Monday, April 5, 2010

Answers to some questions....

I think my computer had dust on it when I opened it up today. Which leads into what Julie asked about going from 2 to 3 kids and what was the hardest part.

Honestly, going from 1 to 2 was harder, especially since flyboy is away so much that I was already used to being out numbered, so really what was one more? Shoot toss a couple more kiddos on the pile!

The hardest part now days is kinda two fold, 1. how stinkin long it takes to get out of the damn house! and 2. that everyone needs something at the same time. i.e. as I am trying to herd everyone out the door to get dash1 to school or make a drs apt inevitably both boys will need my help with their shoes and it must be RIGHT THEN, or dash2 needs help peeing and dash3 has had an explosive poop. Fun stuff.

I do feel like I'm running a little behind the curve somedays, I mean its been days since I've been on here, but you know what? At the end of the day, what does it matter if I'm behind a bit? As long as I'm ending the day with the same number of kids I've started it with then its all good.

Jaimie asked about sleeping thru the night and in the interest of full disclosure, I'm an idiot at this. I nursed the first two and I'm nursing this one so they still wake up to eat at night. With our boys we've done the Cry It Out method with them once they hit 12 mths and it worked with them. Sorry for the lack of info.

Ashley asked about moving them into big boy beds. We moved both boys somewhere around 15 mths. We figured it we just bit the bullet it would be easier then waiting till they were older and more stubborn about moving. That and if we trained them earlier on to stay in the bed it would help. And all in all it worked for us.

We transitioned their crib to a big boy bed with a side rail and let them get used to that and then after a few months we bought toddler beds and set them up in those.

Dash-1 was a parents dream. We told him not to get out of bed and not once did he. In fact he would call for me every morning to let me know he was awake and I would have to come in and tell him to get up.

Dash-2 is a bit more stubborn and recently has taken to goofing off at bedtime. Until. Flyboy came up with a fantastic idea. He had on wicked cool lightening mcqueen sheets and pillow cases, well if you can't stay in bed, you get sterile hospital white everything and he gets to earn them back by staying in bed. If when he gets them back he goofs off again the white goes back on. I gotta admit, I was leary but its working.

{the same goes for his jammies, lightening mcqueen rules this house can you tell?}

Jenn B wanted to know a very important question... how can you be as fabulous as me?

The simple answer.... sing the wonder pet theme song while wiping butts, walk around the mall with your nursing bra unhooked and have your kids call your arms jiggly.

That's how you attain the status that I have. It's not easy and takes some real work but its do able.

Wiley wanted to know what you do when kids ignore you. They ignore you? WHAT?! You know what works great when they get older? Embarassment. Really, my mother swears by it. In fact she will still resort to it and nothing gets us to hop to quicker. Whether it was raising her voice REALLY loud in a store or threatening to show up someplace it worked.

I'm sure some moms out there are thinking "my kids never ignore me!" please those moms are lying. All kids ignore at some time or another, its normal, not excusable but normal. And it seems to come in phases. Don't worry you will make it thru. My goal in parenting it to just make it thru every phase that comes my way.

Dash-2 is now three and is in the thick of I-cant-hear-my-mom syndrome. The only cure seems to be me holding his hand or putting him in a cart at a store, repeating myself at home, and following thru with whatever punishment I put out there.

And I'll be honest {cause I'm an honest mommy} its hard to do that sometimes. Sometimes you just kinda fly off the handle and pull a punishment out of your ass and realize that it would be easier to just give in, I'm guilty of that sometimes but in the long run it doesnt get you anywhere. So parenting 101 never lay down a punishment you cant live with.

She also asked about how you teach that sarcasm isn't appropriate when you yourself like to use it.

For that I answer.... when is sarcasm not appropriate?

Sarcasm is free flowing in this house.... an example.... when I hear I want I ask the kids if they would like a list of everything I want and if they would like that said list in order of desire or alphabetical order.

Sarcasm, like everything else, has to be taught in a way that they understand what is acceptable and what is over the line. I like me my sarcasm but sass me and its a long walk home buddy. Time and place, time and place {those are mantras around here}

There are a couple more to answer but alas my mothering job is calling me.

Next time is weaning and being the only girl.... if there is anything else you'd like to know just ask. I'm an open book.


  1. I can so relate to a lot of what you posted about. Nice to hear that going from 2 to 3 wasn't as hard as 1 to 2. The only thing for me was that my oldest was a pretty easy baby and a pretty easy young toddler. Then he turned 2.5. Well my 2nd was born when the oldest was only a little over 2. So I do worry a little bit about that.

  2. Aww those were the days. Hat's off to you, I couldn't do it again!
    The sarcasm thing is a tough one for me. Especially with teenagers. It comes off sounding disrespectful and I can't stand that. I use the old double standard. I'm an adult and I can do it, you are a kid and it sounds terrible.

    I used the embarassment thing numerous times with my kids. I would threaten to go to school with them, drag them up the steps to school when they didn't want to go. This fear is powerful....use it.

  3. BEAUTIFUL POST! The Wee One has begun the "i can't hear you" phase and it is incredibly annoying. Your line for the "I want" syndrome is currently what we are doing whenever the Wee One says "NO MINE!!!" Oh the joys of boys who are toddlers.

    And my Mom still uses the embarrassment threat, and it soooo works. We all know that she would definitely show up in her "good robe" even now that we are grown. haha.

  4. You mean this ignoring thing is worse at 3? I am in for it then!

  5. Thanks for the awesome tutorial - now I know for sure I can't possibly be as cool and collected as you! :)

    I'm freakin' terrified of the instant step-mom thing. But I guess you just do your best and a little extra. Oh, and put down a deposit on a family therapist...


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