Thursday, January 15, 2009

Look what I found!

Sorry for the lack of posting and commenting. I'm alive really. I'm just on my last leg. I've been under the weather, you know the kind where you just lay on your bed with your head hanging over the edge waiting for the earth to swallow you whole?

Yeah that kind.

And since flyboy is doing what he does best, flying, not to be dramatic, but it really is taking all that I have to get my kids fed and watered. This is really when you miss not living close to family. I am not to proud to admit that my kids have watched a fair amount of tv this week and eaten a fair amount of cheese slices. But, they are alive. And I have still taken them to school, karate, the doctors, given them a bath daily. See, I'm not a total slacker mom.

Anywho. Dash-1 is on an orange juice kick. I mean really, its like crack for him, he wakes asking for it and follows me around all day trying to get another fix. I don't mind too much, I get him the stuff with calcium added so I feel like its win win. And with the exception of the day he drank an entire carton (flyboy didn't realize I water it down. A LOT) I can stretch it out.

And if your wondering, there is a point to this besides his love of oj.

So after languishing without his oj for a few days the boys and I headed to wally world to get the kid his stash. As I was checking out what did I spy sitting near the register looking oh so sweet and perfectly pluckable?
These babies. These delightfully delicious sweet treats that only make a brief appearance once a year. They must be enjoyed. Curse eating well and counting calories. You only have a limited amount of time to enjoy them.

Halloween candy doesn't really impress me, Christmas candy doesn't either (ok the cookies cripple me but the candy doesn't phase me), Valentine candy is just eh, but Easter candy is my weakness. Apparently even when I feel like poop.

Not only is it GREAT for a sweet tooth but it also means that spring is more then just a distant dream. It has to come sometime. And while I wait for it, I have these to keep me occupied.

Now once these show up on the shelves, I might just die from sheer delight.

Upon seeing Loqi's comment I realize not all maybe aware of these little delights. They are little eggs with dense marshmallow (not fluffy marshmallow that would be disgusting) and then a hard candy coating. DELICIOUS but apparently an acquired taste. And take my word, blue is the best color.


  1. Oh. my. gosh. I LOVE those Cadburry Eggs! The original ones are my favorites, but the caramel and chocolate ones are also to diiiieeeeee for. Okay, it's official. I need to go hunt some down. Then immediately get on a treadmill, haha!

    Feel better soon!!

  2. Yessss it's never too soon for Easter candy.

    My fave are the PEEPS. :)

  3. I'm a PEEP lover too! My mom would include them in my college care packages. The snowmen and christmas tree shapes just never tasted as good as the little yellow chicks, though.

    What is that second thing? I've never seen that one. Also I am not a big fan of chocolate with gooey stuff inside, so I don't really enjoy a cadbury egg all that much. More for you and DAR!

  4. oh for the love of easter really is enough to drive a girl healthy again isn't it??

    hope you are feeling even better :)

  5. I get excited over very little. You'd be surprised. :)

  6. mmm i love the mini eggs.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Oh yes. I especially love those big Reese's easter eggs -- the PB/chocolate ratio is perfect.

  8. Love the Peeps!!! Anything with sugar, and you are right, Easter candy mean SPRINGTIME!!!!!

  9. I am with Bette on the big peanut butter chocolate eggs!!! Definitely my candy weakness!!

  10. YUMM Are you trying to make my mouth water? I love the Cadbury eggs especially the Caramel ones- I might head to Wally World tomorrow to find me some! Good job!

    I don't blame ya for not shoveling- if we didn't live on post I probably would. Than again we get a lot of snow so I might never make it out of the driveway.

    I go through OJ pretty fast too- maybe I should start watering down mine so it lasts longer! ;)

    Cheer up! Glad you're back to posting! I was wondering where you were!

  11. Oh, I got sucked in by a reeces pb heart today. 2/$1.00. I only got one though. I already ate it, and am now regretting that decision.

    I'm sorry you've been sick. Bleh. I hear ya on the being sick w/ no fam/hubs around and stuck alone with the kiddo thing. No fun. No fun at all!

  12. I like jellybeans...and peeps that have been frozen. I haven't see the other candy, but I am not a fan of the eggs. Maybe I need to try them again?

  13. I just found your blog but had to comment when I saw the Cadburry cream eggs. They are my absolute favorite & I live for Easter when they come out! LOL

  14. cadburry eggs are the ONLY easter candy i like. i hate peeps and jelly beans (unless they are the jellybelly ones) so i get a ton of cadburrys in my basket...yes i still get a!

  15. Is it Easter time already? What's going on?

    I've never seen the marshmellow eggs but I love the robin's egg things. Wegman's grocery store brings them out in their bulk section every year and I go crazy! Like, "eat so many I feel like I'm gonna puke" crazy.

    Isn't Easter grand? lol

  16. i'm so sorry you're sick! it makes me feel bad because i have so much time off right now and i wish i could watch the dash's for you. i'm not even doing anything during the day and i take vitamins so i'm pretty healthy. i think you guys should PCS to washington, so i can meet you guys!

    i love peeps, yes, the fluffy marshmallows. but that is a good point, it does indicate that spring WILL GET HERE EVENTUALLY! first valentines day, then easter... we're almost there!

  17. My favorite are the mini cadburry milk chocolate eggs. I horde them. I buy them everytime I'm at the store and stick them in various cabinets throughout the house. Then around halloween time I find all of these hidden bags and throw them away...its an illness.

    I can't wait until spring...this mornings temp was -15.

  18. I adore Easter candy as well:
    Cadbury Creme Eggs
    Cadbury Mini Eggs
    and Sweet Tart Gummy Bunnies!!

    But, it is kinda freaking me out the way the stores handle holidays now: Christmas stuff is out before Halloween. Easter stuff is out in January?!?! It's getting a little out of control!

  19. See youre a good mommy I do cheese slices and tv every day and I have no excuse

  20. I can NOT believe they are already promoting Easter... wait yes I can... Wally World had Christmas stuff out before Halloween got here... WOW!!!

  21. I used to love those eggs so much! Then, I kind of went off candy and discovered they were a lot more valuable to my sisters. I made some pretty good trades back then, ha! Hmm, I wonder what Wyatt would do for one of these...

  22. Ooooo, the Cadbury Eggs are out already!?

    My husband will be THRILLED. :)

    My waistline, however, will NOT.


    Looking at that photo literally made my mouth water. I have problems.

  23. I love the new look of your blog!

    Hope you feel better soon,it has to be hard when you don't have family around to help.

    Those eggs are so rich and sweet I haven't had one in years. I bet they give you a little energy boost.

  24. Oh how I love Easter candy! So exciting that they are already making their appearence!


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