I am keepin my B&N Nook e-reader in on of the bags your mama made!! Perfect fit! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  8. Hope you can get some rest lady! Maybe you can get a mini nap while they go to their practices.

  9. Between Tball, Soccer, Dance, School, and everything else in life i feel like I live in my car. I hate driving in staten island I feel like all i do is watch my gas drop bc all i do is stop and go stop and go. I dont know how you do it on 2 hours of sleep bc i get a full night sleep and I'm tired


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