Friday, April 30, 2010

blog hopping milspouse style

It's time for another blog hop! This one is quite perfectly perfect, its a blog hop for milspouse bloggers!

I told you it was perfectly perfect didn't I?Wife on the Rollercoaster over at Riding the Roller Coaster is kind enough to sponsor all of us milspouses so if you haven't already.... head on over and sign up. But I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about it, I'm usually the last on board these days.

So I'll hit the high points...

I go by The Mrs. around here, I'm married {8 yrs this Dec} to a Marine aviator who goes by Flyboy.

{Favorite blog fodder of him had been that he steam cleans the bathroom. The entire bathroom. It's now been replaced that he's on a mission, ala caddyshack, complete with running around the yard with a shotgun to get a groundhog that has taken up residence here.}

Sadly, no pics of him on here.... this one of his wrist is about as much as he lets me post, opsec is a bitch sometimes. And with as handsome as he is in a flight suit its just not fair to the rest of you. Really, safety first sucks.

Oh and occasionally my potty mouth breaks thru.

As for me, I am a 29 year old stay at home mom. {and occasionally the dad too. and the plumber. and the bug killer. and the cook. and the maid, althought that one is really occasional.}

We have three adorably, adorable boys, they go by dash 1, 2, and 3. All are blond hair, blue eyed, bundles of energy. {and occasionally trouble.}

Dash 1, 5yrs

Dash 2, 3yrs

Dash 3, 8mths

I blog about motherhood, its ups and downs. Military {wife} life and its ups and downs, all in all, life in general. Be that strange show-n-tell stories, bizarro things my kiddos say, recipes {I have to post the guacamole I made last night, super simple and yet another slap-your-momma delicious food}, handy tips, and just rambles.

But is a ramble ever really just a ramble?

Anyways, I hope to see you back around. I have several giveaways coming up, one perfect for military folks {it may or may not be a lovely quilted service star made by big mama, I'm just sayin...} so keep checking in.

Oh and check me out on twitter @mrs_flyboy where thanks to my crackberry and ubertwitter, I keep twitterville abreast of what's a-happening with The Mrs and the dashes as it happens. Take my word for it, I electrify twitter.

Enjoy the blog hop! Hop on and have fun!


  1. You can totally tell he's hot by his wrist :)

    Do I follow you on Twitter? Hmmm.... I need to go find out...

    Ok...we're cool...I follow :)

  2. Hello fellow Marine wifey! I absolutely adore USMC wives:) Aren't we the strongest?!?! Okay, maybe I will reframe that so I don't get punched in the face.

    I'm a new follower! My blog is called, Goodnight moon. COme by and check me out...because you know you want to! See ya!

  3. Hey I found you on the MilSpouse Blog Hop. Your kids are adorable and I agree that opsec sucks sometimes :p and that you CAN totally tell he is hot by his wrist ;)

    Feel free to come by and check out my blog.

    I also just followed you on Twitter :) My link is on my page if you want to follow me back.

  4. Yay! I love the Dash brothers! Of course, I already follow your blog but I'm loving this bloghop thing!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following your blog too.


  6. hi there, I just popped by to meet you, your blog was featured in my interview with Sarah C.!

    I'll come back and have a peek around your blog when it's not way past my bedtime! :)

  7. Following your blog via the MilSpouse Blog Hop! I look forward to reading more!

  8. Thank you for dropping by my blog. :-) Returning the favor.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. yea for new pics of the dash boys...that dash three is getting soooo big!

  10. I love reading your blogs. You should do stand up. You'd make millions!

  11. Just sending you some bloghop love ;) You know I read you already

  12. Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! We've got some great mil spouses out there. I've been a follower for ages...just stopping by to say hi! Have a great weekend and happy blog hopping!

  13. LOL at the pictures. The boys are so cute and flyboy's got a nice watch :)

    Did you ever get the package I sent?

  14. THe pictures are adorable! I agree with the poster about doing stand up! You are too funny!


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