Sunday, January 4, 2009

the perfect plan

The other day we went out to run some errands, just the usual, Target, perhaps the warehouse store (I'm not typing out the name I'll have all sorts of weirdos finding my page via google with that one).

However when we pulled into the shopping center we noticed a new Best Buy, or as flyboy likes to call it, the big boy toy store. So in a show of great love he took both boys with him and off to target alone I went. It was perfect.

Until they found me in Target.

Not just that my peace and quiet time was over but apparently they had taken a detour at the pet store. Flyboy is an amatuer, you can not take small children into a pet store without hearing about something in it for DAYS on end. After that trip dash-1 was all about getting a fish tank.

Flyboy played the whole, talk-to-your-mom angle and while I don't mind getting one at some point, right then and there wasn't in my plans, and now we would get to hear about it for the ENTIRE weekend. Wait and see is not a strong suit of a three year old.

Then flyboy came up with another plan. He's getting ready to go on the road for a bit of time, so he had an idea of doing a fish countdown and if the dashes are good while he's gone (you know good in the relative sense) then when he returns they get a fish tank.

It is a pretty good plan but I do have a few beefs with it. First, this means for the next few weeks I will hear about said fish tank and fish, daily. Actually strike that, not just daily but at some points minutely. If that's even a word. But those of you with small kids know what I'm talking about.

Secondly, I'm not going to lie, I'm a tad torqued that while I am the one who is home to hear about the fish tank approximately 87 times a day, flyboy is the one who gets to come home and get it. I know that I could go out and get it but trust me, the fish tank will forever be associated with flyboy. I suffer he gets credit.

Damn you flyboy, you concocted the perfect plan and didn't even realize it.

Perhaps I'll let the boys leave a voicemail on his phone every time they have the need to talk about it. Hmmm... that sounds almost worth it.

I need to go finish getting fish coloring pages for our countdown. Tomorrow offically starts off our "days of fish" around here. I can just feel the excitement building.


  1. best buy and target are a death trap for our savings account.

    how big of a tank are you guys going to get? fish are fun! maybe you could make sure that *he* is the one who has to clean and maintain the fish tank though... that can be a fun job :) :)

  2. We just got the dreaded fish tank...Santa brought BoyBoy a 5 gallon one. He also gave him a gift card to PetSmart so that he could pick out his own fish. We are now the proud owners of 4 guppies, a frog, and a snail. Sounds like blogging material to me!

  3. Thats really funny, really bad but funny...Guys just have a way of making things about them don't they...Looking forward to hearing fish stories!

  4. I think that is a great plan actually (obviously it has to aformentioned issues, but I think it is a good deal). And if you are not so keen on fish....they never live long anyway (yup, I am a terrible human being for already thinking that).

  5. Shoot!! I didn't even think about the fact that Children do not take fish dying like adults do. I am going to park that tidbit in the back of my brain. I recommend staying away from the Goldfish. Never had one that lived more than a month.

  6. Well at least he didn't promise them rats! Of course, GQ didn't promise them rats, he just came home with them. They are actually really good pets, but you know who got stuck with the cleaning of the cage. Unfortunately, they both passed on, we had them for over 2 yrs. All because he felt bad about having to release a turtle back in tot he wild because it wouldn't eat, oh well. No more little animals for us!

  7. Oooh, I totally agree with lala that flyboy needs to be responsible for the cleaning of said tank, the funeral director/toilet flusher, and be responsible for setting up some sort of way to make sure the boys feed the fish when he's gone/give the lecture if they don't. Oh boy what a hassle! The Captain already has all the pets she's ever gonna get.

  8. fish are all stinky! don't cave! not until they are old enough to clean the tank themselves! :)


  9. Oh yay. I fish tank. I wonder who will be the one cleaning that thing once it's home too :)

    Or maybe I'm just bitter cuz I know how those things go around here :P

    Thanks goodness they didn't go look at the puppies!

  10. Not going to lie, I would be pissed about the whole, "I do the work, he get's the credit" part too.

  11. I think you should play the fish drinking game whenever it is mentioned take a sip. It will make it all much more fun

  12. Especially when the kids were smaller (but even now), I complained that Stretch was always making my life more difficult. Glad to see he's not the only one!


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