Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the not so obvious milestones

When the boys were babies I thought about the milestones... first tooth, sitting by themselves, first steps, first words... I never thought about the not so obvious ones.

I waited in anticipation for all the obvious things and recently I've noticed something, the not so obvious ones are sneaking up on me.  Things that are milestones but yet aren't in any of the books.

* One of the first non obvious ones was the slow and subtle switch from mommy {or mama} to mom. Now there is still the occasional mommy slipped in every now and again {there is a direct correlation with either being sick or hoping to get something} but dash1 is full on in the mom stage of life.

Actually he's in the moooooooooom stage. Quite a feat actually, the ability to turn a word like mom into a nine syllable word but he can do it.

* Making a joke that makes sense.

Leaving Target we were walking down the sidewalk to the car and dash-1 told me a knock knock joke. After he finished, the boys kept walking and I stood there, frozen in my tracks.

It was a joke.... that made sense.

Might not have been a Seinfeld caliber joke but start to finish the whole damn thing made sense.

* Being trusted to eat ice cream cones. In my car.

And they DID NOT MAKE A MESS! Definite non obvious milestone.

* Being embarassed of me.  In public.  And at home.

Ok, so I figured that one was coming but it still snuck up on me.

Someone told me once, in regards to kids, "The day day can drag on, but the months and years fly by" and that couldn't be more true.

There are days that I am just shuffeling thru hoping to make it to bed time, it seems like I've lived three days in the course of one day, but then I look at the boys and I almost don't recognize them.  They go from cuddly little babies to rough and tumble big boys overnight it seems.

All while telling poop jokes and eating ice cream cones in my car....and trying  to dodge my kisses in public.

If you have kids what were, or are, your non-milestones milestones?


  1. Lil Mootz's milestones right now mainly include words. I guess that's kind of an obvious milestone, but it's amazing how one word is a HUGE deal. And not just learning a word, but using is correctly. Right now we're really working on "Please" and "Thank you." He's a little overzealous with thank yous, but that's better then not at all. And the other day he said "Bless you" when I sneezed. I was all giddy about that. Haha!

    A a not so good not so obvious one we're hitting right now is the taking off of the diaper. That's always a fun surprise when I look over and see two little butt cheeks hanging out. Although, the other day, he did manage to pee directly between the slats of his crib and his sheets and everything were completely untouched. I was impressed by that.

  2. This is one of those posts that I read and go "oh yeahhhhhh, I totally know what she's saying".

    Baby Books stop counting milestones at age 5 (or somewhere around there), but the milestones don't stop there.

    I didn't recognize the milestones as I hit them, I actually realize that we've passed another one at random times. As I'm getting ready to put the boys to bed I realize that it has been a very long time since we've all jumped on one of their beds and read a bedtime story (ALL three boys included, I may do this with one or two, but not all three anymore).

    The other day I realized that all my boys are wearing Men's Shoes, no more "boys" sizes.

    One milestone that I did realize before it hit was the youngest son still believing in Santa stage. This is probably going to be the last year that he believes, but that makes me that much more intent on making it the best one yet.

  3. The "telling-a-joke-that-made-sense" made me laugh. My 9 and 10 year old still tell jokes that are weird. At least they don't laugh hysterically at their weird jokes, right?

  4. When I could no longer fit my son in one arm like a football, that was sad. He was only six pounds when I brought him home from the hospital. I miss that. His little brother never quite fit like that.

  5. Wow - it makes sense... though I guess I never thought of this stuff before. I'll have to be on the lookout when we have little ones.


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