Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walmart is a goldmine of rants

Before I start my rant I'll go ahead and toss up this disclaimer:  This post, this whole darn blog, is my opinion.  I certianly am not trying to offend and if I do, which I'm sure I will piss someone off, then I apologize. Not everyone is going to agree, I'm cool with that, some commentators might agree, some will no doubt disagree to the point that my eye starts to twitch, but any side you're on just be civil. 

So on with my rant. 

I was in walmart yesterday, the black hole of my sanity that it is, and I was stuck in line behind someone in line who was using WIC.  So many things about the transaction annoyed me, where to even start?  I'll go with the first thing I noticed that always annoys me, a cart filled with pricey name brand crap that people can live without. 

In fact I've never actually known of anyone who has perished without ice cream {name brand} and a 12 pack of soda {again name brand}.

Now before I get a slew of comments with this general argument "but she wasn't using WIC to buy those things, you're only allowed to buy certain foods, juices, or milk with WIC."   Yes, yes I know this, doing case work for a year out of college I am well acquainted with WIC.  

My counter arguement to that is always this if you can spend your money on that crap, that again, you don't really need, why can't you buy your own damn juice and cheese?

Shoot I stopped buying 12 packs of soda cause they just got too pricey.  {In fact the higher price of sodas upset me far more than rising gas prices.} Glad to see since my tax money is subsidizing you, you can still afford it.

But that's not even what bothered me the most.  Yes it gets better.  She was going on and on, while texting on her blackberry {cause those things just grow on trees} about how great WIC is and how she's used it for every kid she's had all three of them and she'll use it for the next one too. 

Awwww, isn't that great?  So glad the money from hard working American's is helping you pop out more kids.  

When flyboy and I talked {and still talk} about kids and cost and budgets and all that good stuff, never once did we think, "well shoot! we can pop out some more and all of you can help us pay for them!".

In my, small, right wing mind, I think that should you decide to have more kids, should you decide to bring new life into your family and into this world, that's it.  

You take on the responsibility.  

Not my husband, not my father, not my brother, not some hard working carpet layer in Iowa.  If you are counting on money from a goverment program then you shouldn't be having additional kids.

I take a lot of issue that so many military members even qualify for WIC.  We qualify on on paper because of  the wackadoodle way that they figure it out is perhaps why so many people abuse it.  

And to me, again my opinion, its just that, abuse.  If you've got a blackberry and you're buying ice cream and soda, its abuse. Just because you qualify for it, doesn't mean you need it.  Or even that you should use it!

You want more kids, great.  Kids are wonderful, sweet, loving little creatures.  Well, when they aren't slamming bedroom doors and telling you they hate you but still, lovable lil darlings, however, pay for your own loveable little darlings. 

I get that WIC isn't making anyone rich, but still, trimming the fat has to start somewhere.  Why not trim out the fat of the people who are using it when they don't really need it.  

I know some people are reading thinking that I'm some heartless wench who doesn't care about other people, hardly,  I'm just a black and white kinda gal.  

To me, to accept a food stamp program like WIC {because let's be honest folks, that's what it is, its vouchers for food from the government, not a "benefit" of our pay scale that we are entitled too like some people have argued to me} you should do everything in your power to provide for your family on your own first.

I don't want a hand out, if everything came crumbling down and we canceled our cable {which frankly I'm not sure I would care to survive after that}, cell phones, sold the car and were driving a beater, never eating out, truly living pay check to paycheck, well than we'd know it was there for us.  

But for now, its our family, our money, our responsibility.

Oh and just to put it out there, granted I keep his personal info on the down low, we are a family of 5, on one income, and flyboy's paygrade does not start with an O.

Yay or nay? Anyone want to put their opinion out there?


  1. Can I just say HELL YES. In my small left wing mind, ;) I think that should you decide to have more kids, should you decide to bring new life into your family and into this world, that's it. You take on the responsibility.

    yes I copied and pasted, but you said it perfectly!! We're a young couple, I'm a student and he's in the Army. Having a baby right now would be a bitch financially. I'd have to apply for welfare or WIC or whatever I could because I know I can't swing those costs right now. SO I AM NOT HAVING KIDS RIGHT NOW! I think that is a simple concept! I grew up in a very poor place, the actual ghetto. When I was a kid, my parents were actually on welfare, but you know what, it was due to circumstances they COULDN'T control, and it was temporary. I don't understand how people plan their lives to rely on it permanently! You go Mrs!

  2. I'm with you. We have some friends who just had a baby and get WIC. They also just bought a new flat screen TV, a second Xbox 360, and they eat out for EVERY meal because they can't/won't cook. How/why do they qualify for WIC? It makes no sense to me at all! They're definitely not hurting for money. I told Chris that when we have kids, even if we qualify for WIC, we will not be partaking. It wouldn't feel right to me.

    And I won't stop following you for this post... I'm a black and white kind of gal too.

  3. I agree, someone shouldn't be using WIC if they can afford to have a Blackberry and buy ice cream out of their own pocket. If she's having to use government assistance on the kids she has, then she definitely needs to do everything she can to keep from popping out any more kids.

  4. I totally agree! People like that totally bug me! My SIL is just like that, even though I don't think she collects WIC. All she does is complain about how she has no money, any time someone in the family gives her son money she takes it for herself because she says she has to pay her rent. Well maybe she should think about cancelling the NFL package or she and her husband should get rid of their I Phones and designer clothes. Just sayin'

  5. We qualified for the federal free & reduced lunch program at school when I was younger (not sure WIC was in existence)and we used it for about a month. Then my mom decided that if she couldn't feed her children on her own money, then she was spending too much somewhere else. So we stopped using it.

    WIC is a wonderful program... when used properly.

  6. You nailed it 100%. I was a cashier at a grocery store in high school. A woman came in with a little boy who was not even fully dressed during a snowstorm to buy 5 candy bars and 2 gallons of milk with a WIC check that was good for like 7 things (cheese, milk, etc). Really? My mom had to take on WIC so she could back to school and get her bachelors. She was off it as soon as she got into a position and had a paycheck or two. I would do like you and turn off the cable and get rid of the smart phone, etc before I'd ever walk into a WIC office and I certainly wouldn't be popping out more babies. I can feed 4 people for two weeks on $110 and could do it for less if I had too. People just don't want to support themselves because the state has made it too easy not to.

  7. WOW! You've just said everything I think when I encounter the "poor" who have flat screen TVs bigger than mine, car wheels worth more than my car, and fake nails longer than my real ones.

  8. I just don't understand why we have to bust our ass to budget, pay our mortgage on time, cut coupons to purchase groceries, rarely eat out, etc. when it seems like so many people could care less. Any why should they? The government will help them afford a new smart phone, name brand groceries (that are clearly more along the line of luxuries than necessities), give them help paying their mortgage. All on my tax dollar.

    Sure, we are DINKS that admittedly make quite a bit of money. But we busted our ass to pay for school and work hard to afford our lifestyle. I don't think it's fair that we should also take on the burden of someone else's lifestyle.

    I think that government welfare programs (because, c'mon, that is what it is) are great and a wonderful safety net for people who truly use them. But when it becomes just a way of life, a demotivator (I'm so not kidding when I heard someone once say "Why the eff would I take a job at McDonalds? I can get unemployment and WIC, etc. if I stay home.") to working hard and something that is clearly being abused, it isn't working. I'm not saying all social welfare programs are broken (though, most are) or that all people abuse them (though, many do). But you are right. Something has to give.

  9. Totally agree. I have been on welfare in my life and it was a humiliating experience for me, but made me certain that "as God as my witness," I would never be on welfare again. I have a family member that mooches, IMHO, off of the gov't dole so they can have nice things, and it makes me really angry. I don't know how you can buy a new TV and a Wii and then be getting $400/mo in food stamps +WIC for 2 adults and 1 kid. That's more than my food budget a month and I don't have cable and I don't have a gaming system, or anything.

  10. OOO Not only have I seen people use their WIC on the items that is allowed and the name brand stuff that I don't buy but they are also buying a ton of alcohol too!! Or how they complain how WIC doesn't give them enough for their family (even though it is only 2 kids who are young enough for it).

    We are not on WIC, we do not qualify for WIC, and quite frankly, even if we did qualify I would not use it. I made the conscious choice to have a baby (with my husband) and therefore I can pay for all the costs for the baby.

    I don't like how people assume because my husband is E that we are on WIC and are poor. I work hard to make his pay stretch to cover all costs plus savings, plus fun money for the family so we can go do stuff on the weekends. We may not be rich but we are not hurting either.

  11. Oh my god I love you! I was thinking about this and have been thinking about things like this after so many people bit*h and complain about certain things, or can't pay for something important because they are spending money on other things..

  12. I'm sure that everything I would add or say has already been mentioned in the comments before me, so I will just say, "I AGREE 100%!"

  13. Oy, this is one of my pet peeves. Unfortunately, our government is encouraging this kind of behavior and I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better. Hello, people.. have we learned nothing from the poor folks in Greece?
    In my experience, the more you give people, the more they expect..nope..the more they DEMAND.
    Nowhere in our constitution does it state that the government must carry you during hard times. That's for families and churches to do, NOT the freakin' government.
    You have my full support. Which of us is running for president next term?

  14. I'll make this brief (just because I don't have time for a long rant) YOU ARE DEAD ON....GO GET 'EM GIRL...CAN WE ELECT YOU FOR OFFICE?

  15. TOTALLY agree with you!! And add all of these reasons to why I think Welfare is a load of bologna, too... a load of bologna that I'M paying for!! Grr.

    Working in the pregnancy clinic, we have women who really need WIC, like seriously... but it's so hard when they insist on the documentation to get it and they really don't need it. I just wanna smack them into reality!

  16. 100%, absolutely agree.

    And this is why Walmart is the black hole of your sanity. Because sh*t like this goes down right in front of you.

    The thing is...when they're not trying to get out of the cycle, they're just keeping themselves running around the same track. It pisses me off, but at least there's comfort in knowing that I will be moving forward in life while those people circle the drain.

    B*tchy? Meh.

  17. I'm not going to lie, I used WIC when my daughter was born. I was breastfeeding, but she wanted to eat ALL the time and momma was not a magic fountain. I had to use the checks for formula to help supplement. I strongly dislike WIC. It was good to me, it got my son his juice and vegetables, but most of the time I found myself having to get four gallons of milk in one week just to use up the checks. Who needs that much milk? It was just a waste.

    We are a family of four living on one income. I make damn sure I coupon clip, shop at Kroger, and set aside enough money into checking and savings.

    It cracks me up because I have a! I was like "whoa now!" was she talking about me? Just kidding, I don't allow soda in my house unless it's a party or some special Mexican fiesta. ;)
    Then, it's Dr. Thunder and Mountain Lightning. The cheap stuff.

  18. I agree with this 100%! Side note: I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague at the beginning of the month when food stamps and WIC refill. It is a total zoo. I wait a couple days until the madness dies down.

  19. I couldn't agree with you more. My boyfriend and I just listened to a talk-radio program about a topic exactly like this in the car the other day.

    I'm all about gov. aid being there to help people that TRULY need it (and hopefully just for a short time) - but I can't stand it when that stuff gets abused.

    I thought your post was really well written and made a very good point. Props to you :)

  20. Well. That Blackberry could have been a gift.

    hahaha! Yeah right.

    You can already guess how I feel about this I'm sure. I see this kind of stuff going on in my own extended family and it's extremely frustrating. (especially when you consider the little ones who are being brought up with that behavior as their only example of how to organize your life as an adult)

    I'll end with these little gems that I ran across the other day: "Giving people money/benefits for doing nothing only encourages them to do more nothing." And this: "REAL need is the only thing that creates REAL motivation for change."


  21. I'm with ya! This gets to me too! Just not right...

  22. I'm a complete democrat. I'm okay with homosexuality. I'm okay with abortion.

    I am not okay with WIC - especially being used like that. If you're unable to provide for your child, give it up for adoption to a family that can. It irks me to no get all the formula coupons and mailers. Breastfeeding is free. At least make people try that before you hand over the insanely expensive stuff. As for the milk and cheese and whatever else your kid needs, make a budget. A smartphone data package is like $30 a month above what a normal phone costs. There's your milk and cheese.

    This also ties into why I'm pro-choice. Some people should not be parents.

  23. Amen! I love this post so much I kind of want to print it off and hang it up.

  24. Amen. Don't get me wrong, I think WIC is a great program for people who actually need it to feed their children but if you're rolling around in your SUV with your iphone, carrying a coach bag...then you don't need it!

  25. I couldn't agree with you more! I feel the same way about the welfare program too. I grew up in a small town. For YEARS I saw people have more kids so they could get more money. And, yes, I even HEARD one woman say she wanted more gets so she could get more money every month. Wanna know where the money went? To cigarettes, beer, gambling, probably drugs and who knows what else.

    I don't think that military should qualify for WIC. Honestly. I mean, what does that say about us? We can pay a $300 a month car payment, but we can't pay for milk, cereal, formula and diapers? That's just crap. My husband's pay grade doesn't start with an O either. We don't have kids yet, but you can bet your boots that when we do we won't be signing up for WIC "just because we can." Maybe there are a FEW people in this country who actually need it. But I think the REST of us need to recognize exactly who WIC, Welfare, and Medicaid are for and get off our lazy ASSES and do something to take care of our family!

    {Whew. That felt good!}

    Thank you for sharing your rant. =)

  26. In my small right wing mind, I say HUA! Hands down you are right! I also think if you can afford to smoke and drink, you shouldn't be able to have food stamps or wic.

  27. We had WIC with Landon. But we only used it for his formal. He had to have Nutramegen (can't remember how to spell it). We only used it for the formula though. We also had 2 kids in daycare, living on one income, while I went to school. We weren't buying any extra groceries, nor did we have a lavash lifestyle. It is a great program when used the proper way.

  28. OH and just to clarify, so I don't get hate mail. You can get WIC to only make checks for formula. That was the route we went. We could afford all the other stuff. We just needed help with the ridiculous priced formula that he needed. As much as he ate, his formula would have eaten up our entire grocery budget.

  29. I'm fairly a lefty and this drives me crazy too. Completely agree with you.

  30. I'm another lefty who agrees with you. I've actually listened to a military wife ENCOURAGE others to take advantage of this system. DH and I wouldn't feel right if we had to resort to WIC. I would take it hard, personally, because it DOES represent the fact that you can't take care of your family. I agree with you, responsibility, and the fact that people need to THINK about if they can afford to have a family before they start popping out kids.

  31. I do agree with your post! However, I've used WIC before. Upteen (okay..26) years ago when the ex and I were kids stationed at Bragg; he fresh out of AIT. Dirt poor as a country church mouse. LONG before internet and cell phones) - we lived off post in a not-so-great trailer, trying to decide what can of beans to open for dinner...and excited that we would be able to get the VCR out of the pawn shop only to have to hock it again before the next one so we could maybe buy diapers and gas. (disposable diapers were a luxury to be used intermittenly with cloth)I was thankful for WIC. When we went without (and not because we spent money or had a great amount of debt - just general living expenses and peanuts for pay)... it was comforting to know that our son had what he needed to be healthy. Now, that being said...WIC has become the rule and not the exception. There are truly families who need it out there...those that are struggling to make it ~ then there are the majority that have figured out 'the system' and play it like a deck of cards! It's the majority that took a vital resource for so many young families and turned it into the most disgraceful use of governement resources I have ever witnessed.

  32. Never say never! I did and it came back to bite me. I actually worked for a family planning clinic years ago and dealt with many women who were trying to get pregnant because their welfare/wic services were going to be cutoff if they didn't get pregnant again. So way back when I swore that I would never use these services. Fast forward several years, I was married with a 5 year old and pregnant with my second child. My husband and I worked for the same company and both lost our jobs on the same day. Luckily I was able to find employment within a month but my husband remained unemployed off and on for the next six months. Needless to say without Medicaid and WIC we would not have survived. And let me assure you that during this time there were no extravagances in our lifestyle....unless you consider tubs of peanut butter and ramen noodles luxuries! And just to clarify Medicaid did not cover my husband or five year old and only covered me because I was pregnant! And using those WIC checks and whipping out that Medicaid card at every appointment were some of the most humiliating things I have ever had to do!

    With all that being said I totally agree with your post. The system should be better monitored and only used for those who truly need it!


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