Saturday, January 10, 2009

damn the snow

My husband loves where we are stationed. He loves the winter, loves the cold, loves the snow. He thinks its beautiful to look at and doesn't mind shoveling or scrapping.

I, however, could probably go the rest of my life and never see snow that accumulates more then an inch. Sure Christmas in shorts might take some getting used to but I think I could figure it out.

They are calling for nine inches today, more tomorrow, and tuesday, and thursday, and next saturday too. Sweet. (note the sarcasm there)

I'm just curious if he loves it so much, why does he spend most of the winter in much warmer locations? Funny how that happens... they call for snow and he is elsewhere much like he is now.

Flyboy, dear, I'm catching on.

And I will save some shoveling for you.


  1. Yep yep. They said 7 down here and I'm just a few hours away. Ugh, what a waste! Not even a snow day! hahaha. At least your hubbs can shovel you out. I wind up paying students. :)

  2. OH, I hear ya. I'm NOT a snow bunny, that's for darn sure. We're supposed to get 7 inches here, darn it. That means I'll be doing some shoveling too.

  3. Oh man, UGH. I'm sorry nobody has made my teleporter yet :( Keep warm, make something yummy to eat and hang in there.

    I did already tell LT Dan if we went where there was real winter I was going to desert him after New Years and not return until spring. That's my deal and I'm sticking to it!

  4. I heart the snow. Maybe its because every christmas I can remember has been warm and a little muggy. And I've never lived in snow. You're welcome to send it down here to podunk!

  5. My mom was suppose to come visit me this weekend and that darn snow stopped her from coming up!

    I'll trade ya if you want- you take the -8 degrees it was and I'll take some of the snow. Key word SOME. All the shoveling is left on me now that hubs is gone!

  6. I was just going to ask you if flyboy loves this weather so much, is he home to experience it? I guess the answer is no.

    When I was stationed in FL, I came home for Christmas leave and there was snow on the ground the day I left. People were in shorts in the airport when I got back. It was just weird.

  7. Ha! Too bad you can't save the shoveling for him!

    I can say that I love the snow, and miss it too. But I think I would get really tired of having to get up even earlier to sweep snow off the windshield/scrape the windshield/shovel the driveway every morning before work. WA got hit hard, but it didn't last long. When I visited, I really did not enjoy getting stuck in the driveway! My mom drove with a shovel stashed in her trunk!

  8. I know I'm almost a month late on this one, but I sure am glad I'm not there anymore.

    Then again, being in the south has its problems too. The canceled school last week (or was it the week before? can't remember, the hotel living blurred my mind) for the THREAT of snow...and it never came...nothing that actually accumulated on the roads and caused problems, that is....

    Anyway, I'm back in blogland, have a home, kids in school, hubby's at work, and settling in to my house a bit every day. And I MISSED reading this blog!


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