Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the winner is.....

This is as scientific as things get around here. I couldn't figure out how to use those automatic thingys online but I can figure out how to have dash-1 pull a name out of a cup. And yes folks, he is dressed like an astronaut.
In case you can't read the name its Mrs. Jen McNeil over at Mayhem at the McNeil's. I'm sure her little baby girl will LOVE these!
Congrats! And thank you everyone for entering. I'm having another giveaway in the very near future and this one is for everyone, not just baby-mama's.


  1. wooooooooo! i cant believe i actually one!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

  2. Yay! Tell Dash he did a great job :)

  3. LOL. I get those e-haromy emails too, they make me laugh. Your little boy is too cute.


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