Monday, April 12, 2010

My new love in life


If I go days without a post, which since becoming a mom of three happens fairly regularly, it was because I was sleep deprived, constantly dealing with someone of the short stature variety, wiping someones butt, doing laundry, you know... mom stuff.

Well no more.

Now if it's quiet around here this is the reason:

I'm in the kitchen, hiding in a corner eating one of these bad boys.

Just to clarify, I'm not hiding cause I'm ashamed, I'm hiding because I don't want to share.

I picked up a couple of these at the commissary - sidenote- I know are you as shocked as I am? A new product at the commissary! Aren't they normally a year or two behind the curve? - and let me tell you..... these puppies are slap-your-momma-good.

Though if a dash brother slaps me it ain't gonna end well. {I'mjustsayingthankyouverymuch}

Seriously though, these things are wicked awesome.

Wicked awesome enough I'm blogging about it. And no one sent me any for free. {Yooo hooo Dole, if you'd like to send me some I'm cool with that!}

Each pack is two little cups with its own whole wheat granola so I can tell myself its kinda healthy. I mean it is fruit and granola.

And don't be a hater and leave a comment about the sugar or whatnot and how its not really healthy, please, I haven't slept for longer then 2 1/2 hrs at a time in close to a week - I. need. this.

On the package they recommend heating it up, DO IT. It makes it all warm and gooey like an apple pie, and what the package doesn't tell you.... add some vanilla ice cream, just a tiny scoop and then its REALLLLLY good.

Slap-your-momma-AND-your-daddy good.

Not that I encourage the slapping of parents around here. Just the eating of these things.


  1. I am so going to find these! Sounds awesomely wonderful!

  2. Looks good! And I don't blame you for hiding - I do the same thing. Reminds me of that quote from the tv show Friends, "Joey doesn't share!" I've been known to tell my DH "Sarah doesn't share!" a time or two. LOL ;)

  3. Haha! That's awesome... our commissary tends to be pretty good about new products. Crazy enough we even have an entire aisle devoted to gluten free items (esp. for baking) and organic products.

  4. It looks YUMMY!!! I wonder if our commissary will step it up and carry it?? Probably not. Sometimes I wish we had a real grocery store!

  5. Oh that sounds fantastic! Way better than the hostess cupcakes I snuck into my cart grocery shopping this week.

  6. If I could just add chocolate and potato chips, I think all happiness food groups would be covered

  7. This sounds soooooo yummy!

  8. You. Crack. Me. Up.

    Also, I NEED those. Yummmm

  9. SOUNDS DELISH! I'm gonna have to find me some!!!

  10. Went out and bought these yesterday. All gone today! So delicious!!

  11. Reasons I love you:

    1. You told me not to be a hater for thinking about the sugar in these and I totally WAS thinking about the sugar. And then I thought "Geez Allison, seriously. Don't be a hater, the woman needs her freakin' crisp!"

    2. "Slap-your-momma-good." Amaze. Thanks for expanding my vocab.

    3. I could just feel your excitement leaping off the page (screen?). Thanks for being an enthusiastic blog mommy (blommy?) and also for telling me to "do it" in bold all caps. I appreciate that!

    Your sincere SIL.

  12. And btw that's not a sexual reference! More referring to the vanilla ice cream and you commanding me to include it in dessert. Yes ma'am!

  13. Oh Man!!! Looks so yummy!!! I need to try these :)

    ♥ you

  14. fuunnny, i saw those at the commissary just yesterday but did not indulge.....YET!


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