Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honest Mommy Moment -show n tell

I have a confession and its a big one.

Hold on folks.

Are we holding?  In fact you might need to sit down.

Here it is..... last week.... I forgot, I forgot show n tell for dash-1.

Totally, completely, went on about my day, didn't remember until I picked him up from school forgot.  Oh and I also forgot color day for dash-2.  It was black in case you were wondering and he was wearing white and orange.  Ooops.

And for those of you who have been around here for a bit know that show n tell is a big deal around here, bring in a car, I laugh at you, we here go full throttle. 

We play for show n tell keeps.

One year they did show n tell themes, for T- truck is the most obvious.

Oh please everyone will have a truck, however not everyone will have a genuine poster of the top 100 wanted Terrorist from daddy's war days now will they?  Or perhaps a Turtleneck? Or your little brother who's name starts with a T? Think outside the box kid.

So missing show n tell is a big parent fail.

But to my defense, this single parenting thing while daddy is away can have you running a bit frazzled.

After all there are three of them and last I checked, one of me, and it seems like every bit of the day my mind is preoccupied with making sure everything gets done, everyone gets where they are going, remembering who has therapy {pt or speech}, what special it is at school, return the fundraiser, make sure homeowrk gets in the bookbag, fill out the reading book, and on and on.

Oh and they demand to eat THREE times a day!

And I hear life only gets crazier.

God help me.

But yes, I, the mrs, self thought shoe in for mom of the year, forgot show n tell. Oh and color day.  See still forgetting it.

Promise me you don't think less of me?

Actually I can't wait to hear what you other moms have forgotten because no doubt there are gonna be some gems in the comments!

And in case your wondering, I'm now vowing to write every single, frigging thing down on the fridge calendar.  I thought show n tell wasn't quite calendar worthy.  I was wrong.

It's worthy.  Very worthy.  Now we have to wait another 2 weeks to wow the class.

I don't know if any of us can wait.


  1. I totally flaked on the homework the 1st week of school. Did not see that at the bottom of the page he did in school, there was more stuff you were suppose to do at home. Whoops.

  2. Oh, I've done that a lot... can't think of anything lately except forgetting to pay my daycare provider because I forgot to dig out new checks for a week. Did that two weeks ago.

  3. I forgot school picture day. After being given, very excitedly, I might add, the REMINDER form for it the day before. And being told and reminded about 20 times the night before. Oh, but the night before, it was Crazy Hair Night at AWANA. So when we got home, my son, (who had sported a triple mowhawk held up with Got2Be Spiking Glue)got tossed into the shower. We were all exhausted.

    Come morning, I threw a t-shirt at him...and shorts...and we rushed out the door (I was trying to get his sister packed up for an overnight trip she was taking, too). Didn't even bother to comb his unruly hair (which he insisted I can NOT CUT until after Halloween, in order to get the triple Mohawk effect for trick-or-treating night).

    I didn't even realize it till that little boy came home forlorn and said, "mommy, it was picture day, and I'm wearing a ratty t-shirt, and you didn't even comb my hair...". Oh well, there's always make-up day!

  4. OK here's my suggestion...its the only thing that keeps me sane (kinda, LOL) get a good phone I have an HTC Hero but any android/ Iphone will work. I put everything on my goodle calendar which imports directly to my cell ph...and if thats not annoying enough I get email and txt msg reminder 1 wk before, 1 day before and 1/2 hr before...I have an unlimted txt plan.
    My wrk schedule, my dr appts, when I have to wrk weekend rotatios, when I have to wrk OT, casual days, wrk is paying for lunch days...that all goes on my calender.

    THen I have one for Mr Man and the girls...drill schedule (that never stays the same), the girls school functions (2 differnt schools).

    I even have a blog calendar to tell me who my guest bloggers are or if I'm guest blogging for someone.

    THen I have a calendar for my parents.

    Google lets you make multiple calendars, color code them each a diffent color. You can choose if you want to see all calender or mix and match them as needed.

    THIS is the only way I say organized. I enter everything immediatley on my ph, which updates to the calender...It sounds more complicated than it is, and I'm not forgetting important stuff and/or shuffing appt cards and 15 paper calenders....

    This works for me because I never leave the house without my cell and keys in hand...otherwise I lock myself out of the house and don't have a ph to call the locksmith...yes that has happened.

  5. A couple weeks ago I forgot dinner. Seriously, how do you forget dinner???? It wasn't until C came to me at 2030 and says "Mom, do you think you might start making dinner soon"? Yeah, Parenting-Fail.

    I also forgot to send gym clothes in 2 weeks in a row which ALMOST got Z a detention.

    Then I forgot to call the pediatrician to get a note stating that C could go back to school after his mysterious chest pain incident last week; the school nurse called me today really upset with me.

    Ooops. Look, we are doing the best we can. Motherhood + deployment is never easy, we are doing the best we can. Don't be so hard on yourself.

  6. I forgot to take my son to his doctor's appointment one time. I was working at the time and my husband was underway. I had the feeling that something was missing. Sure enough, the next day I receive a lovely phone call from his doctor. I couldn't get an appointment for another two weeks. Crap!
    This past June, I went to the grocery store to get diapers for my darling daughter. (she was down to her last two). I bought everything under the sun EXCEPT the dang diapers. I went back a second time and yes, yes...I forgot why I went back. (hubby was at the beginning of this deployment) However, I did remember the mayonnaise. (not cool whip. bleh)
    I realized my mistake AFTER I left the parking lot and was almost home. I pulled over to a CVS and bought the diapers there.

  7. Um. So a couple weeks ago I forgot to buckle Isaac's carseat. Thankfully he was so used to being in his seat that he didn't get out but still, I glanced back at a stopsign and realised he was completely unbuckles and nearly freaked out. Ugh.

    But I can always remember the day my friend Amber left her daughter in her carseat at the baby sitters when she went to pick her up and drove all the way home before realising it and rushing back. I keep that near me so I don't feel like suck a failure when I make a big mistake.

  8. Oh dear. This cracked me up but really, you're hilarious. Poor kids.

  9. Thankfully, Wyatt's school does not do show n tell. I did, however, forget to pick him up on Monday. Eek! Oliver raced down the street to get him, and he was only technically five minutes late, but since school cleans out in about five nanoseconds, this left our poor son sitting with a teacher saying, "Well, this is strange..." At least she considers us NOT showing up on time strange, haha. I did feel pretty bad...sadly, it will probably not be the last time that happens.

  10. I'm so forgetful that I at this moment I can't even remember what I've forgotten...but its been a lot! I do feel ya about all the running and being here and there, most days I forget to shave my own legs:)
    Oh yeah, and the sometimes single mothering thing sucks. People who don;t do it, have no conceptof how hard it is! Happy Mothering!

  11. Relax. Don't set the bar so high. Fed and occasionally cleaned is the goal.

    One Sunday after church, I forgot the baby in the car. Two hours later, after getting the boys out of their church clothes (so the white shirts have a chance to stay white) and getting the waffles going (Sunday tradition), I asked "where is sidekick-6?" The children and I went on a hunt.

    She was sleeping peacefully in her car seat. Sheesh!! So I say to myself, which is more important, clean white shirts, fluffy/crispy waffles or making sure my daughter comes in the house. Ah well.

  12. as I don't have kids... all of this is going on my internal memo. However when I was in jr high our track meets got home late. About 7:30, which is bath time for my little sisters... my mom actually forgot to pick up ME (in the days of no cell phones) I eventually went to the pastors house, whos wife feed me dinner. and I hung out with my friend until my mom remembered and came to pick me up...

  13. Dang... now you'll have to really double-whammy it up for the next show and tell. And poot Dash-2 will be slathered in the next color. Ah well... make sure you take pics of you erlaly do go extreme!! You'll need it for blackmail later in life. ;-)

  14. You missed show and tell? Oh man, there goes that mother of the year award you thought you had all wrapped up! And think of all the awesome show and tell possibilities for the color black! Black-Ops, Black licorice...oh the possibilities!!! ;-)

  15. We had our grandson while his parents were deployed and put him in Daycare so he kept the routine he was use to with his parents. Some might say I am the worst grandmother ever but if I had kept him with me 24/7 he would have had a hard time ajusting when his parents got back home and I would have lost my sanity. Anyway my husband picked him up from daycare, came home, got out the car and proceeded to start talking to the neighbour, came in the house and when I asked" didn't you pick T up" OOPs I forgot about him. He was out in the car sleeping sound in his car seat. Never shared this with my daughter, she might not leave him with us again.

  16. Can I just say, I once forgot my 4-year-old son!!!! I promise, I'm a good mom and a reasonably intelligent woman. And both of my children are grown, well adjusted, productive members of society. (The forgotten son is now applying for PhD programs in microbiology.) I was doing volunteer work at the Red Cross 1 day a week and my son was in a 4-year-old, half day, 2 day a week kindergarten class for the simple fact that my husband and I do nothing but ohhhh and ahhh over our kids and I thought it would be good for him to be in a more social and, let's face it, more true-to-life environment. I was supposed to pick him up after class and take him to the babysitter keeping our 1-year-old daughter... but forgot. No excuses. I loved being out of the house and around grown ups one stinking day a week and was enjoying myself so completely that I FORGOT! I still see the teachers' accusing looks when I did pick him up (about 30 minutes late) and my stomach is still in my mouth when I think about that moment I forgot my sweet, wonderful child. Oh the terrible guilt of parenthood! lol

    Seriously though, please remember that love covers many, many mistakes! Even the dreaded forgotten show and tell! :D


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