Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today I climb Everest.

Or the Christmas equivalent of that around here. Today we are going to try to take our Christmas card picture. Actually there is no trying, flyboy leaves tomorrow so its now or never. It WILL be happening today, whether the boys {both the little ones and the big one who earns a paycheck} like it or not.

In fact I can say with certainty that they will not like it. They never do. Any of them.

And I don't care. Not one stinkin bit. I ask them to sit and smile once a year dammit.

Last year it took us somewhere around 58 shots to get a decent picture and we only stopped because the camera battery died. In every shot someone was squirming, or squinting, or blinking, or fussing, it was quite fun. When they were babies and couldn't escape it was much easier. And less stressful. Now its the thorn in our ass of the holiday season but yet, I have to do it. I just have to have a family picture on the Christmas card. Is that really asking so much?

Apparently it is, after last year flyboy swore up and down he wasn't going to take a picture again this year, or that we were going to go somewhere to get it taken, but alas, here we are, gearing up to take it ourselves.

As dash-2 would say.... dweewightful.

Oh and today, I packed up the newborn/0-3 clothes, for what might be the last time and brought out the 3-6 months clothes. How is it that my littlest love just turned three months old?!


  1. good luck!

    i only have one to wrangle thus far, but man, once they can walk, it is IMPOSSIBLE To get them to sit for a picture!

    i'm hoping they become bribeable somewhere around 4 or 5 or i'm in big trouble :-p

  2. Oh man. Not to compare your kids to my dog, but Jagger did not like getting christmas pictures. He sqirmed, barked, and wouldn't pay attention. And we had someone doing the pictures for us.

    I cannot imagine how hard it would be to get all of you together and sit nicely without someone taking the picture! Good luck!

    "holiday thorn in the ass" no wonder we'd get along if we ever met.

  3. Good luck with that!

    Right now my kid loves cameras, the only problem is that he wants to take the camera away from you while you are taking the picture. I caved and used a coupon so we could get our pictures taken professionally. It helped make sure my husband was on his best behavior. Isn't it funny how the husbands turn into toddlers when it comes to picture time!?

  4. But just think - all the "outtakes" will make for funny pictures one day. Either way, I hope you get at least one or two good pictures!!

  5. I cant wait to see it. I just do the girls its to hard to get us alll and then i have to look at myself on peoples fridges all year LOL.

  6. ugh... this might be the one year we DON'T get it. With Pave down in San Antonio this week, I'm runing out of time. We took a bunch in New Mexico when we went out there, but none of them are great... I guess one of them will have to work if I decide that I HAVE to get a picture in our card... heck, at this point, I'm not sure we are going to have cards...

  7. Via con Dios! :) And kudos for getting even an appointment. Third married Christmas - zero pictures or cards. I'm quite bummed.

  8. LOL! We just took ours tonight too. I hope it went well for you!

    Enjoy this joyous season! ~Melissa :)

  9. Crap...3 months? Really? Wow...before you know it I will be 80.

  10. Good luck on those photos! Has it really been 3 months?! Wow!

  11. I have trouble with my husband.... I could not venture to guess the problems with little ones!

  12. Reading about the clothes made me wish I could ask you to save them for me... But I think your kids will all be in school before I finally have one!

    Can't wait to see the final pic. :)


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