Sunday, February 15, 2009

missing daddy and swimsuits

Being a military family is tough.

I didn't expect it to be a cake walk, but you know I was blinded by the bling bling on the uniforms and the wicked large paychecks. HA! That last part, that's called humor folks, it helps.

But seriously, I didn't come from a military family and I certainly didn't realize the wear that would come from flyboys constant comings and goings. And while over the years its become normal for me, as our boys get older I'm seeing things differently. I'm a big girl, we connect up when he's home and do our thing when we're apart.

Not so easy for the kiddos.

I swear I have heard "When is daddy coming home?" 782 times between yesterday and 11 am today. I explain when daddy will be home only to get tears and whining. I love my children dearly and I understand they miss daddy, but my ears are almost to the point of bleeding.

And I haven't told them that when daddy comes home he's only home for a couple of days and then he's off again. I figured I'd tell them when they noticed he hadn't been home for dinner... in a week.

I like to tell myself that this is a stage. This is a hump we have to get over. That as they get older they will understand and accept this a little better. Painful as it may seem from time to time, its the way it is. Like it or not it puts a roof over our heads, food on the table, and well, keeps us free.

I just wish it didn't always hurt them so much.

Now on a totally side note... why in the world does Target have bathing suits out?

Dash-1 made an excellent point last week by looking at them, looking at me, looking at them again and asking, "Is it summer already?!". No dash-1, in fact dear child the high is 39 today. But we will look spectacular shoveling the driveway in our swim suits.


  1. I don't have any words of encouragement about your hubby being gone all the time. As much as we love the military, those are the parts that SUCK.

    As for the swimsuits- I had the same thought two days ago when I was in Target. Actually my first thought was "Oh crap, my body is SO not ready for a swimsuit yet!" It's actually a little more motivation to get myself in gear!

  2. I know for my kids, I just tell them yes I miss him too and he will be home when he can. They have really never had too hard of a time with it, luckily anyway. Of course, I have a feeling when we hit the teenage years that that might be a bit different!

    I also thought the same thing about the swimsuits!!!

  3. I didn't grow up in a military family so I have no concept of what it would be like to have a parent gone more of the time than home. The hubby on the other hand is from a navy family so that's all he knows. He always missed his dad when he was gone but that was his normal life...he didn't know any differently.

    Its February, I could NOT buy a winter hat for our ski trip last weekend to save my life, but I could have bought a different bathing suit for everyday that we were skiing...strange.

  4. I definitely don't understand the swimsuits. Especially the large number of swimsuits. They took up half of the women's clothes section!

  5. Aw. I'm sorry I don't have much input on that yet. That's the one thing I'm worried about- having to tell the children and help them cope with it.

  6. OMG swimsuits, I need a tan! LOL

  7. You are a very strong woman/mother. I only hope to have half as strong with we decide to throw kiddos into the mix!

    Bathing suits...Spring break baby, hahaha :)

  8. I hate it when Wyatt starts asking over and over again when Daddy is coming home. It hurts my heart. He is doing ok, though, overall. I'm hopeful this isn't going to scar his life or anything; it's helped to talk to people who grew up military brats who look back on it as just part of their life. It was normal, even if it was sad. It still sucks, though, especially because he still really doesn't understand time (and I can't really be clear with him, anyway, because he doesn't understand the idea of OPSEC, either).

  9. i know i have told you this a million times, but i truly don't know how you do it. me and the bean don't like it when daddy misses just one night a week!

    as for the swimsuits - i know it's just for the springbreakers but really? come on. that's just rubbing it in. i am skinny and tan AND i get to go to some island. boo hiss.

    and yes that's jealousy you hear in my voice :)

  10. I swear I was just in Target this weekend thinking the same thing! And I was there trying to find a new pair of boots (none to be had) among the flip flops. What the heck is going on in that place??

    Sorry the boys are having a rough time :( It really does suck when they're gone so much. Hopefully it'll be easier to distract them once winter is over and you can all get outside and active again.


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