Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Update

I've been a bad blogger lately. So I figured I'd do a little photo update of what we've been up to.

Enjoying seeing GREEN again!
{Oh and this is reason 867 why we don't live in housing, this backyard is waaaaaaay better then the postage stamp we would have in housing.}

Playing on hay, because everyone does that in the spring right?

Lots of time enjoying the outside {except today, sadly, today is yucky and wet}.

Lots of "flowers" have been picked for me. They may just be weeds but my boys think they are roses and love to present them to me with a big smile and a kiss.

Personally... I'll take that over roses any day.

We've hung out with the cows some, fed them some bread, chit chated, moowed a little. You know.... the usual.

Check out the shirt...if you cant read it clear enough it says "My mom's blog is better then your mom's blog." ABW sent one for each of the boys, dash3 says "Blog star" and dash1's says "Every detail of my life is being blogged".
He wore it to the park and I heard one mom whisper to another... "Whats a blog?"

Lots of time at a new park, which means lots of time on the swings.

And dash 3 loves him some swings.

Dash-1 is now a Pirate! As much as we bleed blue, we will now bleed black and gold. Until football starts that is. Then its back to big blue.

So far, every at bat has ended up with a hit.

And there has been a lot of base protection.

And that's about that. Springtime around the flyboy house. Hope everyone is enjoying theirs as much as we are enjoying ours.


  1. That blog t-shirt is tooooooo cute!

  2. great backyard view! Cute shirt. I love the cow, too!

  3. Those shirts are awesome!! I love the last picture where Dash-1 looks like he is ready to throw down to protect his base. Glad you guys are outside enjoying the sunny days!

  4. Awesome shirts. ABW should consider herself a marathon shopper as well as a marathoner. How lovely and green it looks up there!

    And I know you've been busy. Me too. Gotta enjoy this weather while we have it.

  5. Man, we live of post for the same reason but we don't have a farm behind our house! We do however have trains. That would be pretty cool if Little Bit was big enough to know trains are neat. lol. These are great shots. Glad to have you back.

  6. Love love love that shirt he's got on!!! Your backyard is awesome by the way!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! How handsome is little dash one in that outfit???? Such a cutie!!

    The pics are great and the boys look super happy :) and BIG!!

    ♥ you all

  8. Love the blog shirt!!!

    and you guys have been busy!!

  9. He looks too cute in it!!!

    I'd love to have room like that for the kids to run....then maybe they would sleep?

  10. I love the picture of theboys on the hay. Its so funny about tball shirts bc of all colors Madelines team a team of mostly CG kids got navy blue shirts.


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