Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dance dance revolution

My sister is a wonderful aunt. She adores the boys and lavishes attention on them whenever we are visiting.

She also plots ways to drive me insane.

Case in point, she's an elementary science teacher and she knows that dash-1 has a great affinity for space. So she burned two space songs that she uses in class on a cd for him and gave it to him while we were at home. I did not realize it was only two songs. I thought it was a whole cd.

My mother tried to warn me. She told me to just "forget" the cd there so I wouldn't suffer in the car. But no no, the good mother in me said, 'darn it if my son enjoys it we will listen to it in the car'.

Holy crap. The same two songs over and over again. At one point at a rest stop on the turnpike I contemplated getting back in the car or just letting the boys navigate home without me.

I mean one can drive and one could work the peddles right?

Oh and by the way, these of course, are techno type songs sang in full on rhymes. Delightful no?

But on the other hand my soon to be four year old does now know his planets in the correct order (as do I now) and can explain to you the finer points of an asteroid. But its coming at a great cost of my sanity.

Yesterday I again decided to be cool mom. I brought the cd in the house (alright little bit cool mom but really I just wanted the cd out of the car!) and put it on in the living room, blasted the volume and went to get bedtime stuff together.

The boys loved it. They were head thrashing, jumping up and down, trying out some air guitar, however, dash-1 decided that his pants were inhibiting him. And you cant have that while dancing to your robot space music.

So he decided he would dance in his boxer briefs. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the room and there were his skinny mini, pasty white winter legs, flapping around in all their glory. And his brother, much the same, shaking his money maker in his diaper.

Something tells me I should definitely chaperon their dances in school. You know just to be on the safe side.


  1. That's hysterical! Those are the moments when you wish your life was secretly on camera, somehow. ha ha

  2. Don't let them watch Risky Business or you'll never get them back in pants. Plus you'll have Bob Seger on constant loop.

  3. The joys of motherhood!
    My boys are enjoying Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne. I downloaded the clean version but still has some ify parts but them jam out to it and love it.

  4. Nothing is more hilarious that men dancing in their underwear. At least yours are just little mini-men! If I brought LT to your house, he would totally join them without a second thought.

    Love what Bette said, made me laugh even harder. :-D

  5. totally laughing over here friend!!

    sooo fun!!

    tell me you got this on video?

  6. Hysterical!! I was laughing out loud!

    Definitely reminds me of Risky Business in a way!

    You should have whipped out your camera and got some pictures so you can pull the out when they are 18 and embarrass them! :)

  7. You're probably right about sanity - it seems everyone's always looking for it, and no one ever really has a grip on it. We go even crazier trying to stay sane! ha ha

  8. So I just saw this on tv and I thought it'd be a great song you could add to your collection ;)


  9. This is hilarious! I bet their dancing is really cute.

  10. i ALWAYS dance in my boxer briefs. but a diaper is better. :)

  11. My son is 8 months old and he's a head banger. No matter what music he hears (yes, even lullabies!) he bangs his head intensely and sometimes even into things.

    I guess I should have cut out the heavy metal while I was pregnant??!?

  12. hahaha LOVE the menatl picture of little tiny whit legs and head banging. hahahahahaha. your a good mama!!! :)

  13. I have to say I was very impressed with my science lesson at McDonalds the other day


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