Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where the bubbles go

Last night I was feeling a little better, however I looked like hell. Actually that would have been a serious step up from what I looked like. My skin is not just pale but almost blah and my under eye circles are no long contained to the under eye area. And the nose, lets just say I'm rivaling Rudolph.

So what's a girl to do. I figured I would put on a little face mask then take a nice hot shower. Or so was the plan. I drained the boys bath and went to work on my face. I got the whole mask on and realized I could hear the water draining.

Somewhere in the house. Not in a pipe.

I will admit, I actually sat down on the toilet lid for a second and debated even going to find out what the hell was going on downstairs. Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss. And it was 8:30 and I just wanted to relax. I did not want to find a problem.

Oh but I did.

I sucked it up, acted like an adult and went downstairs to find the bubbles of my boys bath in the toilet and on the floor of our downstairs bathroom. Sweet. I tried in vain to plunge. And call my husband to flip out but there was no answer. In hindsight that's probably a good thing, I would have gone ape shit and no good would have come of that.

I finally admitted after 15 minutes of plunging in vain that this was not in my real of expertise. I called my landlord. My lovely, understanding, wonderful landlord who came right over. Of course right around this time I realized I had a face mask on, a robe and no bra. So i scurried like a crazy person to change, wipe off my face and look human.

Here's a little side lesson I learned last night. One should not keep a face scrub mask on their pregnant face for close to 25 minutes. When I took it off I looked like I had been dragged down the beach on my face. It was quite the look.

So now the handyman is here looking at our pipes. I still haven't showered, flushed a toilet, done any of the 15 loads of laundry I was of course going to get caught up on today, or run the dishwasher. And wouldn't you know, today is the day that I'm supposed to take a meal over to one of the guys that flyboy works with who just had a baby.

I guess I can just clean myself up with towelettes or something.

Oh and earlier this month a pipe going into our dishwasher froze and burst and water was everywhere. Earlier this week the boys and I got locked out of the house and the spare key was no where to be found and of course flyboy was totally unreachable.

Thank goodness this month is almost over. And flyboy will be home soon.

ps. the giveaway is still open down below!


  1. I'm so sorry! Murphy really, really likes you! I hope the situation gets fixed soon.

  2. You poor thing! It's always something, isn't it? (Especially when our husbands are gone...)

  3. That is awful. I hope your husband comes home soon.

  4. Oh my goodness, when it rains it truly pours...bubbles, apparently!

    I hope it all gets taken care of soon!

  5. Just keep chanting, "Tomorrow will be better" over and over. Thats what I do. Hope things start looking up.

  6. ugh, if it's not one thing its another huh? I wish you lived closer, I would take the dash's off your hands for a few hours, I'm a fun babysitter and I have loads of boxes we could turn into all kinds of space ships! And then we could pack all the space aliens (i.e. the mound of sweaters and other miscellaneous items laying around my apartment that need to be packed before the move) into these space ships.

    Did I just say I would babysit your children but put them to work? Yes, probably... but fun work! Win/Win! :)

    Hang in there. I hope you get some much needed relaxation soon!

  7. Oh my WORD, girl! That'd be way to much for me to handle on any given day, much less you - with two kids, a baby on board, AND no husband around.

    If you lived near by, I would totally come watch the boys for you so that you could have a nice long hot shower to yourself. But I have no clue where you live, to be honest. ha ha...

  8. Oh goodness. I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of this. How frustrating! Hope things start going better for you!

  9. pardon my french, but holy sh*t (is sh*t really french?) that is WAY too much to deal with! when does flyboy come home again?

    one plus with renting is that your landlord has to fix everything.

  10. Hey thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I laughed hysterically after reading about motrin and the cat!! I'm going to follow your blog if you don't mind. I tend to live vicariously through others. Love!


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