Thursday, February 26, 2009

a slice of the morning

me. "Bubba what are you taking for show and tell this morning."

dash-1 "My balloon so I can show them how to blow it up."

me. "we've been over this you cant take balloons into school."

dash-1 "Why? They fit in my pocket."

me "Because its the rule. And I said so. But mainly because its a rule."

dash-1, very sweetly, with a smile on his face, "Mom, could you please leave me alone?"

Well he did say please.

**a lil update** He finally gave up on the balloon and was stumbled across flyboy's flight helmet (dear lord I'm hoping he has more then one since he's flying right now). He tried it one and was thinking about taking that in for show and tell. I mean really how kick ass would that have been, he would have been the only kid in the class with one of those to show off.

But alas, what did he take? His yo-yo. Apparently at four, nothing tops a yo yo.


  1. "Can you please leave me alone" is hilarious! I really laughed out loud and I'm pretty sure my coworkers think I'm crazy.

  2. Wow - he'd have been the cool kid ALL day if he took that flight helmet with eeryone wanting to wear it. Then again... how long does it take to get rid of lice?

    Nevermind. Not so cool anymore. ha ha

  3. I really really need to meet you and your kids and see these hijinks in person! :)

  4. That's too funny. Only a 4 year old would pick a yo-yo over a flight helmet.

  5. My kids tend to be fascinated with my rubber band ball. I kept every stinkin' rubber band from the newspaper in KS...the ball is about 3-4 inches in diameter. Of course now, we don't get rubber bands...unless it rains, and they use it to tie the bag closed. Oh well.

  6. a yo-yo!! haha that's awesome!!

  7. How funny! Speed would have asked me to leave him alone and then he would have hidden it on his person somewhere and taken it anyway, while using the yo-yo as a diversion! Glad he found something that he was excited about!

  8. HAHA he did say please. Did he give you one of those sighs with it? And I am curious as to the no balloons rule...

  9. That is cute! It reminds me of a few summers ago, I was working overnight security in an arena during some horse shows, several people asked me if I was carrying a gun or any kind of weapon while I was there, and I would show them a yo-yo a booth there was giving away. It wasn't as scary as many people thought it would be, and hopefully that did put them at ease.

  10. a yo yo??? hahahaha. too cute :) :)


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