Wednesday, December 30, 2009

from day 1 to 31

When flyboy returned home from a trip right before he went on leave I asked him if he knew what his January schedule would be, when would he be home, when would he be gone, where to {I live thru him, at least when its somewhere nice}... you know that kinda normal stuff.

Normal for us anyhow.

When I asked I was surprised by the response, he said it looked like he'd be home for the entire month.

As dash-1 would say, "What, what, what WHAT!?" {It's very cute when he says it, his eyes get all big and he snaps his head around.}

So I started thinking, wow home all month, the last time that happened was.... and I thought and thought. And thought some more, in fact I'm still thinking, and for the life of me, I don't know when was the last time that he was home for one whole month in its entirety.

Certainly not 2009.

And while I will admit, I can't even remember what I wore yesterday, nothing in 2008 sticks out in my mind either. I know we spent January of 2003 together, that month sticks out in my mind. Oh and when he was med down for shoulder surgery for 2 or 3 months in 2004. Other then that I'd bet money that 2007, 2006, 2005 were much the same as this year.

Because pretty much every year is the same.

But that's ok because, again to quote dash-1 {that boy is wise beyond his years}, "this is how we roll.

Maybe this year will be different....doubtful because just a few days later flyboy remembered a couple trips, so our quest for an entire month together, from day 1 to 31 will have to wait.

Or maybe we could just paint one of his airplanes to look like the Partridge family bus and just travel around with him. We could even sing and dress alike. Although I think we'd all agree time apart would probably be more normal then that.


  1. So exciting! Enjoy your month together..what a great way to begin 2010!

  2. What a way to start the New Year! Enjoy your quality time together.

  3. YAY I'm excited for you guys I hope nothing changes

  4. I'm hoping that you still get to spend lots of time together this month and that hopefully you will have a full month together soon!

  5. I know the feeling. Although my husband doesn't have to travel, as a firefighter he's gone 24 hours at a time. We were talking about it the other day with family and decided the key to the happiness we share is that we have lots of time apart so we learn to enjoy the time we have together and we don't have time to make each other mad.

  6. That's great!! I'm glad you'll get to spend QT together

  7. It says something if you actually can't remember. No score keeping, and truely rolling with the punches. Hopefully that month long down time happens again sometime soon.

  8. What a tease! Well here is hoping more time together in 2010!


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