Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day and vomit

I was talking with a friend on Monday about trying to meet up for lunch this week. She works down at WP so it would coincide with a commissary run. She mentioned that her girls were sick and I uttered those words, those famous last words.... "Oh we are on a great run here. No sickness in a month and a half. I don't know how we are doing it but the boys are just healthy as healthy can be. Not even a runny nose!"

I kid you not, that night dash-2 projectile vomited during dinner (great when your gag reflex is already trigger happy) and then after bath. And then while he was sleeping. Twice.

I blame myself. Sigh. And possibly a couple of carts at wal mart that he just had to lick. Oh and a bathroom or two on the Jersey turnpike. He didn't lick those but I think just being in them can give you disease.

And of course, all of you know that this happened the night before flyboy was going out of town. Of course. I don't think he's ever actually been present for a drawn out sickness. I really dont hold that against him too much because I'm pretty sure that it's not done on purpose. But still.... lucky bastard.

And anyone with small kids close in age knows how these things go. One gets it, starts to get over it, passes it to the other, then back and forth for a week or two. Fun with a capital F.

Dash-1 came down with not only the stomach bug but a nasty flu on weds, yucky stuff spurting out of both ends, high fever, and all he wanted was his momma. So he puked on me, breathed on me, laid on me. And then I got it.

Flyboy was supposed to be home a couple days ago, of course again, the trip got extended, outside his control I understand, but frustrating as hell. I thought I could hang in there but my mother disagreed. Thankfully she drove six hours to keep me from my deathbed and to help with the other two lepers. I am happy to report that after five hours in the er, three bags of IV fluids, some great nausea meds I am feeling much better. Mom is back home, dash-2 is recovered and ready to dig out of the house with a spoon and Dash-1 is getting there. Slowly.

I take that back. This post was sidetracked with a giant vomit cleanup, total wipe down of the living room, an outfit change, and two loads of laundry.

Oh yeah and happy valentine's day. That's the real point of this long winded diatribe. As I have for the past three years I am spending Valentine's day with my two true loves, dash-1 and dash-2. There will be no romantic dinner or even moments to myself. And honestly, really, honestly, I'm good with it.

But I am annoyed by something. I signed on to my local mommy board thingy and surprise surprise there was a HUGE thread about how people's husbands weren't doing anything for them. Really I'm kinda shocked at how some of these women were putting down their husbands, I mean no wonder you aren't getting anything.

But why not look past that? I get that its nice to be remembered by your spouse but why not look at all the little things that they do for you instead of all the giant romantic gestures that not all men are known for. My husband, love him to death, is not such a romantic guy, but he will get the decaying mouse out of my house and I'd much rather that then flowers.

Hell, I can buy myself flowers but rid the house of mouse? I think not.

Why not be thankful that your husband is home with you? Get over yourselves people. Some people are just content to be miserable. So please folks, instead of lamenting that you might not have gotten a huge bouquet of flowers or a lovely card, just appreciate your spouse today.

I hope mine knows how very much I appreciate him. Happy valentine's my love, I'll see you when I see you.


  1. Sorry to hear about the sickness! Glad your mom was able to come take care of you.

    I don't have kids- but sure enough EVERY time the hubby leaves I get sick. This is the third time just this year that I've been hacking up my lungs and snotting all over the place- and it always coincides with his departure.

    Hope you guys are feeling better! Happy Vday to you too! Glad you have your little ones with you to love on.

  2. Aww! I'm sorry to hear you were all sick again. Definitely not fun.

    I think it's so sweet what your wrote about just appreciating your spouse and all they do for you. I completely agree.

    Oh, and I hope to be down in either March or early April- so maybe we can meet up!

  3. "Why not be thankful that your husband is home with you? Get over yourselves people. Some people are just content to be miserable. So please folks, instead of lamenting that you might not have gotten a huge bouquet of flowers or a lovely card, just appreciate your spouse today. " Amen sister!!!!!!

    I haven't even heard from my husband since Tuesday, ha! Oh well, I am still having a fabulous day and I know he loves me, regardless :) I hope you all start feeling better!

  4. Hope you get over it soon, we just did.

    I too, don't understand the whole deal with Valentine's Day. I'm just happy to have my husband home with me this year.

  5. It just never fails does it? I'm so glad you and at least one of the dash's are better. Phew. Thank goodness for Moms. My Mom saved me more than once in just the way you describe and I am forever grateful, even to this day. (and I only had ONE!)

    What you said about Valentine's Day. I sent my hubby a card, (we haven't seen each other since January 2 and we're not sure when we will see each other) The card said, I love you even on the non pre-determined by someone else days. I never get cards, I never get flowers, he just isn't made that way, but when push comes to shove he's there for me in a gazillion ways.

    This year he asked me what I needed and I said new pants for in case I get a job interview because my dress pants are uncomfortably snug. So my dearly beloved, he says, "well, fat pants it is then, go to it hon" Yep. Gotta love him.

    You have to understand that his pet name for me is something people would think is NOT NICE --my Mom thinks its reprehensible, but when you are so skinny people say stuff like "if you turn sideways and stick your tongue out you can be a zipper" well...yeah.

    You said it so well in your post, appreciate what you have,
    "fat ass"

  6. Oh dear! Just the words projectile vomit set me off. lol!

    I hope you're feeling better soon! :) Your stories always make me smile, because I can always relate with at least one thing a little TOO well. Haha!

  7. Hooray for helping moms and mouse-removing husbands! Both worth their weight in gold. You know what is important.

    Wishing a puke-free tomorrow for you....

  8. Ohhhh gosh that sounds like a week from hell. I swear, my paranoia about vomit better go into remission, or my kids are going to suffer big time when they get sick and mommy is pacing in the yard outside. :) :)

  9. Ahhh the wonderful stomach bug...God bless parents when this hits the household. I know our office has been very busy seeing sick little ones with the bug.

    And you know, you totally reached in my mouth and took the words out. I had to listen over and over about women I know bashing their hubbies yesterday and the days leading up to it. All I could think was WOW it must be nice to even have him home for a holiday. Or even hear him tell you he loves you. I haevn't heard from Joe since last weekend! But it makes me appreciate the things that most people take for granted. Like all the wonderful little things he does for me!

    Hope the "sickies" go away from your house real soon!

  10. One of us has caught it here, guess the others aren't far behind.

    Can your mom come take care of us?

    Ditto on the VDay stuff. He sent stuff for two holidays last year, that covers him for the next 10 years at least. :)

  11. what is it with boys and licking shopping carts? Mine's almost 5 and he STILL can't keep his mouth away from one. I carry lysol spray AND wipes, and STILL he gets whatever's lingering on the local Walmart cart (and I blame THEM, exclusively, because they're the only local place that doesn't offer wipes for their carts!)

    I got a card for Valentine's...and honestly? I'm okay with it. As my friend said today, a card's pretty good nowadays, and quite frankly, didn't your hubby just buy you a house??? ;-)

  12. oh my...that sounds horrific!!! i'm glad you're doing better, and I promise I had not one nasty thing to say about my hubby over valentine's day!

  13. I dont care if my hubby catches mice or not as long as he is sleeping next to me at night i'm happy


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