Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ideas needed for care packages

I was hoping you all could give me some good ideas, or rather, give some ideas to pass on. My sister-in-law {to be} had asked me for some ideas on sending a birthday box to a friend of hers stationed in A-stan.

She figured I'd have some ideas because God knows how many boxes I've sent to flyboy. And I have sent a crap ton of boxes, however I was sending them to Marine of a husband and little did she know that flyboy isn't really into the fun of a care package.

He's more the practical type then the fluffy fun type. Sure I sent over some cute stuff but honestly most of it was practical stuff, he was over at the very start of the war and for a while boxes included toilet paper for the hole he had to dig for his poo.

To say he was living bare bones would be an understatement.

Anyways, her best friend is celebrating her 24th birthday over there and she wants some ideas for a fun birthday box. I told her I would consult yous guys {dash 2 has started saying that now and everytime he does my heart momentarily stops beating} because yous guys are a wealth of knowledge.

With opsec and whatnot I'll just give you a brief sketch, shes a nurse and is at a base with access to some stuff so she's not really needing the toliet paper and baby wipes, hence why I'm out of ideas.

Well that and she's a girl and flyboy is a far cry from a girl.

Shoot some days he's a far cry from human.

{I mean that in the nicest way my darling. You do steam clean the bathroom. That's kinda odd. But I love you bunches ♥♥kisses♥♥}

And anyone ever tried out the cake in a jar thing?

Flyboy instructed me not to send cake for his birthday the times he's been over there. See what I mean? No fluff or fun. {sigh}

So.... bring on the ideas please!

Thanks yous guys! See its just weird to say and now my three year old is tossing it around. We need orders. Pronto.


  1. I've never sent a flat-rate package for a female...just the hubby. I sent a few fun packages despite his protest against "fluff"...I usually went with a theme- football, hotrod-car things, entertainment etc... so maybe she could pick a theme with something she is interested in? Or give her "paradise in a box"- hawaiian flower, sea shells, flipflops, fruit punch, exotic smelling candle or lotion etc?? If all else fails, she could make cookies and air-seal them, get the latest magazines and throw in chocolate peanut M&Ms (those won't melt bc of the candy coating). Hope this helps!

  2. Birthday in a box!

    *Include snack cakes (or that cake in the jar, though I have never tried it)
    *bag of confetti
    *party hats
    *noise makers
    *goody bags (I would send enough for the hubs platoon but I don't know how nurses are)
    *birthday ribbon to wear (if possible)
    *party games (pin the tail on the donkey)
    I would have fun with it!

  3. i love the above ideas...maybe some number candles to put on the snack cakes...


    These cookies taste just like lemonade, are easy to make and keep really well.

    I would wrap the entire inside of the box in wrapping paper and maybe decorate it as a mini surprise party with streamers and confetti. Also, any little gifts can be individually wrapped like presents.

    For a birthday I would try and send fun girly things. BBW does the mini lotions and recently they had a gift set in a martini shaker.

    You can also do a gag gift, something that would make her laugh. I go for the completely inappropriate stuff though.

    My MIL once got me a blow up foot bath and recently when my feet have been really achy its been nice to soak them in something smelly.

    A good smelling candle. My husband even enjoyed that because everything always smelled like sweat or dirt.

    Instead of cake in a jar if that doesn't work out, she could make a cake and candles out of construction paper. If it looks like hell it might be funny too!

  5. have to be careful about candles because they could melt in transit.

  6. I would also include a mini-scrapbook... either pictures of her with a friend, and that friend writes a special birthday note... or a picture of the friend holding a "happy birthday" sign/balloon/cup cake/etc, and that friend still writes a note.

  7. So I didn't realize until I just now looked it up, that a cake in a can is something you make, not buy. I'm skeptical of its eat-ability after being in the mail for 6 to 10 days, thoughts ladies? (Btw I am said future SIL.) The David Burke recipe is close to being a flourless chocolate cake with lots of butter and eggs, so after being in the mail will it be gross or spoil?

    I'm really into it though and might give it a try. It seems really easy and I'll just pop in a can of store bought icing with the cake. Also, I really like a lot of the ideas above and will definitely employ them. Thanks for your help and I'll keep checking back!

  8. A soldier that I adopted had access to a microwave so I sent a package FULL of the Betty Crocker warm delights little cakes/brownies, etc. for her birthday. I also included a candle.

  9. to the website and check out the cakes. I sent my son a birthday cake when he was in Iraq. It arrived on time, fresh as could be and he was in heaven for the three minutes it took him to devour it. They also have entire boxes of goodies you can send

  10. I just sent my husband a birthday pie from !! It got there really fast and he said it was absolutely delicious (as in homemade) and he couldn't believe how great of condition it was in. They also have layered cakes that you can personalize.

    When I was deployed I was at a big base so I was by no means deprived but someone sent me a whole pedicure set and some great shampoo and girlie soaps - I LOVED IT. I would take about an hour on my day off to take a quick shower and then spend forever primping my feet and making myself feel like a girl.

    Also, my best friend knew I couldn't receive candles but she would send me great smelling wrapped bathroom soaps that I hid around my room and in my drawers for good smelling uniforms and sheets. Really, anything to make her feel girlie and good about herself would be perfect.

  11. I'm trying to think of the things that I enjoyed getting while on deployment (I was on a ship so a little bit different). However, I'm drawing a blank. I was able to take some cross stitch with me (one of my hobbies) and I got some in care packages. Books are always welcome and travel well. I've done baked goods when I have sent care packages to friends in the sandbox ... I usually wrap them in paper towels and then in foil and then put them in zip lock bags and get all of the air out (typically 2-4 cookies/bars in the paper towels and foil packets) ... including a piece of bread in the ziplock bag (it helps to keep the cookies/bars from drying out).

  12. I did the Party in a box a few times like briar rose. But I sent actual baked cupcakes seal/shrink wrapped and then freezer bagged. Then a jar of frosting so they could frost their own cupcakes. The cupcakes actually made it through still moist! :)

  13. I have a female soldier I'm sending for. She wanted scented body wash, hair ties, etc. Also, you can get water balloons... guys and girls alike like those! Squirt guns!

  14. I did wireacake and it was delish. I love the party in a box idea. One of my girlfriends sent a valentine pkg to her hubby and had a mylar balloon just on top of the other stuff so when he opened the box the balloon came out.
    I had a friend (female) in Iraq a while back and she wanted girlie stuff. Spa lotions, foot rub, nail polish and CHOCOLATE. I baked for her and used the vacuum seal bags that you can suck the air out of with the hand held machine.
    Good luck!

  15. My first thought was girly stuff -- shmancy lotions, lip balm, mini nail polishes, etc. But I see that's been well covered.

    So I'll just say I think it's great your kiddo is saying "yous guys." As long as he stops short of dumping bodies in Jersey landfills, it's all good.

  16. When I was in Iraq, my mum sent me a mud cake for my birthday. It was the greatest thing I ever received. EVER.
    Perhaps something pink and something completely ludicrous (extra marks if it's pink and ludicrous at the same time). Like a tiara and a feather boa. I am not a girly girl, but on deployment, that would just about kill me with laughter. Or perhaps something from Victoria's Secret - spoiling yourself happens so rarely on a deployment that it would probably make her day.

  17. Here are a few ideas: magazines, books, candy (non-chocolate, unfortunately), chapstick, and pictures from home.

    Tell her don't forget to mail it in a flat rate box from the post office - she'll save a lot on postage.

  18. ha ha cause I am such a joker I would TOTALLY send some g-strings, girly magazines, yummy candy treats, lip gloss,

    Let us know what you tell her!

  19. Well, I would suggest ice cream cake. Yep, I wrote that. During Stonewall's first deployment I had ice cream cake for my birthday and I knew how much Stonewall loved ice cream cake. So as a joke, I put a piece of ice cream cake in a plastic container, wrapped that in a baggie and then put ice cubes in the baggie. In my letter to him I told him that "the ice cream cake should still be good when you get it because I wrapped it in ice cubes, so it wouldn't melt."

    The post office guy didn't laugh at my joke, but he allowed me to send it on. Stonewall told me how hard him and his guys laughed at that and it's a family legend now.

    I also sent tampons once because Stonewall had to have a spinal tap while deployed and they didn't close the hole properly, so he was leaking spinal fluid. I told him he could use the tampons to plug that baby right up. And if he had any left over he could use them as ear plugs when the sirens were going off.

  20. Obviously I'm a little behind on my reading ... but I'm pretty sure the best birthday box I ever sent involved a trip to the dollar store and included everything needed for a luau ... straight down to the coconut bras. But it was for a guy, but I think it would work for a girl. The pictures were absolutely one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Imagine 3 big ole guys with their full on end of deployment no haircuts and beards and they're starting to look they were born and bred in the backwoods of AFG wearing coconut bras and grass skirts. Yep. Oh, how I miss that boy! This was the most random incoherent comment ever. I apologize. And I promise after a week of not thinking I will be back to normal!


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