Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dash-1 told me something kinda funny yesterday.

That's usually the case.  He usually always has something that isn't meant to be funny but is.  And I meant to share it with flyboy but in an effort to cram in a bunch of errands before he went off yonder, we lost track in the hustle and bustle.As is also the case.

But part of that hustle and bustle was buying a new dining room set {right now we have a hand me down so this is BIG for us}, I'm very excited so I'll excuse the hustle and bustle.

Anyways on to dash-1.

me.  "How was school" 

After reporting on the weather on the playground, some kid trying to push him, what snack was {even though I pack his lunch} and what the letter of the day was {the first letter of dash-2's name so very exciting times for him} he passed on this little gem.

dash-1 "Someone's dad is going away for a couple of days, he'll be back on friday."

me. "oh you know all about that, who's dad?"

dash-1 "I dunno."  
{dash -1 isn't so much a name kinda guy.  Neither is flyboy, hence why the fact that everyone who works with him has their name plastered on their uniform comes in handy.}

me. "Ah, well, it's nice to know people's name but whatever.  What did you tell him about his dad going away? Your daddy goes away a lot and it's all good right?"

dash-1 "I told him to deal."

Ah well.  From the mouth of babes.

Some may see this as harsh but I see it as true to form. This is normal to our kids.  Dash-1 justified it by saying that he said his dad never goes away, so really, three days, to dash-1 can be done standing on one's head, chewing gum, repeating the alphabet backwards.

Military brats, if you want to call them that, are a tough breed.

Further illustrated this morning at the school bus when dash-1 asked about flyboy, I told him honestly that he was gone for a couple days and only coming home for one day before he went away again.  I hate the quick turn over trips, it's tough on the kids.  But dash-1 just shrugged it off and said "coming and then going, that's just what he does mom."

No drama, no attempt to guilt me, no nothing.  Just matter of fact.  Our little one is growing up and figuring things out.

And learning to just deal.


  1. I was talking to my son's kindergarten teacher about how I wasn't sure how he would take it when the deployment starts. But then looking back he has always been kinda, "That is the way it is." about when my husband has been away. Maybe it is because this is the life they know, daddy is here and then daddy isn't. Makes me sad to think about but maybe it is easier that they take it so well.

  2. If I'm ever blessed with boys I hope they are something like that.

  3. Rock on Dash 1!! LOVE IT!!

    That is so what I wanted to tell my (civilian) neighbor when her husband had to go to a conference 1 1/2 hours away and got to stay in a plush luxury hotel.

  4. Oh, wow. What a boy.
    I love what he told that boy on the playground. :)

  5. Bahaha! I love it! Sometimes I REALLY wanna say that to my friends whose husbands go on 2 day trips. Or even week long trips. But....yeah.

    Military families gotta be tough! We're a different breed for sure. =)

  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dash 1 is awesome! I so would love to say that to all the people posting status on facebook that they miss their husbands because they are at working during the day. REALLY like you cant deal not even 24 hours without them.

  7. It's sad that he HAS to deal, but great that he can. He'll be one tough cookie when he's older, ma. :-)

  8. I love Dash-1. He's going to be such a good example for the other 2. :)

  9. yeah i'm thinking i just need to call up dash-1 when i'm feeling sorry for myself and get a good ol' reality check from your kiddo! :] just deal, right? :D so simple, yet so hard...


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