Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joys of Halloween

Our Halloween was ... long.... The kids were so excited they didn't go to bed until far to late last night and were up way to early.

Know what that translates too?

Lots of fighting, tantrums, drama, and breakdowns.... for everyone. 

To pass the time until trick or treating we went over to the mall for Mall-o-ween.  Good times. {That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell}

I must interject with a little sidenote here but if you are old enough to wear a skanky maid costume with your ass hanging out and 7 inch stilettos, then your *probably* too old to be trick or treating.  Same goes with the trick or treating at night, if your smoking while trick or treating....go home. 

And put down the smokes too.

But tonight made the whole day worth it.  Watching the two older boys run from house to house, excited to knock on the door and yell trick or treat was one of those little joys of parenting.

 But.  Even as cute as they are....

 And they are cute...

I'm still glad I have 365 days till next halloween.


  1. So cute! Dylan had the same little monkey costume - love it. :)

  2. such cute costumes!!! :) I love it

  3. ohmyword, CUTE costumes!!! cute boys, too:)

  4. They're super cute! Super super cute!

    (I may or may not be having a sugar high)

  5. Awww, they all look SO DAMN CUTE! Love them! Dash-3 might be stealing my heart away from Dash-2. :)

  6. Love the costumes! I think anyone should be allowed to trick or treat. It's just dressing up and getting candy..not hurting anyone. Shouldn't be too old to enjoy just some old fashioned fun!


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